Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cousin Athirah Wedding

Last two weeks, we went to a family wedding held at The Club @ Bukit Utama.  It was our first time to attend a wedding there, never knew there's a club house near to One Utama. It was indeed a nice place, with the banquet hall facing the huge swimming pool view. Lovely :)

It was my second cousin's wedding from my mom side and it's good to see relatives from Johor, Brunei and Singapore came all the way for the wedding. Sort of Raya reunion although raya has just ended two days prior. :)

We came a bit late, about the same time with the arrival of the bride and groom. After the "berarak" completed, we took a seat each and waited for the prayer recital to finish before having the meal :)

The newlyweds in English theme :) 

Cousin Athirah (in pink) is the daughter of the late Dato' Daud Taha, the former deputy minister of housing and local government


My girls in red polka dresses :)


while my boy in plain white, matching with his daddy :) 

Alhamdulillah, there were variety of food served for us. They also had an ice-cream booth and desert booth. Faiqa especially, enjoyed the ice-cream so much!

I was lucky that day because Faaz decided to eat by himself, while the twinnies preferred to be fed by their Tok Mak. Mommy rehat! Hehehe...

Mak wore green that day while yours truly in dusty pink. 
Apparently, I wore the theme color for the family, hence few times orang ingat I adik beradik pengantin. Hihi :)

Since we came late, most of our relatives dropped by our table while we were eating, hence there's no photos from us as token of memory...we only took few photos after that, when half of the crowd were gone. Hehehe..

Don't know what happened to Faiqa that day. Half of her photos were like this. She was "asleep" in most of  the photos :P

Me and the Amirah's (because their initial's is "Amirah"), olso my second cousin. Semua anak dara cantik-cantik belaka :)

and finally, us yang tak cukup quorum. 
Hihi...tell you it ain't easy to gather the 5 of us in one photo these days :P
*lap peluh*



my.mastura said...

nad, last picture tu, apsal ko nmpk berisi? *jeng jeng jeng....

Nadine said...


haha, mungkin dh gemuk kot. makan x hengat time raya aritu. another thing, baju peplum tu kembang, kdg2 diri bwh kipas mmg dia kembang semangkuk. tq sebab tegur, pasni kena la kawal makan :)