Monday, May 20, 2013

The Day I Had My 1st Migraine

For the first time in my life, I experienced migraine last Saturday. I experience headaches on and off, especially when I had late meals or skipped it; all thanks to my gastric :P Usually, it will go off once the winds in my body went off (either from vomiting or through massages). But this headache I had that day was really painful until I almost felt like banging my head on the walls T_T.

It started during the noon, slowly the pain became intense. Even the panadol did not do the wonders like it always does. It was then I knew that this was not a normal headache. I am pretty sure the intense heat these days that causing the migraine. On that day itself, I shower thrice, ate ice-cream twice and countless ice-water. It was HOT and sunny day and my current house doesn't have an aircond! *cries*

I felt bad that I wasn't well on a non-working day that my family had to cancel our weekend outing just because of me. So when the children hang out with their daddy outside the house, I tried my best to sit near the door... it's the least I can do to spend time with my loved ones. It was difficult, even to smile because each time the kids shouts, I felt like my head was exploding...huhu. Tapi ku tabahkan  hati, and smile each time they called out my name.. 

Hubby finally made me smiled when he tried to play "tarik upih" with Falisya. It was spontaneous, he was trimming the trees around our compound and since Falisya was near to him, she became his "victim" :P

Falisya in action.
Look at her reaction. LOL! :))

After the ride: "Kuuuuuus, semangat!"
hehehe :))

But when asked afterwards, malu-malu kucing...
she wants another trip! haha!

Faaz too, tried to make me smile and relax. He tried hard to jump, imitating the type of jump I usually do outdoor. Hehe, wished I can joined you, son. Unfortunately no :(

I only lasted there for 20 minutes before I had to went inside and lay down for a while. Suddenly, Faaz came back to me and told me that he's hungry. I looked at the clock, and it was 4.30pm, it's tea time indeed. I can't do much due to my condition, but I hate to turn down request from my children especially...

Alhamdulillah, when I asked him what he wants to eat, Faaz told me that he wants something easy to prepare; bread and jam for snack. I remembered that we have a sandwich moulder so I told Faaz, let's make some teddy sandwiches. Faaz was excited, quickly he went to the sink to wash his hand. I let him to do it on his own, while I supervised him:

I love to see those tiny fingers working. Cute!

Sandwich the way Faaz Naqi likes :)
I added some jams to highlight the eyes and the smile :)

As for the rest of us, I made some toast sandwiches with peanut butter and nutella fillings. The twins loves something crunchy, they will only eat toasted bread rather than normal bread...pelik, tapi mommy layankan aje :D

Jadilah...dari takde pape...

As soon as I finished my half-piece of sandwich, I cannot tahan anymore. Went upstairs to pray, took another set of panadol before doze off until late evening...All that I know, migraine SUCKS! :(

P/s: What is the best remedy for migraine, ya? Panadol seems not working. Ponstan perhaps?



Ninie Hanis said...

Hi kak Nadia,feels good to be back here.Haha..alhamdulillah dapat jugak comment.taktau pesal.haish..sorry ye to bother you.

Teruk eh migrain tu?I think you need to work on your eating habits kot kak nadia. Never skip breakfast,lunch,dinner. At least you munch something if you really2 busy.Take a good care of yourself ya!

Btw, Abam Faaz is a good boy.Very helpful time mommy sakit.And twinnies are cute as usual..patut tarik tiga2 skali tengok daddy larat tak? :)

Nadine said...

Hi Ninie,

Yay!! Finally. Sorry ya, it's somethin gottado with NuffnangX coding. I am not sure what I did wrong but no worries I dah delete terus. lagi senang. Heee

First time kena, rasa terukla jugak :( Actually I think the heat these days yg jadi culprit because last week mmg akak makan on time (i even had snacks jars on my table in the office utk munching2). serious skang Malaysia sgt2 panas Ninie!

Hihihi, Faaz mmg overprotective sket. Kalau dgr mommy tak sihat dia dulu risau, daddy dia rileks jer :P

ishamizu said...

Ala cutenya Falisya! Nak tapi Malu yer? Hihi..aww, so sweet la Faaz tak nak susahkan mommy, good boy! and sandwich moulder tu so cute la! ;)

Ooh kesian Nadia..hope you're fine by now. Tp mmg klu panas boleh sakit kepala tau even kt sini pon izu xtahan..apatah lg panas kt Msia. Take care k. :)

faisyura said...

alahaii siannye nadia kene migraine.. kdg2 zura pon kene gak.. bile dh kene tu, mmg tade ape bleh buat.. mandi, makan panadol and tido dlm ekon.. centu baru ilang.. hope migraine nadia dh ok skg..

btw, hehe bestnye umah nadia ade laman.. seronok tgk diorg main centu.. hahah teringat zaman kite kecik2 pon sllu main centu kt kg.. hahahah..

Nadine said...


Hehehe, dah seronok la tu tp stil takut2. dia mmg penakut compare to Faiqa :D

Sandwich moulder tu dpt free masa beli jam. berguna jugak..ehehe.

alhamdulillah, sehari tu je nadia kena attack. mmgla izu, skang malaysia panas bangat!

Nadine said...


Tula, nadia dh sampai 3x mandi n dua kali telan panadol. rumah nadia tu takde aircond sbb mmg sewakan je kan. kalau duduk sendiri mmg dh bubuh aircond. ni sbb duk sementara nak tunggu rumah subang siap, terpaksa la tahan. :(
alhamdulillah, dah ok. satu hari je kena. nasib baik..

hehe, kalau zura perasan rumput dh tinggi dah :P tak dan nak trim. bila free xde plak gardener lalu. bila tak free tu la diaorg asik ting tong loceng rumah tanya nak potong rumput ke tak :D
mmg best ada kwsn ni. kat blakang tu dh mcm2 sayur kitaorg tanam walau duduk few months je. ada cili, terung, peria dn lain2. untungla tenant lepas nie :D