Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 Years...

14th May 2009 - 14th May 2013.
5 years.

Time flew and without I realized...and here am I, typing and documenting stories of my life in this so-called blogspot platform for 5 years now.

I started blogging in 2005, via Friendster (they used to have a blog) and it all started with an encouragement from my childhood bestfriend, Zaha (thank you!! :). I was naive, and a bit blur at first although I love to write. I used to write to my diaries ( I started to have one since I was 12 years old!) so when I decided to write a blog, I figured why not I share part of my life journey as an eldest daughter in the family, my first job as an RF/Optimization Engineer and of course part of my love story with F. Ehem! Thus, I named my very first blog as: "MY LIFE" :)

It begun with a not-so-personal-journal-but-for-personal-reading but slowly I got visitors, who were mainly my Friendster friends. Among them includes Mimy Hamid. We were schoolmates since primary, knew each other's name but never spoken even once, until we both left SMSG to pursue our dream in the university. One day, she left a comment on my blog and confessed that she's one of my silent reader. I said to myself, wow...words keep people connected! (Note: I just love your blog tagline, Anne!).

Four years had passed and one day I received an email from Friendster telling me that I've reached the maximum capacity to upload photos via my blog, and later there were rumours that Friendster is closing (which was true) so I started thinking of migrating my blog to a new platform. It was between blogspot or wordpress. Thanks to Nuurill, my uni classmate for her recommendation, so finally I migrated to blogspot on 14th May 2009, few months after I delivered my first child, Muhammad Faaz Naqi. I was totally in love with my life at that time (and I am still loving my life currently, alhamdulillah) so I named my second blog as "LOVE LIFE COMPLETELY" :) 

Another 5 years had passed and alhamdulillah, here I am still, sharing my life journey that includes my passion for my dearest family, my work, and my love for cooking, and fashion :) Glad that with extra rezk from Allah SWT, I've been given the opportunities to do reviews, advertorials and attending events as bloggers. Although not as much as other big names in the blogging world, but good enough to give me priceless experience and new friendship. One of the profound moment was, when I was invited as part of media by Ministry of Tourism for the International Shoe Festival event. It was an eye opener, to see from a journalist point of view and get to do an interview myself! It was awkward definitely, and I felt small when I had to introduce myself to Dato' Jimmy Choo. I am nobody, people...I am not even a fashion blogger, but I love fashion (shoes especially). And that was what I told Dato' Jimmy. :) Feel humbled when he asked me for my card so that he can read my blog. :)

Today, on my blog anniversary I would like to thank each and everyone of you who   spend their time reading my humble writing, and kindly enough to follow, leave some comments or even write those lovely emails. I truly appreciate the gestures, people. Thank you for being part of my life journey, thank you for the support and feedback, but most of all, thank you for the friendship. I truly cherish it, even if I did not mentioned your name personally on my blog, terima kasih :)

To my darling husband; thank you for your never ending support on my passion in writing. Thank you for the time, thank you for the critics, thank you for the encouragement (and that includes buying us a good camera and sometimes, be the cameraman yourself :), love. Lastly, thank you the greatest gifts in my life; Faaz Naqi, Faiqa Nayra & Falisya Nayla. You all are my inspiration to keep on writing. I'd be lost without any of you. Love you loads!

Hope these sets of fingers keep on meeting the keyboard for more stories in my life. 





Shah Sulong said...

here's a cheer for more successful years ahead :)

Mama Haraz said...

Wow! Well done! :)

mommyNadia said...

Good job babe.
Keep on writing more inspiring entries..=)

Happy 5th anny LLC..