Monday, June 17, 2013

A Visit to KL Tower: The Blue Coral Aquarium

We went to KL Tower on the last day of school holiday, to redeem the Groupon voucher we had for the Blue Coral Aquarium + Animal Zone. It also as part of "making up" session with Faaz for not able to bring him to visit the the crocodile farm before :)

We arrived at KL Tower at 11.30am and usually it will be sunny and scorching hot at that hour...but it was gloomy that day. Lucky us I guess..hihi :)

At the carpark, with the excited Faaz Naqi :)

Blue Coral Aquarium is not as big as Aquaria (obviously), but it has a variety of coral fishes and other sea creatures with the concept of Aqua Tropical Rainforest Aquarium. Let me briefly show you some of the attractions here: 

The sea coral welcoming us upon entering the area.

Some of the colorful coral fishes swimming inside the aquarium

Beautiful, isn't it? :)

Eel! :)

The jellyfish.."dancing" gracefully... 

They even have baby sharks!

and a whole lot more to see!

Fishes are among the animals that never failed to fascinate children and gladly I saw that during our trip. Faaz was smiling happily when I asked him to pose with the fishes, and my girls too; cheerful and mesmerized with the movement, colors and uniqueness of those coral fishes!

Sweet smile :)

Excited! haha!


Among the last aquarium displayed was the ones containing starfishes. Faaz, Faiqa and Falisya were all fascinated on how one of it stay stick on the aquarium (actually me too! haha!). At one point, Faiqa even tried to lick the starfish by licking the aquarium's glass. Haduilah anak!! (>.<)

"Look, mommy!"

inquisitive! ;)

We had fun! :)

We spent about 20-25 minutes inside before visiting the souvenir shop. Bought some magnets before we realized that we lost the stickers for entering the Animal Zone. Too bad! :( We went back in to find the stickers but there was no trace at all. Somebody must have taken it while we were busy taking photos. I guess it was not our rezk that day..

Besides the Blue Coral Aquarium and the Animal Zone, there's a Pony Ride area for the children to have a ride with the pony while touring the KL tower area. Not just these three, there are more attractions at the KL Tower besides the tower itself! Will tell you more in the next entry. Stay tune! ;)



ishamizu said...

Menariknya! Macam2 ada rupanya kt KL Tower area tu..sesuai sgt bawak kids kan. :)

Ps. Byk miss entry Nadia ni, huhu

Nadine said...

Yes izu, at first I thot they only have the tower up here in Bukit Nenas. Macam-maacam ada! hihi :)

issokay izu, nadia pun sometimes missed here n there ;)

diyana.didie said...

pony wee!!! tapi Maryam boleh naik ke??