Friday, May 10, 2013

5th May, 2013 - The 13th GE

No, I am not gonna write about the politics in this entry, I believe we had enough of those writeup/info from most of the social media, especially those on FB and twitter (annoying right, yes? no?). Instead, I want to share how I spent my GE13 day with my loved ones :)

Alhamdulillah, this year marked the 3rd year of me being a voter, thanks to my beloved parents. They had educated me and the siblings on our responsibility as a Malaysian citizen since we were young, thus as soon as I reached 18 years old, my late father had brought me to register myself. Ingat lagi masa tu, rasa dah dewasa sangat sebab dah boleh mengundi...padahal??....Hehehe..

But this was not the case with my husband. During the last general election in 2008, (we were newlyweds at that time) only me went to vote as he did not registered as a voter. From there on, I tried to persuade him to register and alhamdulillah, he did it last year at a post office in Subang Jaya. So this was his first year to cast a vote and he was quite excited. Hihi :)

Since this time both of us were voting but at different location, I've decided to give in and let him cast his vote first. We left the children with the helper that morning before we went to the Pusat Mengundi in USJ12. 

While waiting for my hubby in the car, my sister sent me an image of my mom's finger with the blue ink. Apparently, for her saluran, she was the first to cast vote that morning. Semangat ok! Hahaha....

The photo sent by Kak Ngah :D

Hubby came back about half an hour later, showing me his finger proudly. Ni yang buat ahkak tak sabar nak balik Gombak, I wanted my "blue ink henna" too! hihihi :D 

Because of too much propaganda, too much negativity being posted in all the social media before the election day, many people tend to be paranoid and emotional, to the extent that those who looked "exotic" were being accused of being the "Pengundi Hantu" or worst the "Bangla". There's an incident happened to cousin Razzif's childhood friends that has been recorded and posted in FB (you can view it here). My husband too, received the "one kind look" from many when he entered the USJ12 school but lucky, nobody approached him.

Traffic was pretty smooth because most of the people left the city and went back to their hometown for voting. There's only a minor hiccup as we entered Sentul area but it went on smoothly as we passed by the area. Made a pit stop at my mom's place to pick up two first-time voters as well; my little sister and brother :)

Kak Ngah snapped this photo as we were about to go to SMK Hillcrest to vote.

Muka excited nak vote tu..kekeke!

Nak naik bukit Hillcrest tak boleh pakai heels, nanti jatuh tergolek. LOL!

Tahun ni tak keseorangan lagi pegi mengundi...hurray!
Oh my chubby face! :(

We reached the location at 11:30am and there was a small crowd queuing to check our name, and to which voting room we belongs to. I thought that reflects how big the crowd to cast the vote but man, I was totally wrong!

The queue before me..

I was located at Saluran Mengundi 6 (voting room 6) while my siblings were at Saluran Mengundi 7 so berpecah from there onwards...huhu


As I went upstairs (the voting room is at level 2), I realized that my queue was very, very long! I had to went to level 3 to queue! T_T. Penat ahkak panjat tangga,  u'olls! :P

The view from where I stood...
 The voting room was at one level down! *nangis*

As I stood there waiting patiently for my turn, I texted my husband to tell him about the long queue and being a "Mr. Super Sakat", I knew he would come up with something cheeky. 

True enuff.....phhhfffft!

**sampai eja "queue" pun salah :P

Alhamdulillah, after 1 hour queuing (semangat tak?!:P), I finally arrived at Saluran 6 and cast my vote...

Dah nampak peti undi..yay!! :D

Finally, my "blue henna"...hehehe

Cun kan I punye, pandai akak tu color my nails. 3 layers tau! :))

Heavy rain poured heavily as soon as I completed my responsibility as a Malaysian citizen. Since my siblings' queue was still a long way to go, I decided to go back to my mom's place first for lunch and prayer. Although my mother was busy working on that day, she still have time to prepare quick lunch for us. Love you loads mak! Just after I finished my prayer, my sister informed us that both of them has finished casting their votes.

We made a move from my mom's place at about 4pm. Since it was raining on the way back, Fadzil brought me to The Loaf for a coffee break. We had some pastries, time hujan memang layan...hihi. Bought some for the children too.

That night, my sister in-laws invited all of us to have dinner and watch the 13th GE results together-gether at her place. We went there after Maghrib prayer, and headed straight to the dining room to have our meal before joining the rest in front of the TV at the living hall...

Among the menu that night, chicken tandoori and mutton murtabak. Nyumss!

While my two girls were concentrating on counting the results for BN and PR (truth: one was drawing on the doodle board while the other looking), my boy wasn't paying any attention to the tv at all. He was in his own world, concentrating on playing the Ironman 3 game on the phone :P

Macam tengah record vote je..ehehe

 Faaz Naqi lost in his own world.. :P

Although the children were barely asleep and there were still more results not showing yet, we decided to make a move when the clock approaching midnight. Regardless of which party won the election, Fadzil still need to wake up early and go to work the very next morning (thank God I am working in Selangor..cuti!:P).

That's pretty much of what happened on our 5th of May this year. InsyaAllah, with God's will, I will definitely want to cast a vote 5 years from now. Congratulations to all the politician who won the seats for DUN and parliamentary regardless of the party or skin color. I hope you can start working hard for the Malaysian and hold on to your promises. We, the rakyat want to see the improvement...we want a better Malaysia!



RuZaNNa said...

Babe.. i'm still impressed with the guys yg kena tuduh as bangla's tuh sbb he can speak cantonese/hokkien or whatever the language is.. terkejut org yg tuduh die tuh sbb diorg boleh paham bahasa die ckp.. hahaha... terus takut.. dah la diorg tuh besar2 badan.. hehehe

ishamizu said...

Izu pon bsemangat baca! Baguslah nadia dah 3x mengundi, izu tak register hiks mmg bising my parents. My three siblings this year pon 1st time derg mengundi n best gila derg pon mengundi tpt yg sama. My reason is malas nak beratur pjg2 tu! lgpun ic pon kene curi kt Geneva, so mcm mana nk pegi memgundi..alasan baik punye! ;p

Nadine said...


Hihi..last Saturday, the cousin came and I asked him how come they knew cantonese so well? Rupanya diaorg dulu pernah sekolah cina :D

Nadine said...


Oic. tula, some people malas nak beratur bagai. tp bagi me, 5 thn sekali, berbaloi beratur. the feeling masa mengundi tu is something indescribable, tp best sbb jadi part of decision maker for our country ;)