Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Perfect Pattaya Fried Rice

The first time I tried to make Pattaya Fried Rice was few weeks after I was married to my husband. It didn't turned out the way it was supposed to; the omelet that wrapped the rice was "torn". Although my husband told me that my fried rice tasted good despite the looks, I was really frustrated. I told myself, I will never cook Pattaya Fried Rice again...

until last Sunday.

I asked my husband what shall I cook for our lunch that day since we have no plan to go out and he asked for Pattaya Fried Rice. The first thing I did was to check out the ingredients in the fridge. Some were available, some were not. It was not the real problem, we can always substitute the ingredients with one another for fried rice, that's how special a fried rice is, isn't it? :)

My main concern was on how to make a perfect egg wrap for my rice. Thanks to the technology (smartphones to be exact), information is now at the tip of your fingers! :P Quickly I went to youtube and search for Pattaya Fried Rice. Not for the recipe, but the method. I want to see how the pro's did it; there must be something wrong with my techniques last time! The first video that came out from my search list was this video:

True enough, there were some techniques that I missed last time but now I know lah!Hihi!  ;)

What went wrong last time?

I wanted to adjust the omelette to ensure that it will not stick to the pan and easy for me to wrap the fried rice later on. When I used my wok spatula to do that, I ended up tearing my omelette instead

The tricks that I learned from the clip:

1. Ensure the wok is really hot and properly greased with oil. 
2. Take out the excessive oil out of the pan
3. When you want to adjust the omelette, dip the wok spatula into oil before flipping it!

Oh!! one more thing, nearly 6 years ago, I did not know that we have to mould the fried rice into a bowl prior to putting it at the centre of the omelette. I simply scoop it using the spatula from the bowl! LOL! :)) I know lah! :P

p.s: I don't have frozen mix vege so I substitute it with kailan instead for my fried rice. 

Finally, my first attempt of cooking the Pattaya Fried Rice after nearly 6 years was a total success!! Yippie! Hehehe :)



Shah Sulong said...

kelakar je Nadia ni.. shidah main campak2 je kalu nak masak.. but then i cook for myself and rarely for others.

ok, pasni mesti ikut petua yg Nadia share ni.. sebab kalau ikut cara shidah, goreng je nasi tu pastu telur scrambled kan je. tak payah wrap wrap ni semua, ki ki ki

maleen said...

Thanks nadia this looks interesting! I guess it's the same technique bila masak telur bungkus. I pun scoop daging tu so looks like kena make it into a mould also :))

rostina76 said...


Nadine said...


Hehehe :D

mmg, kalau masak sendirian berhad nadia pun campak ape yg rasa nak campak. sometimes, that's the best! untuk en. suami kenala buat betul2 sket. ehehe..

great! sila try terbalikkan kuali ye. ehehehehe :D

Nadine said...


my pleasure! sharing is caring.

hihi part moulding tu mmg lawak. tak terfikir plak slama ni. ingat pakai senduk je nasi :P

yeah, i guess its the same thing with telur bungkus. takpun, cuba cari kat youtube kot ada kan :)

Nadine said...

kak ros,

thanks dear, *hug ketat ketat* :)

Ninie Hanis said...

Kak Nadia,lagi satu..I baru tau telur tu kena curah sikit-sikit bukan sekali harung.oooo camtu..kekeke..tq for sharing!

p/s your nasi goreng pattaya mmg looks mabeles. :)

ishamizu said...

Hehe mcm tu rupanya..patutla sblom ni buat tak jadi jgk. Sama mcm Nadia lps tu mmg izu tak buat2 lg dah nasi pattaya..;D

simplyasweettale said...

haa now i know too hehe thanks for sharing kak :)

faisyura said...

whoaaa.. terernyeee!!! tapi kan.. tsk tsk +_+ bile tgk video tu still nmpk susah.. hahaah nmpk sgt tak reti masaknye.. takot betul tgk kuali tu mcm panas sgt jeer.. tp since hubby n boys mmg suke nasi pataya.. maka satu hari harus cubaaa.. hope comel la mcm org tu ajar.. hahaha