Friday, May 3, 2013

Razzif's Mehndi Night

Husband's cousin got married last two weeks. Prior to the wedding day, we attended the Mehndi Night. I've always looked forward to attend weddings from my FIL side because I got to learn new things on the Pakistani culture from Papa's side. One of the advantages of mixed marriage (kahwin campur) :)

Although I've attended few Mehndi Nights before (and that includes my SIL's Mehndi Night) but this one was much more interesting because the host made it really traditional with  the rituals that some of us, the new generation have never seen or known. 

Another thing that made look forward to attend such events is of course the dressing up part! Hehe...I was excited a bit because this was my first time dressing up my twinnies in churidar, salwar kameez and not forgotten those bling bling accessories! It's the same excitement when I first started dressed up my Faaz Naqi in Pakistani's official dress;  the Sherwani...two years ago :)

Faaz posed like a hindustani hero :)

The weekend before the event, we went for a short shopping trip to buy the clothes for twinnies and me. Hubby and Faaz already have their matching Kurta, bought by Papa at the holy land, Mecca during their pilgrimage trip last year. Since the girls are in the toddlerhood phase where their growing up rate is high, I didn't plan to spend much for their outfit. It would be a waste because before you knew it, they already outgrown :P So Mydin was the suitable place for me to find the girls' outfit. I was lucky, during that trip there's only two suits left for the twinnies size, and both of them are in different design (this was what i hope for...asik sama je). Quickly I grabbed 'em both and pay the amount at the counter. One only cost me! hihi :) As for me, I went to shop at my favourite Pakistani shop in KL that sells Pakistani cotton churidar dress. Simple, breathable material, affordable and less striking...(hihi I am addicted of too much bling bling :P)

My OOTD: Brown n blue! :)
It's kind of tricky to style the long and wide Duppata into shawl because the material is a bit slippery.

Since Falisya is a bit skinny compared to Faiqa, I chose her to wear the straight cut churidar dress while Faiqa donned the A-line cutting churidar :). The two outfits came with a dupatta each but I didn't bother to make the girls wear it, they are too small for that, nanti rimas! :P

The challenge of that night was to train Faiqa not to eat or took out her bangles. While Falisya happily wore hers that night, Faiqa seemed to be amazed by how many pieces she had to wear that she chose to take it out one by one and played with it. Penat akak duk kutip bangles tu that night ok...grrr (>.<). Dugaan betul! :P

While Faaz was comfortable in his cotton Kurta, his daddy was the other way round. He chose to wear a short sleeve shirt instead. In denial betul...hihihi :P However, it was hard to snap a photo of Faaz alone as he can't sit still at one place...moving here and there and run whenever I wanted to take a photo of him, then laugh cheekily when I made an annoying face :P

We were among the first to arrive and cousin Razzif was not even ready yet. Before the crowd got bigger, we took the chance to take few photos with the family members including the groom-to be :). Razzif is a year older than us and studied in the same university with us. The only difference is, he took Laws and we took Engineering course. Actually, I've known Razzif (by his name, not the person) since the matriculation years. At that time, chatting via the MIRC was popular, and we've chat through the IIU channel ONCE. It was a normal chat until I told him I took the engineering course in IIUM. He then told me that he has a cousin in Engineering course named Fadzil. The minute I read that name on the screen, I became panicked. Simply because I know I have a classmate named Fadzil whom I never spoke to before (whom is my hubby now :P). Feeling embarrassed, panicked and worried that Razzif will tell Fadzil about me, I quickly logged out and never chat with him again. LOL! I don't think Razzif even remembered this... :P

Cousins :)

Our "tak jadi" family photo as the kids won't co-operate much.
Kah Kah! :))

Since most of the adults were pretty much busy with the last minute preparation, I snapped few photos with the nieces and nephews while monitoring my children. I just love to see all of them all coordinated in red outfits. Apparently, they made a special performance for their Mamu (uncle) that night. :)

Here's me with Iman Husna (I love the name "Iman" btw.. :), 
the youngest daughter of Nazreen; Razzif's only sister.

