Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dinner at Restoran Rumah Thai

Last Saturday, we went to The Gardens shopping mall to find a birthday gift for my little brother. 

The twins, especially were really excited to go to the mall. It's been a while since we brought them to any of the shopping mall...I think since the day Fadzil left for Oslo. It was fun to see their cheerful reactions as well as how chatty they were when they acknowledged something new. It was sooo cute! hihi :)

Falisya wondering...

while Faiqa clapping happily.. :D

After we have done with the shopping, we made a move to my mom's place. The children were pretty excited to meet their Tok Mak. Since it was late evening, we've decided to go out for a dinner after Maghrib prayer.

Twinnies were occupied with cartoon while waiting for everyone to complete their prayers.

At first, we wanted to go Ampang area but the traffic at MRR2 was crawling that we had to choice but to u-turn. While thinking of where else to dine in, we saw Restoran Rumah Thai at MRR2 towards Sri Gombak (near Taman Melati Utama) and decided to give it a try.

We ordered quite a lot of dishes, among them includes:

Steamed seabass in lime sauce

The seabass was fresh, the gravy was tasty but there's too many things on top of the fish, I would prefer that to be a bit less, and more gravy please!

Buttered Prawn

We ordered this especially for my seafood lover mom! The portion was big despite we only ordered the small size. According to my mother (I did not taste it since I am allergic to prawn) the buttered prawn is tasty ;)

Deep Fried Squid

This is Fadzil's and my personal favourite dish (since the birth of twinnies, my body is not allergic to squid anymore. Weird huh? but in a good way that now I can enjoy more seafood :P).  The squid is crunchy, crup! crup! crup! It came with a Thai sauce dipper :)

Fried Kailan with Salted Fish

Kailan with salted fish is among our favourite vege dish that we usually ordered with rice, if not for Broccoli with beef. It's always between these two..hihi. One thing I like about Restoran Rumah Thai is that the portion of it's vegetarian dish is as much as the portion for normal dish. The kailans were fresh too..Thumbs up!

Since our children didn't tolerate well with spice and chili, we ordered additional two dishes for the 3Fs that includes protein, gravy and of course vege!

Japanese Tofu in Kungfu gravy

The gravy was the same as kuey tiaw kungfu but the kuey tiaw was substituted with Japanese bean curd. The portion was generous although the bean curd itself was less. Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed it.

Fried Tumeric Chicken (Ayam Goren Kunyit)

We ordered this dish as compliment to the bean curd for the kids. It tasted the same as the normal ayam kunyit and being a chicken lover, my children loves it. hihi :)

It was our first time to dine here, and definitely it won't be the last. We truly satisfied with the food, the service, the portion and most importantly the price! Total bill including 5 white rice and drinks cost us approximately RM120 only. Cheap!! 

Even Faiqa was enjoying her scrumptious meal, lagi-lagi bila Tok Mak yg suap! :)


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