Monday, April 22, 2013

My 'Drama' Baby :P

We gathered at Setia Eco Park last Saturday and Sunday, attending family events from hubby's side. Normally when in front of a huge crowd my chatty and cheerful children will turn into reserved and shy kids. Even worst, they (minus Faaz) will ended up crying sometimes :P 

As expected, the "drama" scene started, as soon as crowd started building up at Cousin Nazreen's house. The "drama" queen this time was none other than my Falisya Nayla. I was surprised that Faiqa Nayra on the other hand, was ok with strangers and loud noise. Instead, she seemed to be curious most of the time, looking and wondering what happened around her...cute je tengok muka blur dia..heheh! 

Anyway, back to Falisya...the "drama" started when we want to take some snapshots of the children. I let the twins standing next to their daddy and abang Faaz and started to called out their names so that they will at least look at the camera if not smiling at me. They all looked at me, but it lasted only few seconds. I called out their names again, but this time few relatives also took out their phones and begun to photograph them. 

Faaz was smiling, Faiqa was blur (haha!) but Falisya...

My darling husband saw what was coming, so he tried to consult her little baby. It didn't work though...

As soon as everybody begun to called out the twinnies' name, Falisya who couldn't keep her emotion much longer burst into tears! - while Faiqa; was lost in her own world. LOL!

It was a failure :P

But, as soon as the crowd moved away from her (I guess they were scared of her tears :P), Falisya begun to cool off. And when his uncle Munif wanted to snap a photo of her with his Daddy and abang...there she went....SMILING CHEEKILY!!

LOL! Sabar je la dengan Cik Nayla ni tau :))



Ninie Hanis said...

Memang drama queen sungguh si Nayla.tengok tuh..tadi beria-ia kan..hehe..geram!

tau tak i dah try lama dah nak leave comments kat blog u asyik tak boleh click kat link comment tu. Rupanya kena 'right click' kat link. Adoii...hihi.

faisyura said...

hahaah cheeky nayla! kejap nangis kejap sengih smpi telinga hahaha comel je... btw nadia lawalaa baju twinnies tu.. comel sgt kottt..

my.mastura said...

ooo..pura2 yer...hahahahah

Anonymous said...

hahaha comel. bagus ni kak sebenarnya...girl mestilah kena jual mahal sikit.only senyum pada yg kenal sahaje hihihi

Nadine said...


Kannnnn?! Mesti ikut daddy dia nie. Ehhh! Hahahaha :))

Ala ye of my fren pun ckp camtu. Nape eh? what went wrong :(

Nadine said...


Hehehe, sabar je la. Tiap2 anak, mcm2 gaya ragamnye :D. Thanks dear, tau tak I beli kat Mydin je kot.. RM29.90! Haha, for their age tak berbaloi beli mahal2 sgt. Pakai pun once a while, before you know it they already grown up big and it will be a waste! :)

Nadine said...


Hehe, dia takut dgn org yg dia tak kenal. Uncle Munif tu my bro in law, org yg biasa Falisya jumpa :))

Nadine said...


Eh betullah! setuju! setuju! hihi :)