Zaynah, Azranaz, (me) and Iman. I'm pretty sure in years to come I'll be the shortest among all...*sigh*

After Maghrib prayer, the guest were invited for the dinner outside Nazreen's beautiful house. At sharp 8.30pm, the Mehndi ceremony started with all the pupu (aunties) were called and gather at the hall. Since Papa is the only uncle in the family, Mama was the one who being called (usually, this ceremony is done by the ladies in the family). All of them seated down, circled a red piece of cloth. They were then seen making a "kolam" by using rice powder while reciting some words which I couldn't understand since it's in Urdu. According to papa, it's like a prayer, to wish for prosper, health, etc...etc... for the groom. I didn't took any photo during this ceremony because I only watched it live on the tv screen from our table as we were having our dinner outside. Hihi.

Nazreen, the host of the night

The "kolam"

As soon as it ended, the music came in. It was a performance by two people who played double-headed barrel-drum, somehow reminded me of Bhangra. It's kinda similar, isn't it?

And with that, came in the bridegroom-to-be, Razzif with his head covered with a red scarf, the same scarf worn by my SIL during her Mehndi night...turun temurun kain sari tu :)

Razzif was then asked to be seated in a designated chair, in front of that "kolam" and the Mehndi ceremony begun where all the relatives started from the eldest gave their blessings with putting the henna on the palm of the groom's hand. Usually, to make the ceremony for livelier, fun and a bit naughty, they will also placed the henna on the face and hair. Memang comotlah pengantin malam tu. Haha....wanna see how Razzif looks like in the end?



Skali seumur hidup, okla :))

By the way, if you are interested to know more about Pakistani's Mehndi Nite, you can read it here. :) 

After the Mehndi ceremony ended, the performances took places. Dances were performed by the professional dancers, the nephew & nieces, the cousins and friends. Meriah!

Falisya was a bit reserved that night, and clingy to either me or hubby. Unlike her, Faiqa didn't mind the presence of strangers but we can see that she was in muse most of the time, wondering what's happening. She didn't cry tho...It's cute to see her reaction. But it was hard to get her to smile that night. Even showing her image through the phone's front camera did not work...

Only Falisya responded well with that trick. Senyum simpul terus my Sonali that night. Heheh :D


Since we need to wake everybody early the next day to attend the Nikah Ceremony, we've decided to go back home early so that the kids have a good rest.  Before I went to bed, I checked my instagram and saw cousin Fouziah's photo. She went late apparently, tak sempat nak let the twins meet up with aunty Pooja. Maybe next time, perhaps on your wedding day? *wink* ;)

Anyway, we had a great time that night, mingle around the relatives we seldom meet, enjoying the food and the performances. Kudos to Nazreen for all the hard work to make her brother's event a memorable one. You definitely lucky to have such a sister, Razzif.

Till the wedding post in the next entry, bye from us! :)

P.s: Happy Voting Day to Malaysian on this coming 5th May! Jangan lupa vote tau! :)


Anonymous said...

kak! bestnya!! i always loves bollywood theme. hehe kalau dpt attend yg real punya sure excited habis hehe comellah twinnies. geram.

Airin Diana Anuar said...

you looked sooooo lovely!!
and the twins..cutenyeeee aishh!!
oh, not to forget, abang Faaz, u looked handsome. dah besar dah dia.

oh by the way, the not so family photo, really look sweet. sbb tak la nampak posed control. sumer natural gitu :)

Nadine said...


Ye ke. Ic...peminat bollywood la nie eh? hehehe :D

Nadine said...


Awwww, ur too kind! thanks dear for the compliment. Kitaorg biasa2 je, saja ikut tema, kenalkan anak2 dgn part of their root :)

Hehehe, natural kan? plg natural Faaz lah, mmg dia tak suka senyum dpn strangers! LOL!! :))

Mama Haraz said...


I love your outfit! Looks gorgeous!


Nadine said...

Hi dear,

aww thanks! murah je tau, tak sampai RM100 pun. hihi :)