Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3H Project: Laundry with Method Part II -The After Effect

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If you remember, earlier this month I have shared with you how smart, safe, economical it is doing laundry by using Method Laundry Detergent and Method Fabric Softener (click HERE to read). Now, in Part II  of my laundry experience with Method, I will share with you my personal review on the after effect of using these two products. :)

It has been almost a month since I started using the laundry detergent and the fabric softener for our daily laundry and I am pretty much satisfied with the results. Let me begin this post with a demonstration on how easy it is to do laundry with Method.

First and foremost, you need a working washing machine (or a pair of strong hand if you are using hand wash method :) ), a basket of dirty clothes and of course the Method's laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Next, put in the dirty clothes into the washing machine, depending on which practice you usually using. For me, usually I will separate our clothing between the daily clothes and our working clothes, between the adults' and the childrens' or between the colors (important especially for white & off-white colored clothes!). Oh ya, I will also do a separate laundry for praying veil (telekung), the towels or the bedsheets.

Let's stuff 'em in, babeh! :P

Then comes the fun part; to pump in the liquid detergent into the liquid inlet (or compartment, whichever u called it :P) of the washing machine! :). Just hold your liquid detergent in your hand with the position as per photo below and pump it! 

Isn't it so simple, a SINGLE hand is all you need! ;)


 (Based on my experience)

           4 pumps = 1 load (normal wash)
               6 pumps = 1 big load (heavy wash).

Lastly, set the timer and the other related function of the washing machine and it's ready to go! :)

So far, I have 3 test cases for my review (ok, ok, I know "test cases" sounds like a technical presentation :P What to do, I used these words a lot recently; workwise, can't help it! hihi :P). Basically, I tested out both the liquid detergent as well as the fabric softener in 3 types of laundry...

After Effect review no. 1: Normal washing

After I finished folding the clothes of my first laundry with Method, I called my one and only son, the 4 years old Faaz Naqi. I know children don't lie and they are the best candidate to give honest opinion...yes? no? :)

Me: "Faaz, come here short while, I need your favour.."
Faaz: "My favour? What is a favour, mommy?"     
Me: "Well, basically favour is when you asking a person to help you"
Faaz: "oooooh..ok. What is it, mommy?"
Me: "Ok, can you take your clothes here and try to smell it."
Faaz: "Smell? Why, I thought you washed it already?"
Me: "Yup, that is why I want you to smell, is it nice?"
                                  Faaz: *smelling while giggling*                                                        

Me: "So how's the smell?"
Faaz:" Erm, nice. It smell clean"
Me: "Clean?" LOL!

Although "clean" does not describe a scent/smell, I totally understand what Faaz means. Both Method Laundry Detergent & Method Fabric Softener have this fresh scent with this hygienic kind of feel when you smell it, (but not overpowering as compared to Dettol; for example). It's just feel fresh and clean in a mild if you are inhaling the fresh air. After all, it is the scent's name; Fresh Air :)

Next, I asked him for another favour; to feel the washed clothes (and posed at my camera at the same time, hee! :D). Well, my boy and me has the same opinion. We both feel that the clothes are soft and cuddly! The same after effect with the normal softener I used to use, but this one does not contains beef fat!! :)

After Effect review no. 2: Heavy load Laundry

If you followed my instagram account, you will noticed that lately my twinnies developed a high interest in make up. I even caught them red-handed few times playing with my MAC collections! (>.<). Of course spilling things were part of the incidents. The other day, while making up the bed before I went to work, I noticed a big stain on my quilt cover. As I looked into it, I realized that the stain came from my liquid foundation. The twins did messed with my make up set 4 days before I finally realized it "Oh maaaaan! Dah kering sangat nie.. " :( I told myself...

After a paused, I realized that I never gave Method laundry detergent a "tougher" test yet. So I went into the laundry room with my quilt cover. The first thing I did was to pump a bit of the liquid detergent onto the stain, and rubbed it thoroughly. Next, I let it to stay aside for about an hour before finally putting it into the washing machine together with the bedsheet, and the pillow covers for washing. I used the normal 4 pump for this session.

As soon as the washing machine completed it's washing activity, I took the quilt cover out to see if the stains were removed. Unfortunately, there's still a small portion of the stain visible... *sobs!* :(

I did not gave up, I washed again the quilt cover. This time, I added another 2 pumps; as per recommendation for a heavy load....

The end result?



The stains has gone.

Hip! Hip! Hooray!! 


After Effect review no. 3: The Delicate Test

My husband's elder sister has just delivered a healthy and handsome baby boy a week after Eid. It's nice to have a little infant around after two years. Faaz and Faiqa especially, are very fond of baby Rohen :)

Me babysitting my latest nephew

A week before she delivered her baby, my SIL asked my opinion in choosing the baby laundry detergent. Back then, when my children were babies, the main criterias I choose for a baby laundry detergent would be the ones that doesn't includes dyes or perfumes (which commonly known can cause skin irritation for sensitive skin babies). The best option for me would be organic based detergent ;) 

Hmmm, does that criterias familiar???


The word came into my mind... Why not, I told myself. The ingredients are totally plant-based and safe. Afterall, SIL will have her confinement with us, we can give it a try first ;)

So I suggested to her to test out the laundry detergent and the fabric softener I am currently used for 1 round of washing and let baby Rohen's skin decide whether it is suitable for him :)

The verdict???

Alhamdulillah, it suits Rohen very well.. There's no sign of irritation or allergy on his skin. Hooray! It's proven that Method Laundry Detergent & Method Fabric Softener are suitable for delicate wash too! 

He's so comfy with his newly washed clothes that he smiled while sleeping. 
hihi :)

So mommies and mommies-to-be, you know now what to shop for your family laundry! Tak payah nak asing-asing beli, tak payah nak susun banyak detergent bottle di bilik laundry, ain't it easy? ;)

Now that you are convinced to detox your clothes through clean laundry, I have a good news to share with you :)

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Excited? Happy? :)

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Clear enough? I hope it is.... :)

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Good luck!! 




ishamizu said...

Waa bagus la Method detergent, berkesan dan selamat utk digunakan eh..:)

Nway geram sgt la tgk bby Rohen tu, so handsome! Tahniah to u, sil n the rest of family :)

Small Kucing said...

Memmamg berkesan. I used before :)

Nadine said...


kat UK ada tak brand ni? Memang best sbb dia organic and selamat, especially utk anak2 kita guna. budak2 yg ada ekzema pun sesuai

hehe, yes dia mmg handsome hindustani boy in our family. thanks dear nanti i sampaikan :)

Nadine said...

Small Kucing,

Couldn't agree more ;)