Friday, August 23, 2013

Jalan - Jalan Raya 2013

This year, my husband and I decided to take a week off for Eid holiday. Adding up the public holiday for Eid, we have a  total of 11 days off...wee! It was a holiday well spent with family and friends. I know our kids especially, enjoyed it because the minute we started to work again last Monday, the twins throw tantrums! They were crying and looking for us the whole day! tsk! T_T

~1st Eid~

On the 1st Syawal, we stayed at home until noon because our house was the host for mama's family gathering this year. By evening, most of us decided to gather at aunty Aisyah's place in Gombak, where the cousins from Sabak Bernam came and stayed a night. We then later proceed to Sunway to have a family dinner with Aunty Faridah and family. The agenda of the day was none other than EATING. Hihi :)

Part of the big family at home..

The kids at aunty Aisyah's crib. By this time they already bathed and changed to jeans and t-shirt for comfort. hihi..

selfie at Aunt Faridah's place
(sempat!) :P

~2nd Eid~

Since it was Friday, we waited until after Friday prayer before we started our Jalan-jalan trip. We visited husband's eldest cousin, Datin Abri and family. We stayed there until late evening..

~3rd Eid~

On the third day, we went to Aunty Illah's open house in Bukit Jelutong. Aunty Illah is mama's youngest sibling. Coincidentally, there were three father-and-son couples wearing the same outfit together that day. However, uncle Johan and Faiz has left before we took a family photo, hence leaving only my husband-Faaz with Uncle Farooq - Imraan (see the pic below - bottom, right) :)

~4th - 6th Eid~

4th Syawal was the day I looked forward cause it's the day we left KL for my mom's hometown in Batu Pahat. Balik kampung time, yay!! :) As usual we stayed at the Katerina Hotel and lepak at my grandma's house. Apart from visiting the family there, the kids enjoyed the swimming sessions. Faaz even had his swimming lessons from his Daddy. It was havoc! Haha! :)

~7th Eid~

Instead of attending open houses, on 7th Eid we visited Sunway Medical Hospital instead. There's two family members warded at the same hospital. My husband's cousin, Fariz was admitted for a minor surgery while my SIL, Reen delivered her first baby on the same day...the new addition to Abdul Kadir's clan! :)

 My latest nephew...bila nak dapat niece nie?? :)

~10th Eid~

After few days off from the open house activity, we went for an Eid potluck with our ex-uni friends. FYI, we were friends since 1999, when we first entered the matriculation center. It's a 14 years of friendship and counting, insyaAllah! ;) Wished the rest of the clan were there with us tho...nevertheless, it was fun especially to see that our children can mingle well with each other. Kecoh! :P

That is pretty much of how we spent the first week of Eid. Can't wait to continue our Eid jalan-jalan activity this coming weekend! 

Have a nice weekend, everyone :)


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