Tuesday, April 30, 2013

E/// Teambuilding: Island Land Expedition on Day 2

Day two in Sibu Island started off with breakfast at Lumba-Lumba Coffee House. It has a fair choice of breakfast menu. Apart from the English breakfast set plus waffles and Omelets, the buffet breakfast mainly includes Malaysian food such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Roti Telur, Kuew Tiaw, Fried Mee and Bubur with condiments. But one meal that caught my eyes was this...

Boiled Tapioca! Johorian's typical kind of breakfast. My Tok Mak loves to make this for breakfast or tea-time. And this hotel served it with all the combinations! Nyums! Of course I did not have ONLY this, I actually had this after my Nasi Lemak. Muahaha! I need a lot of energy that morning because I want to join an activity that requires a lot of energy (errr...was it?! :P).

Most of my male colleagues decided to go snorkeling at a nearby Island that morning but I decided not to join them. As much as I wanted to try out snorkeling, I am afraid simply because I don't know how to swim. Tak confident kot :P Wouldn't mind to try it out if my husband was around tho, cause I know he can swim and he loves me...in case something happen, I have my hero.  Hihi :P

The snorkeling team...photo taken from our internal website. hik hik

My pick for that morning activity was Jungle Trekking. What's interesting about this jungle tracking activity was that we were going to explore 4 beaches on this island through the jungle. The activity is called Island Expedition and it took us 180 minutes. The trail started at the back of our chalets,  as we climbed up the hill and went deep into the jungle...

Jom masuk hutan! :D

At first, we thought the jungle trekking was pretty much a straightforward journey  inside the forest...but we were wrong. There were times that the path were too steep and dangerous, but with the guidance of the instructor and the help of the rope across the path we managed through. I failed to snap photos in between our journey because I need to concentrate (safety came first ;). I need to be in focus! *Ececeh :P 

However, I managed to find some of the photos, credit to google and azriaziz85.fotopages.com to show you some of the trails that we've gone through :)

In between the journey, we came across a lot of fascinating flora and fauna inside the jungle. That includes this famous "Tongkat Ali" plant. I came across of it quite often in this jungle. It's everywhere! :)

Pokok Tongkat Ali

After 20 minutes walking, we arrived at checkpoint no.2 where Beach 2 situated.  It is actually situated near to the honeymoon suite of Sibu Island Resort. According to the instructor, this beach is very rocky, thus it is not suitable for swimming activity. The resort build huts at this beaches where honeymoon couples specifically (since it's near to the honeymoon suites) can sit there and enjoyed the scenery...such as when the ocean's wave slamming the rocks or simply watch the sunset in the evening. Romantic katanya! :P

We then continued our journey, to another "romantic" place, which is the hidden gem inside the forest. It's the Love Cave! Hihi. Obviously, this cave got it's name from the shape of it's opening - it is in the shape of a heart. Subhanallah... :)

Can you see the heart-shape? :)

Next, we had to walk through a pretty steep and and hilly slopes in order to reach the highest peak at Sibu Island. The instructor motivated us by telling us how beautiful and breathtaking the place is. It did worked on us, bersemangat masing-masing to get through to this peak, and alhamdulillah, all of us made it successfully :). 

It was indeed true, the panoramic from the top view is superb and too beautiful, subhanallah!! We were captivated! Let's the photos do most of the talking, afterall a picture says a 1000 words ;)

Everybody took the chance to capture the beautiful God's creation..

while I was busy listening to the instructor's story from the peak of the hill...

The beautiful view from the top...we can see other island as well. 

and down there, the beautiful blue sea water (view from the place I stood). Feel like jumping into the water!

For those who don't have the acrophobia syndrome (afraid of height) like me, you can stood at the edge of the hill's peak and posed with the awesome background. Hihi :)

Trying to give my best smile while the wind strongly blew on my face and the sun shine too brightly! :))

But if you are an acrophobia, fret not caused you can always strike a pose a bit further from the edge and still captured the scenery behind you :). Or, you can always took a group photo like all of us! :)

Us, the CPM, Line Managers and the Engineers of E/// :)

The view next to the place we stood. If you are lucky enough, you may able to see baby dolphin swimming at this area :)

Our next location was Beach 3 checkpoint. To go there, we have to climb down the steep hill but it was way easier than climbing up...hehe :P

Can you see the rocky area in the middle of this photo? That's where the Beach 3 is!

It was high tide when we arrived at Beach 3 and we got to see how the strong wind blew the sea water, which turned it into waves. The best part was to see the waves splashed over the rocky area...Since it was already 11 am at that time, the sun was shining very bright. At times we felt like jumping straight into the cool sea water! 

Gorgeous view! My favourite :)

Of course a pose is a must at beautiful places like this :P

After spending 10 minutes of our time here, we continued our journey to the last checkpoint; Beach 4. In order to reach there, we have to across the rocky area, sea water and the beach 4 itself! It was fun to see some of us was trying to across the area without wetting their sport shoes and also attire. It was hilarious because in the end...everybody was wet! :P

The path that we have to cross...

The (paya bakau ??) scenery while crossing this area

While walking back to the resort area at Beach 4, suddenly the instructor instructed us to stop. We were puzzled at first, until he showed us something on the sand....

If you look closely on this above photo, you can see the tracks of comodo dragon.  Yes, you can find this creature in Sibu Island, especially at Beach 4. Fascinating, but we were lucky not to have a face-to-face encounter with one of these comodo. Scary kot :P

Finally we have arrived. Jungle Trekking completed yay!! :)

The jungle trekking activity finally ended and despite of the sweat, dirt and tiredness, we brought back precious experience along this trip. It also builds up our friendship and teamwork among peers regardless of our positions ;)

Will share with you the rest of my activities on day 2, including the night activities in the next write up. Stay tuned ok? :)



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