Monday, March 4, 2013

When the Kids Goes Vain :P

I was busy preparing fried mushroom for dinner last Friday night when Falisya came and started to interfere by playing with the kitchen drawers and at times wanted me to carry her.

Whenever the maid tried to take her away from me she will screamed out of her lung and cried hysterically...*sigh*. The only way I can make her go away from the kitchen and sit still is to give her my phone.

She grinned up to her ears when I handed her my phone. "Ok, Falisya go in front, mommy want to cook", I told her. Obediently  she went off to the hall and sit on the couch. 

After 20 minutes spending time at the kitchen, I went to the front to see all my children. Falisya, was still glued to the phone, while Faaz was lying down in front of the television beside Faiqa, who was asleep. Hubby then called, informing me that he will arrived home soon and asked me to set the table for dinner. As soon as the conversation ended, I took the opportunity to inspect my phone, to see how much damaged Falisya made to it (she usually loves to re-arrange all my apps :P) before she took it off from me again.

I burst to laugh the minute I opened my Picture folder....

The first photo...

The second one...

and the third!

Hahaha, looks like they were having fun taking self-photos of themselves! This trio, kalau bergabung memang cheeky kuasa dua. Cuteness overload kot! :D


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ishamizu said...

Hahaha mmg cheeky n cute! Same here, zahin n iris yg suka sgt amik gmbr derg sbb derg yg sll in charge phone ktrg bbanding Zafri ;D