Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Coordinated Eid Outfit

Alhamdulillah, with God's mercy and blessing we got to celebrate 1st Syawal after a month fasting on Ramadhan. Like the previous years after I got married, 1st Eid was celebrated with my in-laws, in Subang Jaya.

My husband is not the type of man who would make a new baju melayu on each Syawal. According to him, it will be a waste since he did not wear baju melayu for any other occasion, except on 1st Eid or during funerals. Itupun few hours je...usually by the noon of 1st Eid, he had already changed to jeans and shirt :P So far, he has a few baju melayu in the closet (4 to be exact) so on each Eid I will rotate between the 4 colors, with of course, the consent from him :P

We finally decided the royal blue again this year and since then I started to search the Eid outfit for the twins first. I had a tough time buying the twins kurung last year, as I only begun my shopping at the 3rd week of Ramadhan and most of the kurungs that I like left  with only 1 final piece for each size. Finally I stumbled into a seller in FB that sell cute peplum kurung for kids, and co-incidentally one of the color available was a combination of royal blue & yellow mustard. Since the last time it was royal blue + purple, I thought why not choosing something cheerful this color blocking it was! hihi :)

Royal blue + Purple in 2011

It was a week after my 44 days of confinement. 
Berisi. Hihi :P

Royal blue + yellow mustard in 2013

All looking and smiling at the camera.
Alhamdulillah... :)

Falisya & Faiqa with their ready made peplum kurung. 
I just love the simple design. Cute!

To match with my girls, I opt for this blue Laluna Fishtail Peplum from BMyB and highlighted the yellow mustard trough my old Radiusite scarf.

Love the peplum so much! 
Walau gamble beli online, bila pakai cantik terletak :)

Since obviously my husband will wear his royal blue baju melayu, I decided yellow mustard baju melayu instead for Faaz to coordinate our outfit.

Faaz's baju melayu was the only one I bought at a shop in Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam and not via online. hihihi. :)

Hubby didn't commented much when all of us has dressed-up (he didn't know I added the yellow mustard as well, he thought it will be a plain royal blue theme). He only questioned me why Faaz's baju melayu is in yellow color, not royal blue when I was ironing our raya outfit. Hihi..

But I overheard his conversation with mama later on that day,

Mama: "Nicelah Jil your family theme this year"
Him: "Ha tulah, very nice. I didn't know it's gonna be blue and yellow. It's all Nadia's idea. Now even my baju melayu looks new, it compliment well with the rest."

and it made me smile with "hati yang berbunga-bunga" 

Good to know, hubs, although from far...

Hihihi :)



Ninie Hanis said...

You guys look fab in that color! And the kids..memang cantik2..i suker.Baju twinnies tu buat mata i tak puas2 pandang. :) Baju kak nadine pun gojes. :)

Mama Haraz said...

You look great! I super like your family theme, creative sgt! interestingly hari ni I pakai baju yellow and blue jugak, mula2 rasa mcm tak matching je, then bila dah pakai rasa mcm lawa la pulak die punya coordination haha

Mimy Hamid said...

kombinasi color yang sangat sangat nice...inspired me next year...

| SUE | said...

mmg cantik sangat!
pandai la nadia ni...great idea!
terus plan utk raya next year *wink*

mama tisya said...

salam kenal dr mamatisya...wah ada twins rupanya..nape tk bw skali husband pn sama tk suka bli bj melayu tiap kali syawal so rotate je thn ni bli sbb dgn tk sengaja terbeli b melayu aaron aziz..hehe

Nadine said...


Thanks dear. At first masa order baju twinnies tu skeptical jugak. Sebab tgk gambar je kat FB. Pastu material jersey.Alhamdulillah it fit them well and looks cute on 'em :)

Nadine said...

Mama Haraz,

Thanks dear :) Kan?! That was my first thought too, mcm "eh tak menyerlah sgt ke? tak terang sgt ke?" bila pakai then rasa nice pulak. Hihihi :)

Nadine said...


Thanks darling. ni yg tak sbr nk tgk your family punye baju raya next year nie :)

Nadine said...


I miss u!! hihi :)

Awww, thanks babe, tak pandai mana pun, tapi minat. hehe..

*wink*, am sure next yr raya sure meletops punye baju sue n the girls! :)

Nadine said...

Hi Mama Tisya,

Hihihi, kalau i bawak my twins last Saturday, alamatnya satu gambar pun x sempat nak ambik, you. Anak2 dara i lasak ok. kalah abang diaorg :)

ic, ic, gengla suami kita. Wah, skali beli Aaron Aziz terus!! hehe