Monday, July 8, 2013

Twinnies Birthday Dinner

Last Saturday we had a pre-birthday dinner for my twin daughters who will turn 2 years old the following day (on Sunday). It was impromptu, when my cousin Nina called me that noon and told us that her family was in KL and wanted to meet up for dinner. I told her that we were actually on our way back to Gombak to celebrate the twins birthday with my mom.

Instead of a small family dinner, we had a big one with my aunt's family. They came all the way from Seremban. Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki twinnies :) We decided to meet up at Absolute Thai, One Utama. Since we arrived quite early that night, we took the birthday girls to play on some of the rides at the kill time :)

This will always be the same scenario if the ride is for one person. 
Twinnies will take turn to sit up and down, but always they ensure both of them can enjoy the ride without having to quarrel. Sisterly love! Mommy like 100x!

Faaz & Falisya trying out new games from their Mak Ngah's phone..

By 8pm, all of us (except my cousin Hanif who was late) arrived at the restaurant. There were 14 of us which includes my family, my mom's, my aunt Cik Bah's and my Ateh. FYI, Cik Bah is my late father's little sister and our family are very, very close. I even stayed with her family at Seremban for two years during high school (urm that was before I transferred back to Gombak due to homesick :P). They are like our second family. My uncle and aunt are always there for us, through thick and thin...especially when abah was sick and finally left us. They have done a lot for us and I am so thankful for this blessing...

us; that night..
great food, great company.
good combination ;)

The food was scrumptious, as usual (Absolute Thai is no stranger to us). My aunt, Ateh ordered pretty much everything from fish to chicken and seafood. Alhamdulillah, kenyang sangat! Soon after the dinner, we had the cake cutting session. I bought Chocolate Mud Cake from Secret Recipe, as requested by Faaz. Choc mud is Faaz's and the twins' favourite chocolate cake. 

Less that we knew; actually my cousin Nina had bought a cute ice-cream cake from Haagen Dazs to surprise the twins! How nice... :)

At first, I wanted the twins to cut the cake with their Granny and Tok Mak but as usual, Falisya made a scene the very last minute. As we were about to start the birthday song, she saw me standing in front of her hence, crying! (>.<). Nak mommy jugak... Faiqa jugak yg cool...

They were surprised when the waitress brought in the cake and sung "Happy Birthday" to them..

Being a food lover, Faiqa really looking forward to grab a piece. It's so obvious was it?! Haha! Falisya on the other had was crying for mommy. Phhftt!

Instantly her mood went ok the minute I went and sit with her. Haihs!

As soon as the candle were blown...both were happy. It's makan time!! :D


At this point, both wanted ONLY me. 
Manja mommy.... :)
Btw, I love the cake compared to BR. It's 70% ice-cream and 30% cake. 
Puas makan ice-cream ;)

We had fun mingle with each other and sharing updates and stories that we didn't realized it was almost the closing time. Hihi. 

 I just love this photo because both of my girls were compose and looking at the camera. That is NOT always the case! LOL!

The only photo of Faaz and his sisters. He was not keen to be photographed that night, as usual he was antisocial towards people he less seen. Hope this behaviour changes as soon as he started school next year. Ok, son?

Before we left for family with my cousins. Faiqa was crying for mommy! LOL!!

Heartiest thank you to Uncle Hamid, Cik Bah, Ateh, Nina, Fiqah & Hanif for the dinner treat, the cake and the presents. Same goes to my beloved family, Mak, Kak Ngah & Adik for the your presence as well as the gifts for the twins. We heart all of you :)

The very next day, on their birthday itself the twins had another birthday celebration...and this time they celebrated it with my husband's family. I guess twin celebrations are meant for a pair of twin! Hihi :)



ishamizu said...

Olo cantik nya both bday gurgals dressing! Happy bday again! Mmuahh. Murah rezeki derg alhamdulillah..:)

Nadine said...


hihi thanks dear! alhamdulillah..

Ninie Hanis said...

Geram lagiii tgk twinnies their baju okay.Fashionista sgt!

Nadine said...


Hihi, thanks Ninie. They both are my living dolls. Seronok dress up kan anak ppuan ni. nanti ninie dah ada baby girl, u pun akan excited sama ;)

but as I have with two living dolls, it came with big cost $$$ so it actually challenged me to be creative..uutk cari the cheapest tp sedap mata memandang. heee :D

diyana.didie said...

suka gambar yg u tgh suap falisya and faiqa looked on you tu kak... soo manja ur babies.

Nadine said...


Awwww, thanks dear. Entah la, sejak masuk 2 thn ni, diaorg bertambah2 manja!! esp. Falisya. kalau akak ada kat rumah, she will tailed me everywhere, even when i need to go to the loo! argh! :P