Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cousin Razzif's Wedding Reception

** This is a backdated post, a continuation from cousin Razzif's mehndi nite here.**

A week after the mehndi night and the solemnisation ceremony, we attended cousin Razzif's wedding reception. It was held at Dewan Sri Endon, Putrajaya. Since Putrajaya and Putra Heights are not that far distance wise; we went there after Maghrib prayer. The crowd was still small when we arrived so after getting our seat, we mingled around with the relatives from papa's side. 

The wedding dais in white and red..

The wedding theme was red and most of the guest wear something red. I even dressed up my twins in red dresses (it looked a bit pinkish under the yellow lights) from Party Princess and accessories from Shopping Chiccas.

Faiqa Nayra


Falisya Nayla


This time I decided to dress up my boy with vest and bow instead of full tuxedo suit since the daddy also refused to wear one :P

innocent je nampak..hehe

As for myself, I wore the last Jovian's RTW in my collection that I haven't wear yet.  Decided to be out of the tone again this time, and as usual dusty pink was my pick! :)

Matched it with beaded chiffon scarf from Gulatis and C&K clutch

The clutch was a birthday present and it has been one of my favourite. Because of the valvet (baldu) material, it became my Falisya's favourite too. She hugged the clutch most of the time during the reception, as if she was hugging a soft toy! hehe..

Macamlah ada juta2 RM dalam clutch tu anakku. LOL! :P

While waiting for the event to start, we were provided with some snacks. Since its a bollywood theme wedding, murukku and peanuts were served, and those are twinnies favourite snack. They enjoyed it to the bits!

My gals, busy munching..

The wedding started at almost 9pm with doa recitation before the big dinner (makan beradab started). The performances took place as soon as we begun to eat. A bollywood theme wedding wouldn't complete without singing and dancing ;) 

the groom and the bride in off-white and red. gorgeous!

Part of the performances..

Husband and I... :)

After the dinner, the wedding continued with speeches, from the hosts (Razzif's sister on behalf of the parents) and from the groom himself, followed by a special video for Razzif's parents anniversary and the cake cutting ceremony.

The wedding ended at about 11pm, and while waiting for the long queue to adjourn out of the hall, we took the chance to snap some photos (dah nama pun perempuan kan :P)

Me, my MIL, my SIL and her MIL 
all in RED attire except me :P

Me and cousin Zahirah. Love her dress! :)

With my 6 months old preggy SIL. 
Another nephew popping out soon!! :D

With husband's eldest niece, Tasya :)

Although it was almost midnight, the queue was still a long way to go so we decided to skip the queue and went back home after saying goodbye to the newlyweds; without any photos taken with them. The kids were too tired and sleepy and they became cranky! >.<

It was nice to gather with the relatives from my FIL side, and we enjoyed the wedding. To Razzif and Min, heartiest congratulations! Cepat-cepat dapat baby, plis! Hehehe :D 

Can't wait to get together with this big clan again, this coming September. This time it would be a grand wedding since the cousin is someone famous! hihi..



ishamizu said...

Wow meriahnya..! Suka kaler merah..semua org nmpk so elegant with their red dresses! Plg love Baju twinnies and Baju Nadia..sgt cantikkkk and you look gojess dear! ;)

and spt biasa, cair tgk Faaz senyum tu...handsome ah. hihihi..

Nadine said...


ala izu ni sgt sweet, slalu je puji tau. tq dear for your compliments *hugs ketat ketat*