Thursday, June 13, 2013

JB - S'pore Trip Day #3: Check-out & JJCM

Day 3 was our last day staying in JB Town. That morning, prior to check-out we spent the whole morning entertaining our children with their favourite activity; swimming. In Mutiara Hotel, their children's swimming pool is too small, it's almost the same size as the usual inflatable children's pool. Because of this reason, most of the patrons let their children swam in the adult's pool, with their supervision of course.

Lucky we brought along their floats so happily my children floating and swimming in the adult's pool. Faaz Naqi was a bit scared at first (but not the twins!), but after few minutes he already have the confidence to swim here and there with his float. I just love how he swam...I wished he will be able to swim properly without a float, soon. Ikut daddy pandai swim ye, jangan ikut mommy, plis! :P

As expected it was a bit tricky to let them out of the pool. It need patience and a lil bit of entice or alluring. Hihi. Finally, we managed to check out by 1pm. While waiting for my husband to bring some of our luggages to the car, I entertained my girls. Lately, they developed a new passion; the love of mirrors (ikut sape tu?? :P). It was funny to see their first reaction with a long mirror on the first night stayed  at the hotel (we don't have one in our PH house).

And here are some photos of them, posing and talking in front of the mirror...hihi cute! :)

Ececeh... :P

Since it's already lunch time, we decided to have our last JJCM at JB for this trip. We went to Danga Bay, which was only 20 minutes away from the hotel. I was told that Danga Bay is more livelier at night, compared to day time...issokaylah, next time perhaps :)

Half of the signboard..hihi :D

The funfair

The beach...

The restaurant that we chose to have our lunch was the famous Restoran Singgah Selalu and it is situated across the Danga Bay (on the other side of the road).

Alhamdulillah, sampai jugak sini :)

There are varieties of dishes in their menu and besides the restaurant, they also have stalls that sells snacks and desserts. Among them includes waffles stall, takoyaki stall and ice-cream (snogurt) stall. Meriah!

They also have their own mini mart there..

and one of the unique item selling there is this..
Johorean memang synonym with sambal kicap! Hihi.

They have a special glass cubicle for the cashier. 
Macam bayar parking/toll :P

Since we had seafood for two straight days, we decided to order different menu that day. We had...

Sizzling beancurd

Lemon Chicken

Stir Fry Kailan with Salted Fish

All of 'em were equally good! Nyums! Oh ya, among the signature dish in this restaurant is deer (rusa) meat. But we are not fans of exotic dishes (thankfully...deer are cute, kot :D). Anyway, it was just us three enjoying the food there. Both of my girls slept like nobody business, they were too tired of swimming! hihi. Mommy tapau takoyaki in case they got hungry later on..

We made a move after filling up our stomach. It was a bright and sunny day. Too hot I must say. We made a pit stop at Pagoh's R&R later on when twinnies woke up, for prayer, changing their diapers and let them have their late lunch. I also let the children have some ice-cream before we continue our journey...kasi chance comot skali-skala, yang penting all of u enjoyed it ;)

Om nom nyums nyums!

The journey to KL continued back after the half-an-hour break. With my calculation, by right we should arrive back home in another 3 hours time. Less that I knew that my darling husband has a plan on his own :)

To be continued...

Note: Fo full post of our JB-Singapore Trip, refer here:



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