Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Getaway: Genting Highlands Part 3

Since the twinnies dozed off quite early that evening, we decided to chill in the hotel room and watched movies from our lappie while munching some snacks and the complimentary hot drinks. We don't have a heart to bring them out with the stroller because they looked really tired. 

The best thing about staying in the First World Hotel is that you can go down anytime you want and you can find various food and clothes outlets open until late night. We finally feel hungry when the midnight struck and decided to go down and have a stroll (the kids were all wide awake by that time).

These were the some of the food outlets  available at First World Plaza

To our surprise, there was still a huge crowd at the First World Plaza, especially at the fast food outlets such as McD, KFC and Starbucks. There were even people shopping at the clothes outlet at that hour! I guess the First World Plaza didn't sleep at all :)

Even babies were wide awake! :)

For those shopaholic who can't sleep at night, good news: they are all open! :))

After having our supper at McD, we went back to the room at 2am to sleep. The next morning, we woke up pretty late, about 10am. (sorry Sha, we slept late the previous night, and I didn't notice your messages until you already check-out :() After having a simple breakfast in the room, we got ready and packed our stuffs.

Sleepy Falisya tried to wake up her daddy :)

The view from our room...

And while waiting for daddy to get ready....

hehehe... :D

The trickiest part when you stayed at a very huge hotel with loads of rooms (especially since you are staying at the top floor) is to get into an empty lift! Fadzil went down first with our luggages, so that he can keep 'em up in the car boot first while I and the kids stayed in the room. Soon, it was almost 12pm (the check-out time) so I texted Fadzil to meet up at the Hotel Lobby instead. Confidently I told him I can bring the stroller (with the girls of course) and Faaz down. Less that I knew that everytime the lift opened at 28th floor, there was hardly a space for a person to squeeze in!

us, while waiting for the lift. Falisya was already restless at that time, trying her best to get out of the stroller

Things got worst during the check-out time when most of the hotel guest were trying to check-out. There were more than 10 of us waiting for the lift but after half an hour, there's still no luck, especially for me since I have a double stroller to squeeze in. The kids too, became restless and tired of waiting. After had to pass on 15 trips of lifts (yes, I counted them! :P), I finally texted Fadzil and asked him to come up instead and took my keys. At least, worst case scenario, he can still check-out the room for us before 1pm (I've been told after 1.30pm, they will start charging you for half -a-day rate!). 

Alhamdulillah, as soon as Fadzil went up to meet us at the lift area there's a kind-hearted couple who went out of the lift and asked everyone in the lift to make a space for us. So sweet of them! :) Finally, all of us managed to get down to the ground floor. 

Since we were pretty hungry, we decided to have lunch at the First World Plaza itself before we made a move. We chose Pizza Hut, simply because it's quite empty at that moment (we can't afford to wait anymore. enuff is enuff :P). 

We let daddy decide what shall we eat..

Falisya admiring the photo on the menu..

While Mommy and Faiqa happily waiting.
Kami tau makan sajork :P

How miss Nayra enjoyed her meal..hehehe

After lunch, we took a stroll at the Plaza, watching some magic and entertainment shows at the "Time Square" (located at the heart of First World Plaza), and took some photos as token of memory before heading to the car park and bid First World goodbye...

CNY mood was still there at Genting Highland :)

Faaz last pose at the First World Plaza :)

Our photo taken by our 4 yr old son..impressive! :)

Initially, our plan was to visit Gohtong Jaya, a small town halfway down the Genting Highlands. The weather was cooling all the way down that we let the windscreen down and off the aircond to feel the cool breeze. As soon as we entered the roundabout near Gohtong Jaya, rained poured heavily...

Initially, the weather was cool...

But after few minutes...

So there goes our plan to experience Strawberry plucking with the kids. The rain was really heavy as we approached the Strawberry Farm..Issokaylah, perhaps next time, after all Allah knows best, right? :) 

As we were about to go down the hill again, we saw a huge vegetable farm, fully covered with white roofs (am not sure what's the material) at the roadside. It caught our interest so we made a pit-stop.

The signage..

As we entered the farm, the fresh veges on the left and fresh strawberries on the right greeted us, and calling us to go inside. Excitedly we went there for a mini shopping of fresh vegetables and strawberries! The vegetable is selling at RM10 for 3 stalk (each stalk is huuuge!) and you can mix between the veges.

Fresh vege waiting for you!

As well as the strawberries!

Spotted! :)

Take a basket, and start shopping! :)

Besides those two, cactus and fresh mushrooms are also available here. Being a fried mushroom lover, we 'borong' two big packets of the freshly picked mushroom to bring back home for ourselves and as a token to our parents.

cute lil cactus!

Freshly picked mushroom ready for packaging!

The room where they grew the fat, juicy mushroom! :)

We had fun with our little shopping, all thanks to the white roofs (we almost didn't realized that it was heavy downpour when we were there!). Soon it was farewell time. Hope that we can enjoy the Outdoor Theme Park in the next trip, when the twinnies grew taller perhaps! Baru boleh enjoy more rides and worth the tix! hehe ;)



Mimy Hamid said...

best jugak genting now..lama tak pegi la...i tunggu Fayel besar sikit..nak berjalan merata

Nadine said...


Oh yes! leh bawak Fayel jugak. Dahla GH sgt dkt dgn Gombak kan? Senang nak pegi! :)

ishamizu said...

Meriahnya! All open 24hrs mmg ssuai dgn org yg sll tido lmbt mcm ktrg jg hihi. Balik nti sure nak pegi sbb ank2 izu tak pnh smpi genting tau..masa tu Eins kecik lg kan..takpe blk Msia nti boleh pg ramai2 dgn atuk nenek pakcik makcik hihihi

Nway, pandainya Faaz amik gmbr! Dan bestnya vegie farm tu. geram tgk all the fresh vegies tuh!! Mst best mkn fresh mushrooms tu kan! ;)

Nadine said...


ye ke..samalah kitaorg punye family, tido lambat *high5!* :P

Ic,ic..ok nanti balik M'sia bolehla masuk list ;)

Haha, faaz mmg skang suka sgt nak ambil gamba org. Oh vege farm tu mmg best sgt izu, tau la kat pasar kat KL tu mana nak dpt yg fresh2, yg gebu2..kat oversea senang dapat kan :)

diyana didie said...

owh they have vegie and strawberries too?? its like a cameron + genting trip. best best. lama tak naik genting. byk dah perubahan ;)

Nadine said...


exactly! and the best thing is I think GH lebih sejuk dari Cameron these days! :)