Thursday, May 23, 2013


Since my twinnies are fraternal twins, it's no surprise to us that with the similarities came different likings and behavior. Although both loves the same thing, they will somehow "take turn" in loving the particular thing. 

For example, both of them loves nursery rhyme and they will sing and dance whenever we put the clips on the tv/laptop/phone. However, just like the season, sometimes it's Faiqa who loves to sing any time, anywhere and sometimes, it's Falisya who loves to do that while Faiqa couldn't be bother at all! 

Nowadays, Falisya is more into dancing and singing while Faiqa, is sooo in love with her ABC book. She will bring the book everywhere, even on the bed with her. She can sit all alone, and reading the alphabets out loud while making the sound of the animals for each alphabet.

When with her book, she couldn't be bother by anything and that includes iPhone. 
Yay! She's no longer  obsess with it! :)

Once, she woke up at 2.30am in the morning, and was crying in the dark. I woke up and called her to come to my bed (my children sleep on a queen size mattress in our bedroom). She came, crawled on top of the bed and lay down in my arm, sandwiched between me and my husband. As I was trying to sleep again about 15 minutes later, I heard a sound, "Mmmmbekkkk!!". I was shocked and puzzled. I checked on her and noticed that she actually brought the ABC book with her to sleep and she was trying to read the book in the dark! :P I don't think she can see as it was almost pitch black in the room but knowing that young kids have good photographic memory, I guess she just simply read what she remembered. Haha, it was funny...tetiba anak dara I mengembek tengah malam, dalam gelap plak tu!! :))

The other day, while she did what she loves to do I managed to record Faiqa reading her favourite book. Listen carefully as she pronounced the work G and G stands for what....

I am not sure why, but the "mmmbekkkk" sound definitely obvious than the other animal's sound! Haha!

I wonder how she will react when she see the real goat, making the sound she loves so much. It will be fun, isn't it? ;)



rostina76 said...

salam kenal dr kros buat nadia & family….hehehe!!!so cute ur daughter. bagus betul dia menghafal smp termimpi2. inshaALLAH will be a very clever girl

Mama Haraz said...

Cute! :) The goat is definitely her favourite!

ishamizu said...

Hehe so cute! jelas dah eh derg sebut. Zafri masih pelat bby lg, hihi. hopefully soon jelas la..;)

| SUE | said...

comel sgt! mmmbeeeekkkk