Thursday, April 25, 2013

E/// Teambuilding - The Journey To Sibu Island

Last two weeks, the company I am working with organized the annual team building. It's our division - Competence Domain Radio Access Network (CD RAN) team building to be specific. Compared to years before, this year the management decided on a place far, far away from Kuala Lumpur. The chosen place was Sibu Island, Johor. 

To be frank, I was quite excited when I heard that this year's team building will be held in an island I've never been before. However, I was a bit sad when I came to know that I have to leave my children for 3 days and 2 nights (usually our team building will only be 2 days and 1 nite, the max!). Since it's a compulsory to attend, I have no choice but to leave my cutie pies with their daddy...

My husband sent me to the office on that Thursday, 11th April 2013 at 5.45am. We both managed to perform our Subh prayers at E/// musolla before the bus departed from Cyberjaya at 6.15am. According to our secretary, we had to leave earlier so that we could arrived in time at the jetty later on.

Unfortunately for us, the bus took a longer route to Johor. Instead of using the highway, the driver used another route. We travelled across from Selangor- Negeri Sembilan - Pahang - Johor. Tell you it was hours of journey which made all of us restless to be seated in the bus! >.<

One of the nice shot while I kill my boredom in the bus, travelling through Endau-Rompin.
It's nothing to do with election (in case you are wondering :P)

Everybody almost jumped out of their seat when we finally arrived at the jetty - Tanjung Leman Jetty. Can you imagine we were stucked in the bus for almost 8 hours! A colleague even joked that if he were to travel by airplane he would have arrived in Narita Airport 2 hours earlier! :P haha! :))

You can see how tired we were.
Tidur - bangun -tidur - bangun tak sampai2 jugak :P

Signages at the lobby of the jetty

After queuing to get our ferry tickets and tags for the luggages, we proceed for the ferry ride. It took us another 30 minutes ride to reach the island but everyone seemed to be in a good mood this time. We have waited for 8 hours, 30 minutes was nothing I guess! :))

Me, all geared up to enjoy my ferry ride :)

Excited faces of us! :)

Alhamdulillah, the ferry ride was smooth. As soon as we arrived the jetty of Sibu Island Resort (SIR), we were greeted by the staff of SIR, with a song (live performance) and welcome drink. But all of us were too hungry that we rushed to the Lumba-Lumba Coffee House where lunch buffet was waiting for us. Lapar giler ok! :P

view as soon as we near to the jetty

Our team building banner greeted us :)

After filling up our stomach, we proceed to the meeting room where we had our CD RAN meeting, chaired by our Head of CD RAN, Ari Gentis. After the meeting, we had the briefing of the team building itinerary. That was the best part - they announced that this year, the team building activities were free and easy style! It means that we were free to use/join any activities available on the island according to our liking/preference. Everything has been paid by the company, and we only needed to gather during 3 sessions; the breakfast, lunch and dinner. How cool was that!! Semua orang menjerit hurray lah!! :))

Ari gave his welcoming speech...

me and Nini, my bestie in E///, while waiting for the briefing :D

After the meeting, all of us were given the room keys and proceed to our chalet. Since my room was situated far, and up the hill, the buggy car took us up to our room. Our luggages were waiting for us in front of our room (the hotel staff brought for us from the jetty itself).

On the way to our chalet. Taken from the buggy. Hehe

There are a lot of activities that you can do on this island; from land activities to sea sport activities. You just have to plan your time since some of the activities are only available on certain slot. I will share with you the activities I joined on my 3 day stays on this beautiful island. 

Stay tuned! :)



ishamizu said...

Can't wait to know/see more about the beautiful island! Izu ni pon nama je org Johor tp tak pernah sampai ke sana lg. heee..

sha said...

glad that u enjoyed it so much dear ! best apaaa pegi jalan2 melihat pemandangan semulajadi..hehe

my.mastura said...

aku tunggu gambo dlm bilik ko..ko kan suka posing2 dlm bilik gitu...hahahahah

Nadine said...


Kalau office nadia tak buat trip ke sini, nadia pun x tau. hehehe :D


Thanks dear :)


Eh mana ada...kali ni gamba bilik pun takde. Hehehe :D