Monday, July 29, 2013

3H - The Happy Healthy Home Project

I was first introduced with Method products in March this year, when they approached me for a review of their Gel Hand Wash. It was a love at first sight, and I learnt a lot about non-toxic and eco-friendly products. I used to think that eating organic food and keep my house and environment clean are sufficient to keep my family healthy and happy. I was wrong, it is more than that.. 

When they invited me and my husband to their Blogger Tea Party in last June, we learnt more on establishing a clean, green home besides getting to know their products better. It was an eye opener, and together we decided to change our routine slowly in certain areas. To get rid of toxic products from our home, as a start :)

I was surprised that Method Malaysia actually acknowledged my intention of transforming my home into a happy, healthy home in 6 months duration. We were very lucky to be chosen for the Happy Healthy Home Project (3H Project); Method Malaysia's first ever blogger project.

In this 3H project, there are 3 rooms for us to turn into happy healthy rooms by removing the toxic cleaners and substitute it with non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaners from Method. Sounds like a good challenge, isn't it? :)

I have chosen the Laundry area, our Bathroom and our Bedroom as the rooms that will undergo the transformations. To be frank, I am pretty excited about it, and I can't wait to give reviews on each product - to see how effective it is  to clean with non-toxic products (cause I used to think that cleaners with strong chemical scents cleans better! :P). 

InsyaAllah, I will give my honest review during this project. Not only that, along the journey, I will also share with you eco-friendly tips for the stay-at-home mom, what busy working mom need when it comes to cleaning, as well as recycling tips and arts. It should be fun! ;)

So if you too, is keen to change and make your home toxic-free and eco-friendly, stay tune for my future post on this 3H project. 

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mommyNadia said...

Weee..cant waittt!!!

eyriqazz said...

Look best..nak join gak ble?

ishamizu said...

Sounds interesting! Can't wait for the next post..;)