Friday, October 4, 2013

Bathing with Method: Bubble Up Time!

"Bubble up, bubble up,
 Bubble up, bubble up, bubble up.
 Blup, blup, blup, blup..
 Bubble up.

 Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble up.

 Dancing in my tub,
 Bubble, bubble up,
 It's a foamy fun thing,
 Even makes your bubble sing."

If your kids (or you, yourself) loves to check on YouTube clips on Gummy Bear's song you probably has come across the Bubble Up song. I get to know this song from my 3 little darlings...hihi. :)

Speaking of bubbles, which liquid soap do you use currently? Do you know that there are differences between a shower gel and a body wash?

 The primary difference between the two is texture. Shower gel has a firmer, gel-like consistency, while body wash is more like liquid soap or dish soap. Another difference between the two, though slight, is their concentration. Much like the difference between perfume and eau de toilette, shower gel frequently has a higher concentration of fragrance and tends to go farther. 

We used body wash at home. I used to have separate body washes for the children and us (me and hubs), especially when they were newborn. I guess this scenario is the same for most of parents out there as we know there are differences between the adult's skin and the children's. However, as they grew up I keep on thinking when shall we all use the same body wash? Wanted to try them out, but I was worried. Frankly, I didn't even know what's the actual ingredients of the body wash I used to buy.

Lucky I was introduced to Method. I know they are using natural ingredients and I can easily view all the ingredients for each of the product I use. I feel safe. My favorite Method body wash is Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash in White Tea scent. I did mentioned about this product in one of the earliest post I had on Method. I just love how it moisturizes my skin while taking bath, as if I was putting on a lotion on my body :)

Now  that I am beginning to detox our bathroom as the second project we have with Method Malaysia, I started off with trying out the body wash they provided me with; the Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash in Olive Leaf scent. Having the word "naked" on its name, clearly it shows that  naked is natural. It is pure. it’s undisguised. This is what this body wash is, and it is packed with rich moisturizers. It simply leaves your birthday suit (which is your skin) soft, clean and party ready :)

Since it is no stranger to me, I can review on the scents. While the White Tea scent has the refreshing blend of white tea, fresh citrus, fresh lily and japanese lychee, the Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash in Olive Leaf scent  has a touch of Mediterranean with sweet smell of green olive leaves, bergamot, lemon and tangerine with a subtle hint of basil. While the White Tea scents brings calm, refreshing and heavenly scent, the Olive Leaf scent is also refreshing, and with the combination of the ingredients, you'll imagine as if you're on a Mediterranean escapade to Spain, France or Italy... ;)

I've bathed my kids with Pure Naked Body Wash before but I never had them having bubble bath with this body wash. Not that I am lazy to do so, it's just the twins are so used to the normal shower since they were 1 year old, simply because both of them can't fit into their baby bath tub together (we only have one, cause I think it's a waste to buy two of 'em). So the other day when they saw their baby cousin taking bath using the bath tub, they got all excited and demanded to have a bubble bath too! 

After giving it a thought, I decided to agree...lagipun it's been a while since we brought the kids to a hotel. Kesian diaorang dah lama x main bubbles. Hihi. So I took out the bath tub, filled it with warm water.

The minute I added up the pure naked body wash, walla! a big amount of bubbles appeared. I was surprised, I thought that natural body washes will have less amount of bubbles compared the ordinary ones which obviously have a lot of chemicals inside. I was wrong, and I'm happy! Hihi :)

Faiqa can't wait to jump in as soon as she saw the bubbles were building up!

Can you see how happy she was although the tub OBVIOUSLY doesn't fit her now?! Haha :D

Not even 5 minutes Faiqa had fun in the tub, Falisya who can't wait any longer came in and dipped his right foot inside the tub. LOL! I had to make Faiqa agreed to share the tub. Lucky me she agreed! Kata kakak kan... :) 

Falisya enjoying her bath..

Unlike Faiqa, Falisya refuse to share almost anything with her twin sister. I had expected it coming, when I asked Falisya to make a way for Faiqa, she ignored. Poor Faiqa, she can only scoop out the bubbles from the bath tub and applied it to her body. It took me sometime before Faiqa got her place back. Hihi..

The safety aspects when bathing the babies and toddlers in the bathroom doesn't only covers the hazardous things like slippery floor, sharp objects or enclosed water in a pail. The safety of the products we use in the bathroom also plays an important role. 

Did you know that many soap contains paraben? Paraben is a chemical ingredients that has been found intact in breast cancer tissue. That is simply worrying fact!!

Am glad that Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash in Olive Leaf scent is free of dirty stuff like parabens, or phthalates. If you interested to give it try, you can purchase it at RM18.80 for 532ml bottle at all Jaya Grocer stores, B.I.G. supermarket  and selected AEON Big, Cold Storage, Village Grocer, AEON, Tesco,  Isetan KLCC and ACE Hardware outlets.

Can't wait to fully detox my bathroom next. Will share with you on this, soon. I promise! ;)



cre8tone said...

I love this.. Smell so nice!~

Shah Sulong said...

Best Infomercial of all Method products, I think!

Nak gi Cari la Iepas ni :)

Small Kucing said...

Makes me feel like playing with bubble too.

Yea good that method products doesn't hv paraben n EDTA. Just imagine those things get into the kids blood stream....*horrified*