Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mad About Method - Blogger Tea Party

If you remember, last March I did a review on the eco-friendly and non-toxic product; Method Gel Hand Wash. Personally, I fell in love the with gel hand wash and at the same time, I was thinking of switching our current cleaning products to non-toxic products slowly. Method came in at the right time at the right place, I guess :) 

After the review, I decided to try their body wash next so I went to Cold Storage and got myself the Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash in White Tea scent. I like the texture, it's so pure and full of moisturizers. It's like putting on some lotion on your body while bathing, but with some bubbles. Hihi. Since it's a non-toxic product, I even shared the body wash with my children...without no fear! ;)

I was pleased when Julia from brand 360 invited me to join the Mad About Method Blogger Tea Party last Saturday. I would love to know more about Method's cleaning products for my future usage besides of course looking forward to have fun and mingle around with other bloggers :) Since we were allowed to bring a plus one, I invited my other half to join me to expose him to Method products. This too, was a good opportunity for him to get a better idea of what I does as a blogger, especially when I attend blogger events. 

Despite leaving the house quite late (we went after Zuhr Prayer), we arrived at Micasa All Suite Hotel on time. I was the second blogger to arrive, thanks to the NPE + Smart Tunnel combination. Hihi. The tea party was cosy, and one of the hotel's room was transformed into an apartment unit with a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bathrooms. Each of the room was nicely decorated with fruits and plants - they are part of the Method products ingredients. That is what makes Method special than other cleaning products, it uses natural, non-toxic ingredients that totally suited most of us, the one holding the "Mom" title :) I know how fussy and particular we are when it comes to children. Am I right, ladies? ;)

Method products everywhere!

After having our refreshments, we were introduced to the full range of Method products that was nicely placed at the centre of the room. There, I got to smell and feel the texture of different scents and product range of which some, I have been eyeing before...

Us being briefed by Nick

Method cleaning products.
Nyummy aite? ;)

and while waiting for the other bloggers to arrive, we've been approached by the warm and friendly Ian Samson, the Director of WMS Marketing; the company which distributes Method products to Malaysia. I was surprised that Ian did read my blog, I was humbled.

us, listening to Ian's story :D

Before the crowd getting bigger, we took the opportunity to snap few photos with the props at the photobooth. Hubby was a bit awkward since it was his first time posing with the props,  but yours truly on the other hand was having fun! LOL! :))

our silly photo :D


 a decent one :)

Most of the bloggers finally arrived by 2.40pm and we took the chance to mingle with each other, introducing ourselves as well as our blogs. It was when some of them exchanging their blog links via the business cards that I realized that I don't have one! Maybe I should consider it too :P As bloggers, besides chatting we also took plenty of photos for our blogpost. Standard lah kan..hihi..

One of the blogger - Katty Chung's chatty son. He's so cute! :))

With two mommy bloggers; Ayuni and MommyNadia
It was nice meeting you ladies! :)

Nadia vs. Nadiah :)
It was quite sometime since we both attended blogging events, right babe?!

At 3pm, we gathered at the living room for a presentation from Method and also Ecocentric Transition. It started with a speech cum presentation from Ian on Method's background, its mission and its product range.

Ian giving his speech..

whilst I listened carefully.
Kata nak tau banyak pasal Method kan? :)

Ms Fiona from Ecocentric Transition (ET) then continued to give a speech on sustainable living practices in Malaysia. Some of the points she shared did act as an eye opener to both of us, especially in conserving the energy and managed waste properly. ET also gave us seeds of Bunga Telang (clitoria ternatea, blue pea) as compliments. It was so nice of them :). Did you know that Method products are also sustainable? The bottles are made of 100% recycled plastics (PCR) and all the products are biodegradable!, Go green!

Ms Fiona talking about sustainability

Our packet of seeds :)

The last presenter was Julia from Brand 360. It was time for us, the bloggers to have fun. We had little activity with attractive prizes...of course courtesy of Method! :) Won myself a set of Method cleaning product for dining room..yay! To date,  I have started using one of the products that I won and I am truly satisfied with it. Will share about it in my blog soon. Honestly, the more I get to know and tried Method's products, the more I fell in love with it. I know I am not alone because I did received feedbacks from the readers who won my Method To The Rescue Contest, they too fell in love with it! ;)

the lovely Julia briefed us on the activity

A candid me in action. Semangat! LOL!

The hard work paid off (eceh! :P) with the amount of products that I won. 

Finally, after the activity we were invited to have some confections as refreshment. Since I am not a sweet tooth myself, I took the peach tartlets instead of the cupcakes. Before the event ended, we took the chance to snap some photos (again!), and Julia passed us a goodie bag each (thank you Method Malaysia!).

the cute sweet things,

the guys that attended the tea party,


and Method's new model. Eh??!! 

Thank you Method Malaysia for this opportunity, we had fun! Can't wait to start using the products we got at our newly renovated house (yes, we already shifted back to USJ!). 

Oh yea, one more thing....

We are also very honoured and excited to be part of Method Malaysia special project - "Happy Healthy Home"

What is it all about? 

Will keep you readers posted ;). Soon, with God's will..insyaAllah. In the meantime, those who interested to give Method products a try, do visit Jaya Grocer or Isetan KLCC supermarket!



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