Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Getaway: Genting Highlands Part 2

After getting ready and packed our stuff (which includes: sweaters, additional diapers, food to munch, formula milk, swimming gears and towels), we went out of the room. Since the kids were all in a good mood (all of them have a good nap during the journey and their stomachs were fulled) we decided to go out without the stroller. Besides, it would be a hassle if all of us wanted to go for a ride...tul tak?

The kids showing off their cheeky sides...while waiting for the lift :)

First thing first, upon reaching the First World Indoor Theme Park we went straight to the ticket/admission counter to claim our tickets. For your info, the ticket pricing for Indoor Theme Park consist of 3 types; 1-Day unlimited pass, the Express Pass and Pay-Per-Ride Pass. We took the first package. 

The ticket counter and the pricing (below)

Click here for more info/booking tickets :)

The First World Indoor Park has been designed such that it can cater for all different age groups, from a child, to youngsters and adult. As for us, we chose the family rides and children rides among all so that everyone in the family can enjoy and have fun together-gether :D

As a "warming up" ride, we chose the Monorail train in caterpillar shape. Alhamdulillah, the queue was not that long. We waited for our turn to come in less than 10 minutes. While waiting for our turn, we can see the view of the Indoor Theme Park from the 2nd floor. Once a while, the Euro Express, the indoor roller coaster passed us by with screaming folks..hihi :)

Our view: the maintenance people checking on Euro Express before the ride started...

Mommy and Faaz...our turn was next! :)

It was the twins' first experience in a monorail or a train and they enjoyed it. Faiqa was a bit cautious at first when it first started to move but she get adjusted after a while :)

Faiqa yang cuak at first..hihi :)

But not the other twin! :D

It was the other way round with Falisya. She was fearless and very hyper. Most of the time, she wanted to stand instead of sit inside the monorail. Lucky it was hubby who carry her...she can't move that much with Daddy's strength. Itupun few times Faaz screamed, feared for his little sister. A very protective brother...hihi :)

all of us in the monorail :)

It was a fun ride especially for warming up because the monorail took us for tour not only inside - the Indoor Theme Park but it also took us for a ride to the Outdoor Theme Park. From the ride, we can view the entire City of Entertainment, seeing the available rides and at the same time, give us time to plan where shall we go/what ride shall we go next! :).

Besides the Caterpillar Monorail, Raindeer Cruiser, Mini Train and Rio Float are also similar family rides with different theme and routes. We went on the Rio Float next and took a tour inside the Indoor Park.

The Rio Float

The twins eagerly waiting for their turn :)

Since the kids enjoyed train so much and with the 1-Day unlimited pass that we have, we then decided to give them another round of the monorail rides. They were excited! Ape saja untukmu our cinta hati :)

Us, ready for the next round..hihihi :)

This time we decided to let Falisya stand as she wanted, but of course with our close monitoring. She was so happy, pointing here and there while talking to us with her baby language. She even waved at us, saying "bubbye!" as the train moved. It was cute! :)

Falisya in action :D

After finishing off the Family rides, we brought the children to enjoy the Children Rides. We went to Level 2A, this time for Faaz to play the Children Bumper Cars (they also have the Adult Bumper Cars a level above, if I am not mistaken).  There is a height requirement for this ride; with 124cm as the minimum height. 

Sorry adik, your not that tall to join this ride! :D

Can you spot Faaz in this photo? Hihi :)

Faaz was a bit passive with this ride, probably because he's not the hyperactive type of kids but it was a good exposure for him nevertheless :)

Since the twins started to make a noise (they also wanted to "drive"), we brought  them to the ground floor to enjoy another ride called, Ride De Paris, where mini cars driven around the Eiffel Tower if they have a ride around the city of Paris.. hihi :) The minimum height required for this ride is is 76cm (my twinnies are 81cm yay!) and the maximum height is 122cm.

The cute mini cars view from above :)

The view of the ride at night :)

Not far from this ride, there is another ride that not only the children can enjoy but the parents as well. But erm parents, you are not allowed to get on the ride yea, you can just guard your child by standing ONLY..hehehe :D. The ride that I am talking about is none other than the Carousel

No us photo on this ride since we were busy guarding our active pair of twins.. :)

After a while enjoying the rides, we decided to take 5 and brought them out for a while to relax. The children however, don't know the meaning of REST...happily they played together near the place we seated. 

