Friday, June 7, 2013

Passport Oh Passport!

We've been invited to attend my second cousin's wedding in Singapore during this school holiday. Prior to that, we had to renew my passport and apply new passports for my children. 

What we knew, it only took 1 hour to process passport application. What we didn't knew, the immigration has changed the processes, the passport has a new look and it will take 3 working days for the process the passport!! 

The whole process became such a hassle because of:

- the school holiday kick-in from 24th May onwards; high traffic, longer queue, :(
- the new system/process took longer time to process :(
- the new computer system is not stable; system always down :(

The first time we went to do the passports was on Saturday, 25th May. FYI, there are immigration counters operating on Saturdays and Sundays. You can check the list from here. We went to Kelana Jaya branch since it's near to Subang Jaya. Since it is compulsory to bring the children for passport application, we get the kids to be ready as early as 7.30am. However, when we arrived at the location, we've been told that this branch was closed due to Wesak Day which fell on the day before (24th May). I just don't get it, this branch was supposed to operate on weekends, and the public holiday was not even fell on weekend...kena ada cuti ganti jugak??!

Frustrated, we decided to bring the children for outing instead. Pity them, had to wake up early than they should and get dressed. Made a pit stop to do some banking before we went to Sunway Pyramid for window shopping and lunch.

Because of that reason, husband and I had to take EL on the coming Monday for this purpose. Again, we get the children to be ready as early as they can and heads on to the same place. We arrived slightly late due to heavy traffic at Federal Highway (it was a working day). To our disbelieved, the numbers for queuing that day has finished as early as 9.30am! :( (note: KJ branch can accommodate up to 600 applications per day, according to the guard. Punyelah ramai manusia!!).

Not giving up, we went to Immigration office Putrajaya, but the same happened. They run out of the numbers. Before giving up, we tried the third place, Immigration office in Puchong but the same scenario happened. No luck I guess...*sob*. Half of our day was wasted, and since it was already lunchtime we drove to Subang Parade and have lunch before sending the kids back and we went to work half-day. What a waste! :(

Since the new process will take 3 working days, we have no choice left but to take another day off to settle the passport thingy the next day. According to the calculation, the application should be ready by Friday; the day we were supposed to leave KL...That morning, we got the kids ready extra early and we managed to arrived at the immigration office by 7.30am. By then, the queue was overwhelming, easily about 100 people queuing before us. Oh my gucci! Since the twinnies especially were still sleepy, we had to take out the strollers and let them sleep.

my poor lil babies..

Sampai diaorang bangun pun, the queue tak berapa nak bergerak. After 2 hours queueing, we only managed to move ahead about half of the total queue from the point we started off... lucky I brought some biscuits, drinks and buns for my children. They had their breakfast in queue...

So close, yet so far... :P

Finally, after another hour queuing we managed to go inside and got our number. Next, we had to wait for our number to be called for the documentation. After this procedure settled, we had to wait (again :P) for the payment counter to called our number. Here, you are required to do the payment and they will provide you the receipt slip, for passport collection purposes.

For those who didn't know, the passport application form has been changed from a 2-page A4 sized paper to a small, square paper like this:

The passport photo also changed from blue colored background to white background like this:

After paying RM340 in total (RM100 for 2yrs - adult; RM80 for 2yrs - child) I saw the immigration officer stamped 3 June 2013 as the date for passport collection. 3rd June was on the next Monday and that was not 3 working days as the claimed, it's 4 working days!! Quickly I showed the slip to my husband. We then asked for the explanation and as expected the same reason they gave us; "the new system took time, too many applications, system always down" was frustrating!  :( seriously, I was thinking of giving up and cancel our applications already because of too many hurdles...stress ok! Lucky when we asked for refund/cancel because there's no point of having the passport when we were about to missed the trip, the officer then asked us to wait. She then consult her boss before negotiating with us. Alhamdulillah, we finally get our passport on Friday (the day we were supposed to go to JB), but it will only ready after 2pm. Terpaksa cancel plan nak bertolak lepas subuh ke JB :(

Anyhow, here's the new look of Malaysian passport. This is the new page which was made from polycarbonate material (licin, plastic kind of material)

and another difference from the old passport is, there's a tiny hologram or 3D photo of us with "MYS" written on it...for security purpose i assumed.

