Monday, July 22, 2013

Recipe: Frozen Chocolate Banana


Hello dear readers, how's your fasting so far? I hope everyone is on-track with the target for this Ramadhan. Mudah-mudahan, insyaAllah :)

Today I would like to share an easy peasy recipe, with the intention of sharing, not to allure you...It's so simple to prepare, no cooking is needed and it's healthy! Who knows it can be another menu to break the fast today? ;)

Frozen Chocolate Banana


1. Ripe Bananas
2. Cooking chocolate
3. Almond flakes or crushed nuts
4. Bamboo skewers


1. Peel of the bananas, cut into half. Skewed the bananas into the skewers.
2. Lined a tray/plate with aluminium foil/ plastic wrap.
3. Placed the skewed banana in the tray/plate. Froze it into the freezer for 1-2hours.
4. Diced the cooking chocolate. Using double-boiling method, melted the chocolate.

5. Take out the skewed bananas. Coat/dip each banana with sufficient amount of chocolate and coat with almond flakes. 
6. Keep in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before serving.

- Some people add a bit of canola oil to prevent thick coating of the chocolate onto the banana. I omit this as me and my family are chocolate lovers! :D
- Besides almond flakes and crushed nuts, you can also coat the frozen banana with toasted coconuts or candy sprinkles :)
- You can substitute banana with any suitable fruits such as strawberries and kiwi. The key here is; be creative! :)

Am sure your children will love this too...

Happy Trying! ;)



dyana "his other half" said...

yesss, u gave me an idea! dah lama hadif minta nak buat cake or cookies. tp sejak pantang ni tak sempat2 nak layan dia buat cake. this is simple n delicious. nanti boleh la buat dengan dia. thanks dear for sharing :).

Ninie Hanis said...

One word..


Kak nadia,me likey.Sprinkle with pecans will work too,kan?

Syazwanny Othman said...

Whoaaa! I saw u posted the pic in your IG the other day. The melted choc.So here goes the dessert! Sedapppnyaa! hihi. Nak try nanti!

ishamizu said...

Oh my tempting nya! Hihi
Thank you for sharing the recipe, dear! Mmg boleh try buat jgk dgn the eins ni :)

nurul harnani said...

wow, looks yummy, kena buat ni. thanks for recipe.

salam ukhuwah dr nanie ^_^