Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preloved: Boy Tuxedo Set

School break is coming really soon, which means there will be a lot of wedding invitations, and some of us might have family members who actually are getting hitched. 

With the occasions coming soon, am sure we; the ladies especially has started choosing and shopping the outfits for these events. I still remember when we prepared for my SIL's wedding last two years ago. Not only I have to prepare my outfits for the mehndi nite, nikah ceremony and wedding reception, I was also having a headache preparing the outfits for my two favourite boys; my husband and my son.

The male dress code for Reen's wedding reception was full suit (tuxedo) and I've been looking high and low, for Faaz. There were only few options, and the prices were not that cheap. I tried looking for a pre-loved (since I know Faaz will rarely used it), but I couldn't find one. At last, I bought Faaz a tuxedo suit from Domii ( A bit expensive but worth the RM spent. Love the design, but most importantly the good quality material.

My Faaz, during the wedding reception :)

Now that Faaz is 4 years old, he can never wore the suit again or pass it to his younger siblings since they are both GIRLS! Hihi. It will be such a waste to let it just hanged inside the wardrobe so I decided to let it go with a cheap price.

The tuxedo suit package comes with:

1. White pleated long sleeve shirt + black long pants

2. A matching vest in black

3. A black blazer/coat

One suit complete suit :)

Price: RM150 (excluding postage)
*original price is RM389*
Size: 1-2 years

Brand: Domii

and owh, it comes with a suit bag as well!

Besides wearing it as a page boy or following the formal dress code, you can dress up your boy with semi-casual look to attend weddings; just like I did:

Wore the shirt and the vest with a pair of jeans and paired it up with a bow!
Chic and handsome, still! ;)


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Mama Haraz said...

I bought a few for Haraz also but since they grow so fast, I find myself having to buy new ones every few months. Sakit pocket haha

Nadine said...

Wow! you have few sets for Haraz?! Lucky boy indeed. Mesti mama dia suka dress up kan dia eh? :)

Albert Anderson said...

Love to wear Tuxedos suits in party, wedding and other occasion.