Monday, April 1, 2013

MISF2013: Mahkota Capsule Couture by Jimmy Choo

For those who didn't know,  our famous, and international shoe designer - Prof. Dato' Dr. Jimmy Choo OBE has played a pivotal role in the success of the annual MISF organized by Ministry of Tourism. Besides exhibiting his shoe couture at the event, he has generously shared his knowledge and insights on the shoe-making industry as well as advised on various strategies to help elevate the status of Malaysian's footwear industry.

During this year's MISF, Prof. Dato' Dr. Jimmy Choo presented the "Mahkota-Capsule Couture Collection" which pays tribute to the use of local ethnic fabrics. To enhance the concept of the collection, a gallery in a shape of giant crown has been designed to showcase the capsule couture collection.

Part of the crown stage..

Let me share with you Jimmy's pieces of arts from the exhibition, which made from fabrics such as Pua Kumbu, Pua Sungkit, Dastar, Tohlian, Kelingkan, Telepok, Tekat and Songket. 

My personal favourite! :)

Reminded me of my mother's wedding. Tekat was so popular during that era! :)

Aren't they beautiful? :)

Anyway, for those who attended MISF 2013, Dato' Jimmy also spent some time for an autograph session with the fans on 29th, 30th and 31st March. Lucky if you got to meet him in person! ;) Me too, have met him personally during the official launching of MISF. To me, he is a very humble, soft-spoken and nice person. Really, really down to earth and a pleasant guy (sampai naik segan nak ambil gambar berdua :P).Anyway, am so honored to have the chance to get personal with one of my favourite shoe designer. Priceless experience! :)


p.s: would love to have a pair of Jimmy Choo's...maybe one fine day :)

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