Monday, April 8, 2013

Down To Memory Lane - A Visit To VI

We went out to KL town (particularly the TAR area) for a quick shopping spree yesterday afternoon. Left the twins at home since it was their sleeping time plus its not convenient to bring along a twin-stroller along that busy streets of TAR area...too hectic!

Since we were in the area, we took the chance to dine in at our all time favourite restaurant at Jalan TAR, none other than Insaf Restaurant. I've been eating there since I was a little as my father was fond of it's Chicken Briyani and when I got married to my husband, I found out that he too, been going to the same restaurant since he was a little boy. What a coincidence! Papa even became friends with the owner of the restaurant, until now. Makes me wonder...the possibility of us both actually dine-in there with our families, at the same time, but not knowing each other...perhaps?? :)

Fried Chicken Briyani with fresh Mango juice. Sedap to the max!! :)

It took me only 2 solid hours to shop (since I already have a list on my mind, with specific place to get it :P). Since it's still early, my happy hubby then decided to bring me and Faaz to a place that is close to his heart....his old school :)

I remembered during my school days (especially when I was a Convent girl), I heard a lot of -ve comments on the Victoria Institution (VI) Boys. Too proud, arrogant, playboy (aside of rich and hansome?) were some of the labelled given. Being a naive girl back then, I was a bit skeptical with a person who came from VI. I remembered turning down a friendship request from a boy who went to the same tuition centre with me in KL simply because he studied in VI (mmg handsome tau! eh tetiba! :P). Little that I knew that 11 years later I got married to a Victorian! LOL! :))

Yesterday was my first time to set foot on VI ground and I was amazed on how huge the whole school area is besides of it's old English architecture; it reminded me back to my old convent school which is sadly no more exist in this world :(

The view that greeted us at the entrance..

The view from the huge field..

Fadzil stood proudly at the assembly area :)

Part of a garden...I forgot what it's called :P

It was nice to be able to see the place my husband studied, played, eat, etc...etc. while listening to his stories. I knew he missed the moments a lot from the way he excitedly showing us the places and all...good to know, yang :)

Before we made a move, we stopped by a small clock tower near the entrance. We asked our one and only son, Faaz to pose there. Willingly, he climbed the stairs and pose like star! Hihi...he too, was excited when his daddy showed him around the area. Macam-macam soklan keluar :P

future Victorians, perhaps? :)

Last but not least, yours truly, taken by Faaz.
(Please excuse me for the messy look, I was having a flu the whole day pastu minum mango juice lagik. Hambek :P)

Now that I married with a Victorian's...

what can I say is...

Yeah, my hubby is proud! 

Proud to be part of Victoria Institution lah! Not that "proud" type of proud (if u understand me) :P



mommyNadia said...

ehhhh ehhh salah rumah ke ni??Wink!
Simple and nice layout babe. I pun plan nak change to have more bigger space of pictures. Soon soon!! =)

Anyway, restoran Insaf tu pun my fave. I mesti pergi kalau pergi Jln TAR. Lama dah tk makan, terliur tgk nasi tu..argghhh! =)

Nadine said...


Ntahlah harini bukak blog rasa boring sangat2. Nak tukar template tapi x de yg berkenan. Sudahnye amik basic blogger layout je for temporary. Until I find the one I like. :D

Same here babe, dah setahun kot I tak makan kat sana. Kalau tak sbb cari baju utk wedding , mmg idokle ke sana. My hubby kurang gemar area tu sbb sentiasa pack with ppl!

sha said...

my MIL pun suka beriyani kat restoran tu! hehe