Thursday, May 9, 2013


An urgent request from another project suddenly came in yesterday, when I was busy with a trial that I have to bring my work back home.

Because of the "Perhimpunan 505", traffic was pretty bad at Federal towards the LDP exit to Kelana Jaya and I had wasted 1.5 hours on the road. To make things worst, USJ 5 was having blackout and that caused the traffic light at the junction between USJ 5 and USJ 11 not working. You can see how selfish Malaysian can be at that time, all 3 corners semua kereta nak lalu at the same time...chaos! I feel ashamed being Malaysian at that time...seriously...

Finally, I reached Putra Heights at 9pm. Sampai-sampai, peluk cium anak-anak yang dah menunggu kat depan pintu, letak bag, set laptop, sambung kerja...I didn't even have time to open my hijab, let alone to have a proper meal for dinner although I was really starving.

While trying hard to concentrate on my task (since I promised to deliver by 10.30pm the latest) and in between, entertaining my children who on and off came to the dining table, I felt really hungry (blamed it to the stress :P). I remembered that I have a packet of snack in my handbag so quickly I grabbed it out and started to munch while my hands danced on the keyboard...

Suddenly, Faiqa came beside me, greeted me. "Mommyyy" with a smile. I smiled back at her. She then went to the chair beside me and started to climb on it. I continued my work. A minute later, she greeted me "Mommyyyy" and smiled..again. I smiled back at her and replied, "Yes, sayang mommy?" She smiled back. Then I continued my work again...before the same thing happened. This time, she said something weird too.. 

                                        Faiqa: "Mommyyyy, cookick!"
                                        Me   :  "What, Faiqa???"
                                        Faiqa: "Cookick!" 
                                        Me: ????
                                        Faiqa: "Cookick, yesh! (yes)" while nodded her head

I paused from my work, took a good look at the dining table and suddenly realized she was pointing to a yellow plastic in between my laptop and my document...

"Laaaa, adik nak cookies ke????!!!"  I said to her before laughing. How can I forgot  this chubby daughter of mine LOVES to eat. LOL! :))

She just smiled when I laughed, and the minute I took a cookie out of the plastic, she already standby...

Cookie monster was all ready to munch! Hehehe!



ishamizu said...

Salam Nadia

Hahaha cookie rupanya! Alaa comellah Faiqa ni..dgn riak muka dia yg happy tapi malu2 tu geram izu tgk! Eei meh kiss sket! Hehe

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Alahai Nad..
kesiannye faiqa.. mesti rindu sgt kat her mummy one whole day.. but she's a cutie pie! pandai amik hati mummy dia.
yes, i almost get stuck with the traffic. from damansara, instead of taking to klang route at nkve, i took the other way to kota damansara. lalu kampung melayu subang, to shah alam.. pusing jauh, but arrived without stuck in traffic. mmg very very selfish.. :(

Nadine said...

W'salam Izu :)

hehe tu la pasal, coo-kick, coo-kick, rupanya cookies. :P

dia punye signature tu, suka buat senyum happy2 malu. dahla bulat sket compared to falisya. sebab tu dia slalu kena gomol dgn fadzil. hahaha!

Nadine said...


Hehehe, thanks babe. budak2 mmg cute!

waaaa, jauhnye u pusing. lucky u know an alternative route. I mmglah tak..kalau takde gps mmg tau satu jalan sajork. heee :D