Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekend Getaway: Genting Highlands Part 1

We had our first getaway in 2013 last two weeks, as usual to somewhere between one to two hours journey from Kuala Lumpur. The destination chosen this time was Genting Highlands - "The City of of Entertainment". :)

All of us..along the journey :)

Some of you probably wondering would we enjoy ourselves at the "fun city above the cloud", since we have two 19mo toddlers that we need to closely monitor. Well, the answer is YES! we had an awesome time there! Keep on reading and I'll share with you what are the attractions here in Genting Highland that suited us as a family, particularly in Genting Indoor Theme Park. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading this blog-post! :)

We made a move from Putra Heights at about 11 am. Traffic was pretty smooth along the way, and the weather was good as well. Alhamdulillah. We safely arrived at the top of the hill at noon and our first stop was The First World Hotel; the place we spent a night.

*photo courtesy of wikipedia*

Did you know that the First World Hotel was the largest hotel in the world (until January 2008) with 6,118 rooms and it was certified by Guinness World Record? This hotel consist of two towers; Tower 1 and Tower 2 with with 1,669-standard rooms, 3,307-deluxe rooms, 69-deluxe triple rooms, 493-superior deluxe rooms and 136-world card rooms. 

View as we reached the hotel's lobby :)

The most excited person in this trip...none other than Faaz Naqi! :)

The First World Hotel is usually fully booked on weekends so you can imagine how big the crowd is for checking-in and checking-out. Fear not dear readers, Genting management has a solution for this ;)

It's the Check-In /Check-out Kiosk!

With this kiosks, one can easily check-in/out of the hotel in just simple steps!

1st; Go to any available kiosk (there are few kiosks area, at the lobby, along Tower 1 and Tower 2 walkaway).

Secondly; slot in your IC (or scan your passport for the foreign tourist). Note: It should be the person who booked the room's IC) 

The screen will then showed you the details of your booking. That includes your room type, no. of night to spend in the hotel, check-in and check-out date. It will also show you your room's information. After verification of the details done, you can proceed to the 3rd step; to press the check in button.

The machine will then printed out a receipt that contains your room's information. Keep it safely, in case you forget your room number/which tower do you stay :)

Next, the machine will asked weather you would like to have one or two sets of room's key (for the sharer as well). If "Yes" is the answer, then it will request for the sharer's IC.

Once done, the machine will give back your IC and your sharer's IC together with 2 sets of room's key. That's it! All can be done in less than 5 minutes! Cool eh? :)

*for more info, go here.*

As it was lunchtime and all of us were pretty much hungry, we decided to go out of the hotel and have a small picnic. We ate Nasi Lemak, homely cooked by me with love (hihi), as requested by my hubby early that morning while enjoying the strong wind, fog and cool weather (it was 18 degrees). Just perfect to make all of us makan bertambah2! Hihihi :)

My homely made nasi lemak, wrapped in banana leaves 
(special request by hubby - nasib Giant ada jual daun pisang :P). 
Boiled egg for him and fried egg for yours truly :D 
Timun potong asing, takut basi. Hehehe

Faaz reaction on the cool and strong wind. Cooling!

My baby girls...Faiqa, the food lover memang non-stop chewing. Hihihi :D

As we strolled along the way back to the hotel, we noticed beautiful wild flowers along the pavement. Since the twins were so amazed by it, I plucked out two of it and handed them to my girls (it was their first time holding a real flower since they are forbidden to touch their Nani's plant at home :P). They love it and can't stop looking and touching it. They were blown away by the flowers :)

Our room is located at Tower 2, so when we were back at the hotel, we took a lift at Tower 2 entrance all the way up at the 28th floor (the highest floor!).

Room sweet room! :)

As soon as we went inside the room, Faaz Naqi said while grinning, "the room is small, daddy."

Yup, the room (duluxe room) was pretty compact, but it is complete with general necessities; such as the wardrobe (mini, hanging, open), mini fridge, mini tv and a dressing table. Just perfect for a place to sleep after having fun the whole day downstairs/outdoor. I think it is purposely design as such to encourage the visitors to spend more time at the Theme Parks rather than the hotel room. Clever! :)

The room's overview

The bathroom

We spent some time in the room for prayers, diaper-changed the kids and let the twins having their milk before we started our 'fun time'. And while waiting for Daddy to get's some of our activities:

Camwhoring in front of the dressing table :P
(I am wearing ThePoplook's peplum top BTW :D)


Checking out if all the switches are properly working :P


Stay tuned for Part 2 ;)



mommyNadia said...

Can't wait for part 2, dah lama plan nak naik sane jugak. Better checkout whats fun up there first eh. Cepat post.

Btw, mommy sgt gojes in red peplum. ;)

Aleyn said...

Dah besar dah the twins...

Mama Haraz said...

I can't wait for part 2! We've been thinking of going but getting a first hand review from a mummy will definitely help :)

Thank you for posting

ishamizu said...

Hehe teringat our first honeymoon kt Genting dulu, bilik mmg kecik! ;p nway bestnya mkn homemade nasi lemak daun pisang!! Sll buat nasi lemak but never use daun pisang yet..sure lg sedap kan!! By the way comelnya la the kiddos..mommy pon as usual look gorgeous in peplum!! ;)

diyana didie said...

ok cepat cerita part 2!! dah la jugak kita org tak naik genting ;)

diyana didie said...

ok cepat cerita part 2!! dah la jugak kita org tak naik genting ;)

diyana didie said...

ok cepat cerita part 2!! dah la jugak kita org tak naik genting ;)

Nadine said...


Same here babe, the last time and Fadzil naik GH was during our courtship. It was like, urm..6 to 7 years ago!

Posted babe! Part 3 scheduled to publish this afternoon, insyaAllah! :)

p.s: awww thanks! merah baju tu buat naik seri :D

Nadine said...


Hihi, yes dear. Lagi 4 bulan nak masuk 2yr old, insyaAllah :)

Nadine said...

Mama Haraz,

Done! Part 3 ptg ni I publish. My pleasure dear, hope it benefit you a bit! :) Have fun in Genting, and dont forget to bring the kid's swimming gear!! :)

Nadine said...


Memang layan makan nasi lemak daun pisang. Fadzil mmg particular sket, kalau Nadia buat nasi lemak takde daun pisang dia ckp kurang kick. Nasibla mlm sblum pegi GH tergerak hati nak singgah Giant hypermarket kat Putra Heights ni. Ada plak rezeki jumpa daun pisang. Happy sungguhlah! Haha..

Awwww, thank you sweet friend! :)

Nadine said...


Entry is up for your reading pleasure!:)

p.s: Part 3 ptg ni entry akan di auto-publish!