Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Share, please, Abang!



Shah Sulong said...

Nadia, Faaz is hogging the gadget is more like it ;)

perhaps (Endless) Patience is a Virtue would best describe the Pictures.. hahahah

Nadine said...

Actually, there's another photo, the last one showed Faaz share the phone with Falisya. Terlupa nak upload. Hahaha! I dah change the caption dah :P

ishamizu said...

Aww so sweet and mst cute kan bila Falisya say Please. Zafri sebut Plishhh, cair terus ummi dia. Hihi

simplyasweettale said...

awwww. super cute ;)

Nadine said...

izu and didie,

thanks! :)