Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"It's My House!"

When we bought our Putra Heights' house, Faaz was just a small toddler who can't understand much. Each time we pay a visit to our house either for cleaning, maintaining or meeting the tenants we brought him along...and each time, we always told him that the house is his house (too!).

It was a mistake... :P

As he grows, whenever we have a "house" conversation with others, Faaz will proudly tell that he has a house in PH to everyone. At that time, we all thought it was pretty cute :)

Now that he is one big boy (4yr old), the conversation getting more interesting whenever Faaz claimed that the PH house as his. That includes this conversation he had with his Nana, when we wanted to move to that house early this year..

Faaz's Nana: "We all gonna move out to Daddy's & Mommy's house soon, Faaz"
Faaz:            "Which house?"
Faaz's Nana: "The Putra Heights house"
Faaz:            "That's my house!"
Faaz's Nana:  "Your house? Did you bought the house?"
Faaz:            "Yes, Faaz bought the house but Daddy pays lah the money"
Faaz's Nana:  "Ooooh.." *grinned*

Boleh tahan bijak kan ini budak "kicik" :P

Wait till you hear our conversation last Sunday while we were on the way home, in the car...

Faaz's Daddy: "Faaz...do you know where we are heading to next?"
Faaz:              "Where to Daddy? I thought we are going back to my house?"
Faaz's Daddy: "You are right, Faaz. We are going to Daddy's and Mommy's house"
Faaz:              "Noooooo...it's my house"
Faaz's Daddy: *grinned and looked at Mommy*
Me:                 " Are you sure it's your house, Faaz?"
Faaz:               "Yes, mommy. Got my name on that house"

Me and Fadzil looked at each other, grinned but a bit puzzled. I even joked at my husband, asking him if he put Faaz's name as well in the purchasing agreement. Hehe...mana tau he got the idea from Fadzil ke kan, bukan bleh percaya sangat my two boyfies, they always tagged to get on me :P

Soon, we reached home. After taking off his shoes and socks, Faaz brought me to a wall which divide the living hall and the dining area. He then pointed out on a spot at the wall...

"See Mommy, I told you this house is mine!" Faaz said proudly with a wide grin.

Oh My Gucci!!!! I felt like fainted and gelak guling-guling at the same time. He really meant what he said! LOL!!!

Quickly I called my husband and when he saw this, he looked at me and we both laughed. Hahaha. Faaz...Faaz...! :))

It was not long though. I then called Faaz to sit beside me and the slow talk and explanation session took place. Although it was funny, we need to let him know that it is still wrong for him to write his name on the wall, and what he should do instead. Anyway, when being asked why he did that, Faaz told me that he couldn't find a single piece of paper to write on...and when asked who knew about it, he said nobody saw him during the incident. :P

It's true what they said, children don't lie :)

Self-reminder: Nadine, next time your son told you he has his name on the house, don't laugh or think about the house agreement,  go check on the wall! LOL! :P



dyana "his other half" said...

hahahaha. lawak la faaz ni. sampai tulis nama kat wall lagi to make sure it's his house.

CD belajar benda ni pun from my maktok. Maktok selalu pesan since Hadif age 1 day old "jangan sesekali kata barang tu barang hadif if hampa yang beli". hehe. I guess she too learned from mistake kan :).

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Dia mmg joker, just like his daddy. :D
Nak pengsan tgk dia tulis kat wall tu, pakai magic plan plak tu. kot pakai pencil bolehla erase.. :P

Tulah, it's one of our mistake...lesson learnt! :D

sha said...

Faaz dah book dinding tu sebenarnya..hahaha.bijak3x...bg mommy suprise sikit..hehe

anyway YA Allah sorry dear i lupa psl ur tweet hari tu pasal komen dan menang tu. baru hari ni teringat about ur tweet so i cekidout ur blog. thanks anyway

my.mastura said...

betul laa ckp dia..got his name on that house..hahahah

Azi said...

hi nadine. Faaz very clever boy la..
Btw rumah sy di blkg putra height tu..