Thursday, May 2, 2013

E/// Teambuilding: The Spa, The Beach Activities, The BBQ Dinner and The Wrap Up Post! :)

After the jungle trekking activity, we went back to our chalet to wash up, pray and have lunch at the Lumba-Lumba Coffee House. After lunch, we decided to chill at the lobby area for a while before proceed to take part in other activities that noon. Carrom, congkak and other board games were available at the lobby lounge and we chose to play Jenga...hihi :)

At sharp 2.30pm, me and my girls headed to one place; The Peacock Spa! The time for us to pamper ourselves. It's been too long since my last spa session so I looked forward for it.

After rejuvenating ourselves, we decided to have a walk around the resort area. Our first destination was near the jetty. The sun was still shining bright but it did not matter much since it's windy...just nice! What we did there? Basically NOTHING :)). We just hang out and chill under those big and shady trees. There were few hammocks on those tree. Memang syok habis lah, sikiiiiiit je lagi nak tertidur...hehe :D

The view from our hangout place...

Best Sgt ok, rasa nak tidur terusss! :P

We then headed back to our room for Asr prayer, in between the journey we made a pit stop to the mini petting zoo area where again,  I tried to "mingle" around with the deers...

Obviously, this time they seemed to be calmer than me...muahaha! :P

Oh, while walking near the swimming pool, we bumped into few of our colleagues who just came back from fishing activity. Looked what have they caught....

A grouper (kerapu) and a flatfish (ikan sebelah)!!

Fascinated with those creatures but pity them at the same time. I wasn't sure what they did with it, but I think (and hope!) they released them in the end. Kesian... :(

After prayer and changing our attire we joined our friends at the beach. There were few activities going on at that time such as...


Beach Volleyball

While the guys were busy with volley ball, some of the girls (including me) decided to go to the beach. The first activity we did before swimming in the sea was taking silly photos of us. Hehehe! Oh well, ladies and camera can never be saperated, kan?...agree?? :D


We all had a great time at the beach. Some of us even joined the kayak-ing activity and paddle until the nearby island, some continued with the snorkeling activity and some were happy with their banana bot ride :D. No photos were taken during that time as obviously yours truly was so busy "berendam" dalam air laut. Heheh!

The last photo before I went into the sea water.. :D

That night, we had our BBQ dinner at the beach. It was nice to be able to hear the sound of waves, enjoying the scrumptious meal while the wind blew...perfect! :)

Our BBQ buffet place...

My first meal of the night...

My second round. Hik hik :P

I was texting with the hubs while this photo was taken, hence the pose :P

If you see from the above photo, all three of us wearing the same t-shirt. It's our official teambuilding t-shirt this year and we were told to wear it that night. All because of this reason....

A group photo session :)
Notice me? I was standing next to our Head of CD RAN...the macho boss. Haha!

After the dinner end, some of us proceed to the Suji Lounge for the karaoke session. Actually, that's the favourite night activity during our 2 nights stay here. E/// ni ramai bakat-bakat terpendam rupanya; mat rock, mat jiwang, mat pop semua ada...hahaha!

Some of my friends yang menyumbangkan suara.

The original plan was to leave Sibu Island Resort at 2pm the next day, after prayer and lunch buffet but thinking of the long hours journey back to Cyberjaya, most of us proposed that 1 bus depart earlier, at 11am. After a voting session, it was agreed that the 1st bus depart at 11 am and the 2nd bus depart at 2pm.

Since I missed my babies soo much already and I don't want to reach home by 10pm, I opt for 11 am trip. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth sailing journey and I have safely arrived at E/// Cyberjaya office by 4pm before hubby came and pick me up.


Anonymous said...

rusa tu semua juinak meh? huhu best best. very nice place :)

Nadine said...


Oh yes, dah mmg dari kecik resort tu lepaskan, memang dah tak heran kan org. Akak je agak heran dgn diaorg. Wakakaka!