A note to myself; if possible settle the passport application a month ahead before travelling...


Notes to the Immigration Office; 

kalau nak implement new system, tolonglah test betul-betul. Kalau system tak stable janganlah implement jugak. Kesian kami yang terpaksa cuti sia-sia, datang queue skali system down. 

Next, kalau nak implement system baru janganlah time peak season macam school holidays. Memanglah crowd overwhelming! 

and Oh, please update your website regularly. Orang penat download form isi bagai skali datang kena isi borang lain plak...grrrr!



RuZaNNa said...

oh my! what a journey.. i baca pun terasa penat die.. inikan pulak you have to go through it with the children..

Thanks for the info anyway babe.. i pun xtahu that they have the daily quota system implemented.. semua dah buat.. except for rizwan.. maybe kebtulan masa you ramai sbb org terkejar nak pergi holiday gak kot..

Anyway, just wondering, dulu org kata if nak pergi SG ada daily pass from immigration.. now dah takde ek?

Airin Diana Anuar said...

wah new passport look eh? another 5 years la baru i renew..
kesian u..penat menunggu. yes, i agree.. please la update the website. kite ni penat la check all the procedure and forms just to be sure everything went smoothly..kan..
anyway, all 4 of you looks soooo cute!! gambar passport tu comel gile kowt! hehe

ishamizu said...

Oh my gucci, teruknya their new implementation. Yg previous dah sgt ok kot knp drastik sgt nak ubah..teringat lg ktrg buat passport sblom ke uK mmg satu hari je siap buat kt caeangan ayer keroh..ramai jgk org tp laju n very systematic n dpt duduk dlm bilik ada aircond lg..kesian ya you all..especially the kids tu kan..:( nway mujurla dpt jk passport on friday tu ..hopefully, they can improve their system asap.

Nadine said...


Yup tersgt penat sampai rasa nak backout last2 tu. T_T

daily pass tu dah takde since 2010 tak silap. I pun google and tanya kat imigresen pasal ni. kalau ada mmg senang keja!

Nadine said...


generally gov punye websites mmg lambat update..isn't it? bab ni mmg kena complaint.

hahaha, thanks babe. susah gak nak ambil gambar the twins yg tak boleh duk diam. nasib photographer tu pantas! :D

Nadine said...


yeah we happened to be at the wrong time in wrong situation. like i said, time cuti skolah, time high traffic la diaorg nak implement system baru. huwaaaa!

Shah Sulong said...

my brother pun face the same thing masa nk register for passport that day, berpusing oh cari pejabat imigresen yang available. dekat 3 hari jugak nak settle. first day datang untuk amik nombor, hari kedua untuk berurusan dan hari ketiga untuk collect passport.

i ranted a bit pasal sistem tu. kita ni kan cerdik2 tapi nape la tak check capabilities perkakasan sebelum decide untuk implement sistem baru tu? kelakar, hasrat nk maju bagai tapi printer masih jenis dot matriks lagaknya. nasib la korang2 jadi tikus mondoks.

my sister masa nk uruskan passport baby dia hari tu pun amik masa seminggu gak.. dapat passport tu pagi before fly. lagi cuak. kes tak bawak surat beranak ke hape tah. susah la bila weekend husband berjauhan, nak pegi pun kena plan betul2 last last problem ramai orang kat imigresen putrajaya ni..

btw, ada pejabat imigresen kat pudu sentral. yang tu tutup jam 9 malam. if only the immigration people bagi opsyen untuk kita amik passport yg da settle payment kat mana2 opis yg kita suka kan? semua maklumat da ada dlm database hape kan?