Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spinach for Breakfast, Anyone?

Bread is one of the easiest and common simple menu for breakfast. Spread it with butter, kaya or jams and you can have a quick meal in less than 5 minutes. Besides that, bread is commonly used for sandwiches with various filling. Thinking about it alone made me hungry at the moment...*ups!* :D

If you loves bread as your breakfast, why not you try this simple but healthy menu. I came across this easy peasy recipe from one of my favourite cooking blog, Smitten Kitchen...

Spinach and Smashed Egg Toast

My version. Hihi.

All you have to do is toast you bread slices and then spread it with Dijon mustard. In a small pot, heat up water and boiled an egg until it's cooked (it's up to you whether you want it fully cooked or 3/4 cooked). In a small pan, heated up a bit of butter, and stir fry the shallots for few minutes before putting in the spinach that was boiled for 2 minutes, cream (yogurt + milk in my case) and season it with salt and pepper. When it's done, just spread the spinach on the toast, and crushed the boiled egg on top and garnish it with the salt, pepper and the cheese. Nyums!

You can view the complete recipe here. I made slight modification from the original recipe; instead of using heavy cream I used fresh plain yogurt + fresh milk and instead of using the feta cheese I used the only cheese I have in my fridge: shredded cheddar cheese :P You can customized it to suit your liking too, ladies ;) 

Alhamdulillah, my husband loves it! Extra spinach would be better tho (we ran out of spinach in the fridge at that time :P). I still remembered, whenever mak wanted to stress out the benefit of spinach to me and my siblings, she always gave Popeye The Sailorman character as the example..I think most parents in the 80's does that! Hehe...I tried the other day with Faaz and he was like, "Popeye, who??" Hahaha! Have to show him the cartoon one of these days :D

Speaking of spinach, let me share with you some interesting points about spinach which I read from an article recently:

1.    It’s wiser to choose tender baby spinach leaves. The larger the leaves, the more mature they are and more likely to be tough or stringy. Also, spinach leaves that are placed under direct light in the stores have been found to contain more nutrients than those stored in darkness.

2.    Cooking spinach actually increases its health benefits! Just half a cup of cooked spinach will give you thrice as much nutrition as one cup of raw spinach. That’s because the body cannot completely break down the nutrients in raw spinach for its use.

3.    As an exception to the advice above, research studies show that taking spinach in juice form is actually the healthiest way to consume it. Blend spinach with other vegetables or fruits to create a delicious glass of juice, or try a green smoothie.

4.    There’s a compound in spinach called oxalic acid, which blocks the absorption of calcium and iron. An easy way to solve this problem is to pair spinach with a food high in vitamin C. Mandarin oranges and cantaloupes spring to mind here. Another way to reduce the power of oxalic acid is to boil the spinach leaves for at least two minutes.

5.   Freezing spinach diminishes its health benefits. The way to get the best from the leaf is to buy it fresh and eat it the same day.

6.  Do place spinach on your ‘organic shopping’ list, because the leaf tends to be sprayed heavily with pesticides that don't come off with normal washing.

7.    Everyone talks about the benefits of spinach in nourishing the eyes and building bones. What few know is that it also very good for digestion. Spinach eases constipation and protects the mucus lining of the stomach, so that you stay free of ulcers.  It also flushes out toxins from the colon.

8.  Another lesser known benefit of spinach is its role in skin care. The bounty of vitamins and minerals in spinach can bring you quick relief from dry, itchy skin and lavish you with a radiant complexion. Regular consumption of fresh, organic spinach juice has been shown to improve skin health dramatically.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/8-surprising-health-facts-about-spinach.html#ixzz2TuTF2sIY



ishamizu said...

Wah, looks delish! Never browse Smitten Kitchen before but i will soon. Hehe thanks for sharing the info of Spinach too dear! Izu skrg vegie mmg mkn spinach sbb i'm lack of iron huhu..

Aleyn said...

Looks tasty...can't wait to try