Friday, March 29, 2013

MISF is back!

Shoe-0-holic alert!! :)

Malaysian International Shoe Festival (MISF) is back again this year! Yay!:) 

Being a shoe lover, I've been attending this festival for the past two years, and this year, it gets more exciting as I have been honored to witness the official opening ceremony of MISF (as media) yesterday at Hall 2, PWTC.

excited!! :)

MISF is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and organized by the Malaysian Footware Manufacturers Association (MFMA) in conjuction with the Malaysia GP Sale. The theme for this year is "1Malaysia - Walking in Unity, Sole of the Nation". 

The official ceremony started at 2pm with the arrival of Y.B Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, the Minister of Tourism Malaysia. Mr. Tony Ting, the President of MFMA gave his welcome speech before Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen took the stage for her speech.

During her speech, Dato' Sri mentioned that MISF was initiated as part of developing Malaysia as a luxury tourism destination especially to promote shopping in Malaysia. I also came to know that next year will be the Visit Malaysia 2014 and MISF is part of the promotional campaign.

MISF 2013 was then officially launched by Dato Sri, Dato' Dr. Jimmy Choo and Mr. Tony before the award presentation to winners of "Miniature Shoe" and "Creative Art" Exhibits took place. Dato Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen was also honored that afternoon by MFMA with "MISF Highest Award of  Distinction".

Last not least, before the official ceremony ended a fashion show by the participants of MISF 2013 took place. Among the brands that participate in this showcase includes U.S Polo Assn., Fiorucci, Zang Toi and Kickers.

I get to tour the exhibition hall afterwards and personally, I think MISF 2013 is more interesting than the previous years. This year, I can see more participation by big names in shoe industry. Among them includes;

 Zang Toi

 Lan Baharin

Miss Sixty

Keera Kate

 U.S Polo

Besides these, there are more attractions of of MISF 2013. Among them includes;  

1) Mahkota-Capsule Couture Collection by Professor Dato' Dr. Jimmy Choo OBE which pays tributes to use of local ethnic fabrics such as Pua Kumbu, Tekat and Songket. I will blog about it more on the next entry ;)

2) Malaysia Book of Record for the largest sculpture made from shoelace - where a 3 meter high shoe-shaped sculpture made from 40,000 pieces of shoelaces has succeeded of becoming the biggest sculpture made from shoelaces. This involves 17 design students from The One Academy which took 1 months duration for completion of this project.

*photo courtesy of The Star Newspaper*

3) Designers Pavillion from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia & Thailand. MISF 2013 will proudly present 10 famous Malaysian designers who are going to showcase their designs. Among them includes Melinda Looi, Zang Toi, Bernard Chandran, Bill Keith, Michael Ong and Khoon Hooi. Besides that, this year MISF will have 11 shoe designers from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand showcasing their designs.

Our Local Designer's masterpieces

Booths from Thailand

some of the Thailand's shoes - aren't they cute? :)

4) Showcase of MFMA 2013 Competition pieces. Same as the previous years, the shoes that were designed for the competition were shown to public. I just love to see how creative the Malaysian young designers are!

Among my favourite..hihi :)

Besides shoes, MISF 2013 also have booths such as Good Arch and Dr. Foot  - for feet wellness products and tips on the right foot care; and MFMA booth, which showcase to use live demo on how a shoe is design using CAD application. Cool!

Foot wellness at Good Arch

Shoe design in progress!

Good news to the public, you are all welcome to join the "Shop & Win" contest by guessing the correct values of shoes filled in the Hyundai-Inokom i10 displayed in MISF 2013 and you might walk away with your very own car! ;)

Guess, guess, guess.. :)

So wait no more ladies, visit the 4th MISF, at Hall 2, PWTC from today till 31st March (from 10.30am to 8.30pm) to enjoy shopping and fun activities for you and your family :)

Last but not least, thank you to MISF for giving me such an opportunity, it was fun (especially that I got to meet Dato Dr. Jimmy Choo in person!). Thanks too for the generous gifts I received yesterday. love it!! :)

My bags of goodies...

 My favourite among all... *love*

 p.s: Stay tune for Jimmy Choo's Couture Collection post in the next entry! ;)



mommaholicSURI said...

Last week i brought my sister shopping in KLCC to look for her kasut hantaran. She got Zang Toi!!! very nice and akak dia jelous!! muahaha :)

ishamizu said...

Cantik kasut yg Nadis dapat tu..lucky you! :)

Nadine said...


Wah! good catch! Zang Toi collection, especially for evening wear drools! btw, your friend Nelissa Hilman also took part in MISF. Saw her design displayed there too! :)

Nadine said...


Thanks! Nadia pun x sempat nak tgk masa redeem all the gifts, balik rumah bukak kotak kasut rasa nak lompat sbb dapat kasut cantik. hehe. TQ MISF!! :)

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