Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crocodile Farm, Malacca

During our trip to Malacca in last June (read here), we missed to visit the Crocodile Farm as requested by Faaz Naqi so when we went back to Batu Pahat during Eid holiday, we made a point to visit Melaka on the way back to KL.

We checked out early than the usual time and left Batu Pahat at about 11 am just to arrived at Malacca town during lunchtime. Faaz Naqi especially was very anxious, he refused to go to the Malacca town for lunch worrying that we might missed the opening hours again. Aduhai anak! After a series of persuasion Faaz finally agreed to have lunch first but insisted that we have it at McD (there's a McDonald branch situated next to the Crocodile Farm). Punyelah tak mau pegi jauh-jauh... :P 

"Hello, mate!" 
He even dressed up similar like the crocodile hunter; the late Steve Irwin :P

We went inside the Crocodile Farm right after lunch. It was scorching hot, (the usual weather in Malacca) but it didn't bothered Faaz or the twinnies. They were all excited to see the crocodiles! The admission fee of this crocodile farm is RM10 for adults and RM6 for children aged 5 and above, which means we only had to pay RM20 for 5 of us. Yay! :))

Sunbathing :P

spotted a big fat one there! :P

Some of the crocodiles were asleep, some were sun-bathing and some were swimming when we came inside the farm. Since the fences were high up, me and hubby had to take turns carrying our 3FN's so that they have a clear view of the crocs :)

Faiqa Nayra was amazed of the crocs...

We were fortunate that after 5 minutes of walking, we realized that it was the time for the crocodile show. Told that to Faaz and he was excited, he kept on asking what would a crocodile do during the show...hihi

Us, while waiting for the show to start. 
Ain't he looked soooo happy?
*blessed* :)

The girls were excited too!

Daddy and the twins :)

The show started off with a magic show, with some simple tricks for the kids. Faaz was not that impressed tho, in fact he ended up asking us a lot of questions such as, "where did they hide it?" "how come the scarf didn't burnt at all?". He was thinking about of the logical side of it instead of enjoying the show... :)


The magic act

As soon as the magic show ended, the crocodile trainers brought in a croc onto the stage...


Then, they sprinkle some water onto the crocodile, sort of calming it I guess... 

The first trick was to put a hand inside the crocodile's mouth which was wide opened...and then he went further inside. Erk!


 Then came to the next trick...which I thought was quite clever of them (the trainers). One of them went into the crowd with a small box, while the host asked the viewer if any of us want to see this trick; which was feeding some cash notes inside the croc's mouth. What we have to do was to provide the cash (obviously!) and they will feed it inside the croc's mouth :P

As expected, it was a total success...After the show, we decided to tour around the farm. For your info, there are other attractions in this farm besides the crocodiles. To begin with, they have Malaysia in Miniature which displayed 13 replicas of historical monument in Malaysia. These includes Keris, A Famosa, Stadthyus, Building of Parliament, Building of Perdana Putra ( Federal Government Administrative Centre), Palace of Justice, Sepang F 1 Circuit, Rafflesia Flower, National Monument, National Mosque, Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower and Penang Bridge.

some of the replicas :)

ini kerja tuan direktor @ en. suami :D

Besides that, they have the Reptile Corner, which is the house of other reptilian such as green anaconda, long neck turtle, alligator fish, alligator snapping turtle and king cobra. Baby crocodiles are displayed here too!

 The twins were busy looking at the turtles :)

The  Walk-through Aviary is situated next to the Reptile Corner, it is a house for many species of birds. There were few cute and colorful birds inside it, but sadly there were few dead birds inside the house as well...I wonder why they did not removed it... sedih tengok :(

 The twins were busy looking at the turtles :)

I just love this snaphot of Falisya looking at the birds. 
Well done, sayang. It was beautifully captured! :)

Next, we went to see the rabbits at the Mini Rabbit Farm. You can go in and feed the rabbit if you want to, but you have to pay for the rabbit food...RM5 for each packet if I am not mistaken. Since the kids have the experienced before during our trip to Bukit Tinggi, we just saw the rabbits from the fences..

 Faiqa Nayra yang comot bermandi peluh, but still happy to explore the farm :)


The kids watching the cute bunnies :)

For those of you who plan to visit this croc farm soon, do bring some extra clothes for your children especially as they also have the Children Water Playground. The Water Park is spread over a vicinity of 6000 sq feet. It places one round of adult slide, water jet tunnel, water curtain, shower umbrella and a replica of waterfall. Too bad we had to skip this because we didn't brought in the baby bag, since we thought it's gonna be a short visit inside :P

Before we ended our tour, all 5 of us went for a train ride at the Dino World. It was a small train, moving on a small track towards the dinosaur jungle. Everything there were old fashioned stuff, I bet they were there since like 20 years ago...:P Nevertheless the children enjoyed the ride...hihi :)

All in, I must say that Malacca's Crocodile Farm was not bad at all. With the amount we paid for the tixs, I think the kids enjoyed spending almost an hour in the farm....

and the most important thing is...

we finally made Faaz Naqi wish came true, yay!...hihi :)



Small Kucing said...

I was there very long time ago. Must go there again bring J

ishamizu said...

Wow, macam-macam dah ada kt Taman Buaya tu eh. Rasa dulu tak de miniature2 sume tu ;)

Seronok Faaz and twinnies tgk crocodile eh! Zahin Iris dok Melaka dulu pon tak gi lagi tau..Zafri lagila, Msia pon tak sampai lg. hikhik.

Nanti balik Msia kene bwk derg gi explore Melaka dulu la nampaknya..hehe

Thanks for the review, dear! ;)

Nadine said...


U should bring small kucing there! and dont forget to bring change clothes for your hero. He can play at the wet playground! :)

Nadine said...


Same here, Nadia lagi la. Last masa rombongan skolah dulu2 kot. Hahaha!

Memang mcm2 ada..with the amount u pay, okla. Takla kids bosan sgt tengok buaya je.

BTW, haritu borak2 dgn my friend org Melaka, dia ckp even Taman Mini Malaysia pun dah berubah skang :)