While mommy and daddy having a rest...

Faiqa spotted some soft toys...

The only family photo we took here, all thanks to a stranger who kind enough to offer us to take a family photo. 
All because she adores the twins so much!  :)

Here in Genting, regardless of Indoor our Outdoor I strongly suggest that parents bring enough snacks for your children. The cool weather and the rides do make them get hungry/thirsty easily. I would prefer to buy or prepare those snacks/finger foods from home because it's quite pricey here (most of the food's price is double). However, there's always an exception...which is when the kids asking for something prepared fresh, warm and comes with a good smell that makes you hungry. Like our case, they requested for some fresh waffles! hehe... 

Daddy waiting for the order...

After filling in our stomach and regained our energy, we went to the last destination for that evening. Remember I did mentioned that we packed our swimming gear as well at the beginning of this post? It's purposely for Faaz Naqi's favourite activity among all - swimming! Yes, you heard me right. It's swimming...but where at? I bet that most of you didn't realized that there is a small water park inside the Indoor Theme Park. It's called The Rainforest Splash PoolAdmission to the Rainforest Splash Pool is included in the All Park and First World Indoor Theme Park 1-Day Unlimited Ride Pass. It is also available with the Pay-Per-Ride Pass.

It is situated near the KFC 

The view from inside the area...pool with heated water. 
Macam berendam kat dlm hot spring! :)

While waiting for hubby to pray (there's a few musolla available in the Indoor and Outdoor theme park) and get changed, I let the children played with my phone. Simply because, I can't control them alone. You see, there's a thing about the twins that the minute they were changed and saw the pool, they were unstoppable. To them, nothing to wait when you are so ready to jump in the pool! It happened so many times before! It's like, "I am ready so lets jump!"...huuuu, scary! :P 

Lucky me, the phone successfully diverted their attention *pheww*

As for Faaz Naqi, he chose to munch...again! Hihihi

As soon as Fadzil was ready, all of us went inside the pool. Although it is quite small for us the adults, dapat duk berendam dalam heated water tu pun layan time cuaca sejuk. Feel refreshed! :)

Warming up!

Slowly enjoying the heated water..too bad we didn't bring the float for the twins :(

Twinnies and their daddy :)

Somebody get comfy in the water...
p.s: Faiqa is fearless in the water, unlike Falisya, the opposite! :)

We spent time in the pool until it was time for Maghrib Prayer. Quickly we dried ourselves, dressed up and went back to our hotel room. The view as soon we reached our room?

Hehehe, letak je terus zzzZZZZ! :)


P.s: Will update on food outlets, shopping outlets and the attractions as you go down of the Genting Highland Hill in the next entry. So stay tune for the last entry : Part 3! :)


babYpose said...

the twins are adorable...

ishamizu said...

Wah bestnya! Dulu rasa tak ada Eiffel tower and tak perasan water park tu. :) anyway seronok tgk the kids really enjoyed there! Geram kt Falisya yg suka posin tu! Hihi

RuZaNNa said...

Great entry babe!.. i can always refr to this when rizwan has reached at least 80cm height..heheh..
Looking forward to the 3rd post :)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya :). masa kitaorg g tu hadif tak berapa minat indoor, dia sibuk nak outdoor je.

tak g snow wonderland ke?

mommyNadia said...

Lamanya tak pergi Genting, tak tahu plak macam2 ada skrang! Should plan for a short vacation here lah oneday =)

Nadine said...


Thank you dear, all praise to the Almighty for his wonderful creations :)

Nadine said...


Memang enjoy, lagi2 skang kat KL musim panas. Dapat udara sejuk n cooling ni mmg nikmat. Nak merasa winter blum ada rezeki lagi :)

hehehe, ramai yg ckp mcm tu kat Falisya. She got a lot of expression, especially the cheeky ones! :)

Nadine said...


Thanks babe! :) Yeay, tak lama lagi la tu, insyaAllah ;) Rizwan, grow taller fast, handsome lil man! leh gi GH! :D

Nadine said...


Hihi ic, kitaorg purposely tak pegi Outdoor Theme Park sbb with the twins, we can't enjoy on most of the rides there, not worth with the price to pay :)

oh no, we didn't go to the snow wonderland simply because Fadzil didn't like the idea of the children using the winter jacket provided - hygene issue :)

Nadine said...


Oh you should babe! would be fun for the boys! :)