Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebrating Raya with Nuffnang and Papa John's Pizza

It's a norm these days in Malaysia that invites for Raya Open House/Raya celebration will prolong even after the last day of Syawal. Alhamdulillah, I received my last Raya invite a day after Syawal ended, on last Saturday. It was from Nuffnang Malaysia and it's a collaboration with Papa John's Pizza.

Raya + Pizza..

Interesting, right? :)

Since it's a +1 invite, I invited my husband, the pizza lover to join me. He was a bit reluctant at first because it's a blogger event but I knew he can't resist the pizza part. It was true indeed. Hihi. Afterall, Papa John's are among his favourite pizza restaurant :)


The event was held at Papa John's Centrepoint, Bandar Utama but I overlooked it. It was raining cats and dog and we went to One Utama instead. Ye...sila la gelak. :P


The Banner where we gave our signature during the registration

My OOTD that day,
Decided for something simple so I opt for Kaftan
(the theme was Hari Raya)

We ended up arriving late (my bad), but just nice as the branch manager was about to give his welcoming speech. So I and joined the crowd to snap some photos while my two boys went to have their seats (we brought along our little hero too since twinnies were sleeping at home. kesian pulak Faaz Naqi tinggal sensorang).

Welcoming speech by Papa John's Branch Manager

Part of the bloggers who join the event. Eh, eh, the famous redmummy pun ada! :)

After the speech, came the moment we've been waiting for; the food! Hihi. :) Mushroom soups and the drinks were served first and later came the platter that consist of tuna pastries, chicken wings and chicken fingers. Although I love chicken wing, I must say that all of 'em were equally good. Nyums!


Yours truly about to start indulging the food. hihi :)

Semua sedap! 5 stars! 

I thought it was the only appetizer, and since it was so sedap I ended up having more than half of the platter. Heeee ^_^ Nak, nak we were seated a bit secluded then the rest of the bloggers and families (because we came late, remember? :P). Lajuuuuu je makan...hahaha!

and when the second appetizer came, I was almost full. If I knew they will also serve the cheese sticks, I would have spare more space! :D

Crunchy base with cheese overloaded on the top. Nyum!

Looks like my two heroes were having a good time ;)

Soon, the signature Papa John's pizza made its way and without further due, all three of us enjoyed a piece each. Nyums!

Chicken Super Papa
consist of tender grilled chicken, chicken sausages, chicken roll, fresh mushrooms, green peppers, onions and black olives.

Uh uh, somebody really wallap his meal! hihi

While we were enjoying our meal halfway, Zandra from Nuffnang came to us and told us she had made some space for us to seat together with other bloggers on the other side. It was then that we were seated next to Ceera's family, her sister Kak Jem (@ viruspadu) and Fillanie. (semua otai-otai bloggers) It was nice meeting Ceera again, the first time we met was two years ago,  during a Nuffnang event at Janda Baik. Since our husband knew each other through football, they quickly got themselves occupied with some conversations...unlike us yang erm, a bit shy hehehe :D

In between the meals, we were invited to see a live demo on how Papa John's pizza are made from a glass window near the kitchen section...

After the demo, some of the bloggers who volunteered made their way to the kitchen and they were given chance to prepare a pizza by themselves! I believe it was fun, but I chose to stay back and enjoyed another batch of pizza that just came to our table....heee makan je kan :P

BBQ Chicken & Beef
consist of tender grilled chicken, beef bits and zesty onion combined with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce
Sedap jugak plis! :)

While half of the crowd went into the kitchen area, we the bloggers who stayed took the chance to mingle with each other and of course, taking loads of photos :)

Me and Ceera

Me and the cheerful MamaTisya
Nice meeting you, dear! :)

After the pizza-making session came the game part. Bloggers were required to form into 3 groups and then played the "re-create the pizza" game. It was fun, especially seeing the behavior of some of the bloggers, while competing to submit their pizza. It was hilarious!

Briefing from Nuffnang

 havoc!! :)

After the game ended, we had the prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw. As usual, I was among the unlucky ones.. :P Before we called it a day, we got ourselves a goodie bag each and we also get to "tapau" the food on our table. Yippie!! Heeeee :D

Last but not least, we had a photo session with all the bloggers....

Us, the bloggers...

...and the photographers behind the scenes. 
Thank you encik-encik suami sekelian. Hihihi :)

Us, that day. Thanks Ciput!
As usual, Faaz Naqi yang malu, won't co-operate :P

Us with our hero and heroin.
Faaz malu sebab awek cun duduk sebelah. hihi.
Anak dara awak cantik cam mak dia, Ceera.
 Dahla rambut Keisha perang, dah macam anak mix plak :)

and our husband, the football buddies. 
Sedondon plak aritu. 
What a co-incidence 

We had fun, and we truly enjoyed the food served that night. Thank you, Nuffnang, thank you Papa John's! It was a nice closure to our Raya feast :)


For pizza lover out there, Groupon has a great deal on Papa John's Pizza recently. Do check it out ya! :)



mama tisya said...

nice to meet sempat lg update entry ni sbb outstation...mcm adik beradik lak gmbr your hubby n ciput tu..

lo said...

eh gmbr kite pon terselit..hikhik

Nadine said...

Mama Tisya,

Nice meeting u too! apa nama penuh u ek, mcm pelik panggil u mamatisya je hihi.

dah terjah yr entry! :)

Nadine said...


Hi lilo! *waving* :)

Oh, awakla budak comel pakai baju candy color diri sblah i masa ambil gambar reramai tu ye :)

| SUE | said...

Nadia, kita tak pernah try Papa John Pizza lagi. Tgk appetizer je dah rasa lapar sgt (padahal baru bfast nasik lemak sepinggan!) . As usual, abam faaz hensem sgt!

Nadine said...


Upsie! Tapi Papa Johns Pizza pun sedap you. My husband memang suka makan kat sini :)

Abam Faaz kim hugs kat sweet aunty sue! tq! :)