Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Twinnies Birthday Party

Alhamdulillah, my twin daughters turn 2 years old last Sunday. The initial plan was to have a family dinner with my in-laws followed by simple cake-cutting session but again, it was changed. Two days prior to the twins big day, my husband suggested that we have a small birthday party for the girls. And the "best" part was, he asked me to order a "Pocoyo" birthday cake since the girls are sooo into this cartoon series...

Oh My Gucci! To search for a baker that can at least prepare an edible cake of Pocoyo within 3 days was not an easy task! Usually it will take at least 5 days BEFORE to order such a cake. *sobs!. I tried to ask Ana, the baker who did Faaz's transformers cake last January but unfortunately she was not fit to do baking as she injured herself recently while playing futsal. Poor Ana! After searching high and low, I finally remembered Sue, who baked the twins 1st birthday cake. Tried contacting her few times but failed...until that very Friday evening, she finally contacted me back and agree to bake a Pocoyo Rainbow Cake. Alhamdulillah...weeeee!!

The "precious" birthday cake...hehehe
Memang rezeki twins lah! :)

What's inside...
The rainbow cake was nice! recommended! ;)
visit here to order

I didn't do much deco-wise, because it was only a small party. The intention was to gather the siblings to celebrate our daughters birthday, with small extended invites to the relatives that lives nearby (they are actually our close neighbours). The only thing that I prepared was the invitation card, just for fun :)

Maybe because they knew it was their bornday that the girls became excited and full of energy that they refused to have their afternoon nap like the usual. They were all excited when I dressed them up, and giggled when their Daddy snap their photos.

The twins in Tia Amour dresses

Happy to pose!

and so does abang Faaz!

But it wasn't that long tho...To add my worry, most of the guest arrived later than 3:30pm that at one point, both of them were already lying down with their pacifier on, which means they were already sleepy!! T_T

As soon as both of Fadzil's siblings arrived, I quickly requested to proceed with the cake cutting session 1st, worried that Faiqa and Falisya might fell asleep. Falisya jumped of excitement when she saw her Pocoyo cake, but Faiqa was too sleepy. She kept on sucking her pacifier and refused to stand up. And when everyone gathered to sing the "Happy Birthday" song, she started crying! (ain't it funny that it was Falisya who cried last night and now it's Faiqa's turn?? :P).

A bit of drama there...haha

Since Faiqa still refused to stand and cried, we decided to let the younger sister, Falisya to continue blowing the candles and cut the cake by herself. She was cool, and it was cute to see how excited she was with the whole Pocoyo thingy! 

She was all out to blow the candles!

Proudly cutting her birthday cake. 
Steady lah adik! ;) Doesn't look like a 2 year old at all! :))

She couldn't believe that Pocoyo and Ellie were in front of her that she practically closed her eyes twice and stared at the cake before giggled. hahaha!

We prepared light food for that afternoon, since it's already tea time. Pizzas, Fried Mee Hoon, finger foods and desserts were among the menu. What's special that day, for the very first time our Bibik cooked for us (FYI I never let her cooking for us since I want my family to eat strictly my cooking-my "air tangan" and same goes to my MIL). She prepared an Indonesian dessert (kuih) which is similar to our Tepung Bungkus. Tanda bibik sayang si kembar katanya...Thanks Bik! :)

The food..

and the guests (some)

It was when most of the crowd were busy eating and chatting that Faiqa finally stood up and started to have a closer look at her birthday cake. I just let both of them touching and playing with the cartoon figurine for a while before cutting the cake and let everyone tasted it. 


We don't have a proper family photo either during this birthday celebration. We only have one photo, taken by my SIL while we were eating and Faaz was missing in action. He was too busy playing with his cousins that he was missing from our radar :P

Us and our precious daughters. What a photo! Haha!

Abang Faaz yang macam biskut. Kejap ada, kejap hilang :P

Before the twins fell asleep, we let them opened some of the presents they got. Among them includes...

Coin box and cash $$$. 

Thanks Reen, twins dah pandai menabung.
They practically asked us for coins everyday since! LOL! :))

Thanks for this toy, Munif!
Faiqa was so amazed with the lights and the songs!

 Thanks for the laptop, Aunty Fauziah. The twins loves it so much!
(Tak payah tukar!!)

That's basically how the twins spent their bornday. Simple and modest. We hope both of you were happy and enjoyed the day :) InsyaAllah, Daddy and Mommy will plan for a proper and big party once you girls have friends, and know how to appreciate one. Happy 2nd Birthday Faiqa Nayra and Falisya Nayla. May both of you grow healthy, wise, happy and beautifully. Jadi anak-anak yang solehah ya. We love you loads! Mmmmuahs! :)



Ninie Hanis said...

Alala cantiknya the twinnies..Hehe..kelakar nengok diorang excited pakai baju lawa pastu pandai lak tu give some pose. Geram..

And nice cake too..Sedap tak kuih your bibik buat tu?Cantik plak tgk..

Nadine said...


Hihih thanks. Memang kelakar tau, Daddy diaorg duk amik gamba tu tah brape kali gamba gegar sbb dia gelak. tapi behind the scene, diaorg sgtlah tak bleh duduk diam. letak yg A, yg B dah setapak ke depan. Semuanya kena click sepantas yg dapat. Kena pakai shutter mode! Haha!

Boleh tahan, aunties2, yg datang kata sedap. Akak ni dessert agak kureng sbb I am not a sweet tooth kind of person, so I rasa sket je :D