Saturday, June 8, 2013

JB - S'pore Trip Day # 1: Mutiara Hotel

The Friday morning prior to our trip, I woke up extra early to cook some meals for our lunch (since the initial plan has changed because of the passport collection issue. You can read about it here).

I cooked Bukhari Rice and Kashmir Chicken, with a hope of filling up our stomachs for a long journey to Johor Baharu hence minimizing the time taken at the pit stops at the R&Rs.

Alhamdulillah, lunch was ready by 11 am and we had our lunch at 12pm before getting the children and our bags ready while my husband went to the mosque for Friday prayer. As soon as Fadzil came back home and changed, we made a move from our house to Kelana Jaya to pick up our passport before heads on to the North-South Highway towards Johor Baharu. We were supposed to meet my mom and my big family at the hotel and since they started their journey from Batu Pahat (and earlier than us :P), they had arrived while we were still have a 200km away ahead us.

My sister mms me this pic during our journey and I think its cute!
Can't wait to meet them all!

Alhamdulillah, traffic was pretty smooth although it was a bit slow between Nilai to Melaka due to a large number of cars on the road. It did rain in between the journey and we stopped at Pagoh R&R for prayer, changing the twins' diapers and prepared their milk.

My dedicated driver at work..hihi

We managed to arrive at the hotel at about 8pm. After checking in and loading our luggages, we quickly pray before meeting up with the rest of the family members next door. Twinnies slept most of the time during our road trip so as soon as we arrived, they were active running here and there and jumping on the bed. But as soon Falisya saw a pen and a notepad on the table, this was what she did...

Lately, this little girl is really into drawing and sketching. Khusyuk kalau dapat pen + paper! Faiqa kacau pun dia buat dekkk je :))

We choose to stay at Mutiara Hotel, Johor Baharu simply because; firstly it's the only hotel which provide double queen beds in a room (which is a crucial criteria to allocate us comfortably). Secondly, the hotel is just 15 minutes away from Woodland checkpoint which make it easy to enter Singapore and thirdly, Parkson Grand is just beside the hotel with easy access for shopping and fastfood outlets (such ast McD or KFC)...

Here's a sneak peak of our room...

The mini bar and the mini study/office area

The double bed

and the bathroom...

The sinki

The bathtub

The toiletries

While looking at them, I noticed one unique thing; a box of detergent! This was the first hotel I stayed that care to provide the guest with detergent. Macam tau-tau je I had to wash Faaz Naqi's shirt (he vomited halfway the journey) :P. TQ Mutiara Hotel! :)



ishamizu said...

Sedapnya nampak nasi bukhari tu..Nti share resepi eh dear! hihi

By the way, besar juga bilik hotel tu. and so thoughtful of them sediakan detergent sekali. Kadang-kadang mmg diperlukan. :)

Nadine said...


Hihihi, nak cpt punye pasal nadia pakai rempah instant je. save time sbb nak travel that afternoon. :D

alhamdulillah, bilik dia selesa. sesuai kalau nak pegi beramai2 atau family besar :)