Wednesday, June 12, 2013

JB - S'pore Trip Day #2: Roadtrip to Singapore

Day two in JB was the day we were waiting for; the convoy to my second cousin's wedding in Ubi Evenue, Singapore. This was our first time entering Singapore by car so we were pretty excited. 

The original plan was to gather at the parking lot near Sultanah Aminah Hospital at 10.30am where we will be meeting my uncle Ahmad from JB and the relatives from Kluang (in total there will be 6 cars for this convoy). We'll then convoyed to the wedding reception. Me and Fadzil then planned to bring the children for sight-seeing at Marina Bay, Arab Street and Geylang (since it's near to Ubi Eve.). However, because of my cousin's late (very late that we've waited for her almost 2 hours although her hotel was just 15 mins away from us! grrr!) arrival all the plans changed :(

We finally gathered with the rest of the relatives at 12pm. After filling up the embarkation/disembarkation card (or also known as the immigration white card) for each of us, we've made a move to Woodlands checkpoint. The embarkation form can be obtained from the immigration office/checkpoint counter. As for us, since uncle Ahmad is always moving in/out of Singapore, he has taken the form for us. Lebih jimat masa, nanti dekat checkpoint cuma hulur passport + embarkation form ni...tak perlu terkial2 nak isi form. Oh ya, for your children's embarkation card, you need to fill in their Mykid registration number so don't forget to bring it along ya!

Hubby filling up the form. 

The embarkation card

Since it was a Saturday (weekend) and it was already noon, there were an overwhelming number of vehicles queueing at Woodlands checkpoint. After waiting for almost an hour and yet we didn't move much, uncle Ahmad as the head of our convoy decided that we detour to Tuas Checkpoint (Malaysia-Singapore second link) instead. Although it was quite a distance from Woodlands checkpoint, it was a better option since the number of cars were less compared to Woodlands. In the middle of journey to Tuas, we passed by Nusajaya where we got a glimpsed of Legoland on our left. Quite a big theme park it is, very colorful too!

We reached Tuas checkpoint at about 2pm. There was still a queue ahead of us, but they were moving, quite fast compared to Woodlands.

The queue ahead of us...

As we enter the immigration checkpoint  complex (Malaysia side), there were counters (toll-like) lined in front of us. All you need to do is to hands-in the passport for checking purposes. If no issue, you can head straight to the Singapore Immigration checkpoint next...

Malaysia immigration checkpoint

Towards the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint. 
Bye-bye, Malaysia! :D

At the checkpoint counter each car need to stop, the driver needs to lower down the window and give the passports + the embarkation cards to the immigration officer. He/she will then inspect them and process the application. Part of the inspection includes to recognise the face of each passport holder. As expected, the officer were confused between my girls. Kata twins kan. Haha! :P

After getting the greenlight to enter Singapore, we were told by our uncle to stop and parked our car. We need to purchase the Autopass card. It's like a Touch N' Go card in Malaysia. The autopass card cost you SGD10 (SGD 6 for the card, and SGD4 as the changed). You need to top up the autopass value at the designated counters or 7Eleven. For more info on the Autopass card, and the reload centers, you can read it here. Only the driver needs to queue for the autopass, and the documents needed for the application are a valid driving license, and the vehicle registration card.

This is how the autopass looks like..

Lucky that it's a norm for me to bring along a big bag of foodstuff/drinks each time we go for a road trip. It was almost 2.30pm and my children were getting hungry while waiting. The snacks were the saviour to keep their stomach full while keeping them calm..phewwww! :D

This was taken while my children waiting for their daddy near the autopass counter. Falisya was busy munching her biscuits, Faaz were looking for his daddy and Faiqa was checking Faaz's snack. Hehehe :D

After getting our autopass, we need to undergo another checkpoint, the custom checkpoint. Here, only the driver required to go out of the car and opened the car's trunk (boot) for checking purposes. We were then free to enter Singapore, alhamdulillah.. :)

We've then convoyed to Ubi Evenue 1 and at about 3.45pm we arrived at the destination. We were pretty hungry, so as soon as we met and greeted the host and the rest of the relatives from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei who were there earlier than us, we proceed to have our late lunch. 

Some of the views of Singapore during our journey...

This was my first time attending a Malay Singaporean wedding and with the similarities, there were slight differences from our weddings. In terms of fashion, most of them who came to this wedding wearing either a dress/modern jubah or abayas. Even the bride's little sister was wearing a modern jubah cum dress that day. Only us, the Malaysians and Bruneians who wears kurungs and peplums. Hihi :). In terms of food, although they too served us the Nasi Minyak with other dishes (or lauk), Bihun Singapore is also a must! :) and the drinks...Oh my, they have a buffet of drinks, with 7 or 8 colorful drinks to choose from. Juices, Milo ice, Sirap Bandung, ABC, Cincau,Calamansi were some of the drinks that I could remember. Rambang mata! Hihi! They also have a wide variety of desserts and fruits to choose from and that also include a stall that served fresh deep fried sweet potatoes!

Part of the wedding decos

As we were enjoying meals, the newlyweds came in with an old-school vespa at the red carpet before marching in to their dais. Cousin Izzah looks lovely in her grayish gown :) This was their second outfit changes of the day and we missed out the first one because of our late arrival :P

Mia familia :)

The arrival of the newlyweds :)

Soon, it was time for the photo session, and came from a big family it was not easy to gather everybody from Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei in at one time. Here's a snaphot of us, trying to adjust ourselves for the photo session. Nasib tak runtuh pelamin sebab ramai sangat. Hahaha!

And here's are my grandpas and grandmas (my grandmother's cousins) from Brunei. For those who are wondering, my Tok Mak keturunan Bugis dari Brunei :)

We've made a move as soon as the wedding ended at 7pm. We went back to Malaysia via the same route, the Tuas Checkpoint and we've reached JB town by 8pm. 

The procedure to go out of the Singapore is almost the same as entering Singapore but instead of purchasing the Autopass, now we have to reload the autopass (the fees to go out from Singapore was SGD6.80 if I am not mistaken).  There's a counter to reload the Autopass just before entering the Tuas checkpoint on the left,  so you won't missed it if you follow the signboard carefully. As we entered the immigration checkpoint, we have to get our passport stamped, and the autopass slotted in the machine for fees deduction and verification. (Note: Any value left in the autopass will be valid for 5 years for the same car-since it was registered with that car. The next time you enter Singapore in this 5 years, you need not to purchase a new Autopass!). Don't forget to request for the Embarkation Cards from the officer, you can keep it, and it will be useful for your next visit to Singapore :) . Next, we headed to the custom checkpoint for boot-checking before proceeding to Malaysia Immigration checkpoint to get our passport stamped again. Then you have to get ready with a Touch N'Go card because we need to pay the toll and exit the checkpoint end. :)

Alhamdulillah, our journey to/from Singapore was smooth, all thanks to  Nurul Harnani for her tips to enter/go out of Singapore in her blogposts and of course to our uncle Ahmad for providing us the documents, and helps us with the procedures in Singapore. Jasamu dikenang :)

Hope to come again to Singapore, this time for a holiday insyaAllah...


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