Saturday, April 27, 2013

E/// Teambuilding: Archery and Leisuring on Day 1

I've done nothing much during our first day in Sibu Island. Mainly because it was already approaching 5pm, when we went out of our chalet (as we had to deal with some issue with our room after the briefing ended).

The main activity that Nini and I did on that day was archery. I have always wanted to try out archery after horse-riding activity since it's one of the activities that our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW loves! Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak merasa. :) The best thing was, we can try as many tries as we want in these 3 days! yay!

To me, archery is not as easy as it looks. You need a pair of strong and stable hand, with of course a pair of sharp eyes ;) I was struggling to stretch back the arrow within the bow string, which cause my right hand to shiver! :P The instructor then gave me instructions and tips to be stable and focused. Apparently breathing is important too, ladies!

Me, while receiving instructions on how to correctly position my bow and arrow :D

and ready to shoot!! :D

My first shot??? It went off away from the target (it went way back of the target area). Hahaha! But with support from my peers, I tried and tried till I got this....

Not bad huh?! *Ehem* Hik Hik :D
Lepas ni confident sket nak ber-archery in Sunway Pyramid. Heeee :D

After finishing our arrows, me and Nini went for sight-seeing around the area. Here, in Sibu Island Resort most of the animals from their mini petting zoo are let free during the day time. It is a common scenario to have peacocks and turkey across the paths or near the swimming pool while the tame deer loves to "hang out" at the field in front of the resort's lobby area. 

The fierce turkey. Dia kejar saya tak pasal2 ok! hampeh! :P

A muster of peacock passing by...

My first attempt to be close to a herd of deer. Nervous! :P

The sight-seeing activity wouldn't complete without a visit to the beach. It was windy, and the high tide was slowly building up at that time. We took almost half an hour there, basically enjoying the wind and the scenary, and playing with the crystal clear water. Heaven!


There, I took the opportunity to connect with the outer world. FYI, for Maxis user only 2G coverage is available around the island (none for DiGi-ans, sorry :P and full 3G for Celcom's). I can only rely on the free wifi which was very2 slow but surprisingly was quite ok at a rocky area near the beach. Maka dapatlah update Istagram a bit and ber-whatsapp with loved ones..hihi.

Was busy looking at my cutie pies photos sent by hubby when they candid this. haha! Rindu woooo!

Soon, it was late evening. We went back to our room to freshen up, pray and then headed back to Lumba-Lumba Coffee House for Buffet Dinner! :).

The best thing I've done in Pulau Sibu was on day 2 staying there. Will share about it in the next entry, insyaAllah.

Till the fingers meet the keyboard again!



ishamizu said...

Wow archery? Cool! Untung dapat try archery..tak berat ke nak tarik tu Nadia? And it's free? Lg best! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

wahhh best betul dapat main archery. dekat summit pun ada tau. CD pun sellau teringin nak main tp malu. hahaha.

mama CD dulu mmg amik class archery tau. siap beli the whole set lagi. sampai kawan2 abah perli "hang silap hantar bini hang belajar archery. habis la hang kena panah kalau silap sikit." hahahaha.

best la sibu island ni. rasa mcm nak pege juga la :).

Anonymous said...

me pon pernah kena kejar dgn peacock. menci! org kata dia berkenan kat kita kalau kena kejar hahaha

George said...

Archery I like it too and lovely pics

Nadine said...


More to ketat then berat izu, tu yg terketar2 tangan nak tarik :D best kan izu, it's free! :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Ye ke...lama x pegi summit. Esp sejak duk PH nie.

Waaa, really??! Im impressed! Suh la mama cee D ajar, mesti cpt tere ;)

Cee D suggestla kat Fariq, dia kn semangat ke-Malaysia-an dia tinggi. Sure dia nak punye ;)

Nadine said...


Really, no wonder..*dgn nada perasan*. LOL!! :))