Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Visit to KL Tower: The Observation Deck & Malaysia Cultural Village

After visiting the Blue Coral Aquarium, we went up one floor to the ground level of KL Tower. While looking around, hubby asked me if I am interested to go up to the observation deck of KL Tower. Of course I said YES! hihi... dah alang-alang sampai sini ye tak? :)

KL Tower here I come!!
(O.M.G, tembamnya!:P)

First, we went to the ticket counter to purchase our tickets (RM29 each for adult, and FREE for children below 4 years old). We then proceed to  the entrance and after 10 minutes queueing, it was our turn to go inside the lift that took us up to the observation deck - at 276m a.g.l in just 54 seconds!

We have arrived! :)

The view of KL city from the observation deck is 360 degree, and to see with my own eyes the beautiful view of KL city was awesome...subhanallah! :)

The view at Ampang - Tun Razak area :)

A little bit of KL tower:

KL tower is a 421m communication tower and the roof of the pod is at 335m. It was built in 1995 and the official opening was on 1st October 1996. To date, KL Tower has become the 7th tallest tower in the world after Tokyo Skytree, Canton Tower, CN Tower, Ostankino Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower and Milad Tower. 

Among the three of our children, Faaz was the one who really enjoyed the view from the tower. Twinnies were too small to appreciate the view, but they appreciated the space to walk and run very much! haha..

"wow, the cars look so small mommy, like toys!"

Inquisitive and chatty! 

Hubby was locating his school using the binocular.

zoomed in...here it is! 

Me and sleepy miss Falisya with Petronas Twin Tower as the background

After making one big turn at the observation deck, we stopped by the souvenir shops there and did some shopping prior getting back down to the ground floor. I wanted to buy the magnet of KL tower replica at first, but when hubby bought vintage clock necklaces for me, I got all excited and totally forgot about the magnet. Skali dah turun dari tower baru teringat, pastu menyesal...sket je la tapi :P The only souvenir on KL Tower that we had was our KL Tower water bottle. We bought it when we bought our ticket at the admission counter, simply because the shape is cute! a mini tower... :)

We decided to visit the Malaysia Cultural Village in front of the tower as our last destination here. Admission is Free, in case you are wondering...

The Malaysia Cultural Village is separated from the KL Tower entrance via a  wide hanging bridge. It was funny to see how my girls were so careful with their steps as we walked towards the cultural village. Gayat ke dik? :D

In the cultural village, the replica traditional houses from each of the states in Malaysia are displayed. The houses are beautiful in its own way and they are cute, sizewise! hihi. Being the uptown kids, Faaz, Faiqa and Falisya got excited as they climbed up the stairs, opening the windows and checking out the hall area. at last...they get to experience the "rumah kampung" for the first time. Hihi..

It was 2.30pm when we left, and we had our late lunch at KLCC. We thought as soon as their stomachs full, all of them became tired and would fall asleep. We were wrong. As soon as they had their meals, all three of them were recharged! :P Terpaksalah bawak diaorang pegi Toy's R Us before we went back home.

It was a fun outing at KL Tower, definitely we had a good time. Thanks to hubs for bringing us up on the tower...FINALLY! (p.s: I've been wanting to go to KL Tower since we were dating ok!! Haha!). 

Sayang, Atmosphere 360 next eh? *wink*

Hihihi :)



ishamizu said...

KL Tower deck tu bukan tempat annual dinner Uia engin penah buat ke Nadine? Ke lain? I forgot already..tp klu nmpk Kl Tower tu mmg terus tingat pegi annual dinner tu heheh..

Nway Cultural Village tu mcm best. Klu ada masa and rezeki nti nak visit la hihi.

Nadine said...


Oh annual dinner masa senior kita final year tu ye? Nadia tak pegi yg tu. btw, observation deck ni strickly for observation purposes. yg korang makan2 tu dkt atmosphere 365 restaurant rasanya. itu one floor up and naik sana using different lift :)

Eta said...

bestnye pegi kl tower. last eta pegi 10 tahun lepas. x byk activiti lagi time tu. ni tgk review akk boleh la pegi lagi. hehe

Nadine said...


Pergi jgn tak pergi ;)
Tapi pergi lepas jerebu selesai kot, now pegi tak nmpk pape sangat rasanya. nasib time I pegi blum jerebu :)

diyana.didie said...

weeee menarik rupanya KL Tower skrg. and we r going next week!! yey!

faisyura said...

eh eh byk pulak mende best kat sini kan.. tatau pulak.. bleh la bwk boys dtg sini.. tgk cm seronok jeeee nadia with fmly kat sini.. ;)

last pegi dulu pun mase annual dinner uia.. dh berkurun tak jejak kaki kat situ..