Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mr. Roti Canai

If you followed my instagram, am sure you noticed that I've been busy packing for earlier this year (apparently twinnies were more busy than I was :P)...

Alhamdulillah, we already shifted to Putra Heights (PH) temporarily, and we have slowly adapted to the life here. Among the best part living in our PH house includes shorter journey to the Cyberjaya office (for me!)- via Elite Highway  and the fact that our house is so near to the Surau; which made us able to perform our daily prayer on time...alhamdulillah. As for the kids, aside from the fact that the playground is just across the house, they enjoyed the spacious garden, something we don't have in USJ house :)

Evening with balls!

We are lucky that when we bought the house last time, our uni close friend, Khairul also bought a house nearby (quite close actually, jalan kaki 2 minutes dah sampai :P) co-incidentally! And now that we have moved in, we are officially neighbours! how cool :).

So, on the second weekend we stayed in PH, our bestfriends cum neighbour invited us to have breakfast together...

Although we have stayed in Subang Jaya for quite sometime, either me or Fadzil never heard of Mr. Roti Canai before. Actually, come to think of it, we never really check out the diners around Putra Heights yeah, any readers staying in PH care to suggest a good makan place here? Feel free to comment k ;)

Our Section 3, Putra Heights  

Alhamdulillah, the twins especially, woke up early than their usual routine and they were very cheerful that morning :)

My sweet Faiqa...

and my cheeky Falisya :P

Both wearing bbluvsme sunsuits and onulaa's headbands :)

I had to convince this girl first to get a proper, decent smile from her.

What we had that morning? We ordered the food that was recommended by Khairul and Ija. They knows best since they are the regulars! hihi :)

All four of us had this - Mr. Roti Floats
It came with roti canai banjir with dhall and sambal, & one sets of omega half-boiled eggs
Nyums! :)

 As for the kids, we ordered Mr. Kids Set - It came with 2 chicken sausages (it was missing in this photo as it already inside Faaz Naqi's stomach :P), scrambled eggs and small roti canai with dhall. 
We ordered 5 sets of this!

The roti canai was nice, and the dhall + sambal were good as well. Thanks korang recommended this place to us, we'll definitely visit this place again and try other menu as well! :) 

P.s: check out their FB page to know more about this restaurant.

It was nice having them as company for breakfast although ya, in between we were interrupted by the kids...hihi. There were lots of things to share among each other that we totally forgot to snap some photos. Next time, babe..insyaAllah, we should do this often! 

And when it's time to bid goodbye...someone became attached to aunty Ija... It was Falisya, she refused to go back with us, siap "bye-bye" lagi. Hahaha :))

Tengok tu, siap jeling-jeling kita. Pastu smile dgn cheekynya. geram ok!! :P

After the breakfast session, we decided to go for site visit to our USJ house...

The most interested person during this site visit was none other than Faaz Naqi. He asked us LOTS and LOTS of questions about the house, the structure, the materials, bla, bla, bla...

And when the time comes for posing...

We got this... 




mommyNadia said...

No wonder lah u all pindah PH sementara ek, tgh renovate rumah ek..mesti cantik nanti kan..

ishamizu said...

Cheeky Faaz eh! Hihi

Nway terliurnya tgk roti canai tu..heaven! Kt sini klu teringin, roti canai frozenla jawabnya. Keras huhu..nk buat seniri tak rajin sgt lps tu tak jamin kelembutannya jg hihi

Mimy Hamid said...

wah renovate rumah...sure gojes rumah u nanti...

jauhnya la i nak makan roti canai melting itu..look sedapss

Nadine said...


Hihi yes, rumah in-laws I tgh undergo major renovation so all of us moved to PH house :)

Nadine said...


Ala kesian izu. Bab buat roti canai tu kan, mmg dari dulu I salute sape yg reti buat. I know how a tough job it is to prepare the dough and nak canai tu...tgn kena kuat and unfortunately am not :P

Nadine said...


pembetulan you, bkn rumah I tgh reno tu, rumah parents-in-laws :)

hehehe, tapi mr. roti canai ni bukak sampai mlm you. bila2 u boleh pegi. kalau jln2 area sunway ke subang ke singgahla ;)