Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Camera Trick

Now that they are approaching two years old (only few months left! :) ), it's hard for me to have both of my twinnies posed together for a photo like the good old days *sob*. It's ain't easy to make them to pose on their own either. One will try to grab the iphone, and the other will just stared at the phone with a weird facial expression. Haha! Sabar je lah... :P

But I ain't sad anymore, I just found a solution to this problem!

Recently, I noticed my girls like to see their reflection in the mirror. Whenever they see one, they will stopped and smiled, before talking to their ownself...hihi, it's cute I tell you! :) So I tried experimenting it with my phone. I tried taking Falisya's photo the other day by using the front camera of my phone. The minute she saw herself on the phone, she went from....



to this...


and this!! 


It works!! Yippie!! Hihihi :)

It works well with Faiqa too. She was trying to kick a mini football when I showed her my  phone (herself, basically from the screen). Instantly, she changed the position, as if trying to pose with the ball shy-ly ! hahaha, kelas! :P

The only drawback front camera is not as sharp as my back camera. 

Hmmm, perhaps I should upgrade my phone soon? Naaaaaaah! :P



Shah Sulong said...

nasib baik mummy creative, hahahah

my.mastura said...

E! x bg free phone lg ker? nak! hehehehhe

my.mastura said...

E! x bg free phone lg ker? nak! heheheh

Nadine said...


Oh itu harusssss! Hahaha, tak bestlah ambil gambar diaorg x senyum :D

Nadine said...


Bagi, my next refreshment in Jan 2014. Every 2 years maaaa :D