Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flavours, Bangsar

Few weeks ago, we went to Bangsar to visit the Naza KIA Test Drive Center. We had made appointment to test drive the Optima K5 and Sportage. Not that we plan to change our second car at the moment, it's just for us to have a feel of driving an SUV and the difference between driving an SUV and a sedan car...

Sempat jer nak posing...hik! :P

 Faaz Naqi entertaining himself while waiting for our turn.
Suruh tinggal kat rumah, tak mau...kan dah boring :P

The drive test was actually meant for me, and I decided to drive the Sportage first (as I was keen to drive an SUV). It was a nice experience, and the point plus of driving an SUV for a petite person like me is the full view ahead of u (since it's elevated)...lebih confident. Hihi :). Plus, I love the fact that they have the open/close sliding and tilting glass sunroof. We can see clearly the panoramic view of KL city, such as the beautiful high-rise buildings, the trees and of course the beautiful clouds!

However, as I was about to test drive the delicious K5, rain pour heavily in KL so I decided to let my husband to drive the car first and I chose to wait till the rain subdue.. In a way, I got the chance to have the driver's and the back passanger's experiences. Heheh! :P

It was 2 hours past the lunch hour when we finished and we were pretty much hungry that we decided to have lunch somewhere nearby. I suggested we dine at Flavours; the famous Chef Riz's restaurant. Heard so much about it, and saw many mouth watering photos of The Flavours dishes from the instagram.. :)

Saw this nice bakery shop on the way to Flavours...heard the breads are good! 

Finally we were here! :)

Flavours is situated only few blocks from the Test Drive Center, and we were quite lucky that we found a nice parking slot nearby. Since it's already past lunchtime there was only a small crowd when we went inside. Cosy...

 Faaz & Mommy yang excited nak try the food...
while Daddy, can't even smile cause he's too hungry >.<

We ordered the famous Beef Wrap as our appetizer. Oh my gucci, it's delicious! No wonder people keep on talking about it. I give it a 5 star. Seriously, balik tu teringat-ingat kot..hihi. Nyums!

Hubby was really hungry so he decided to have a rice meal. He went for Nasi Melaya set which includes Nasi Jasmin, Daging Salai Lemak Cili Padi, Sambal Udang Petai, Ayam Kampung Goreng and Kerabu Epal Kasturi. It was nice, modern meets traditional...

Although I have chicken chop in mind, I finally ordered the RFC (stands for Riz's Fried Chicken) since my boy wanted to eat fried chicken. I know he can never finished his meal alone so I decided to share with him... Not bad at all, the chicken was crunchy and the honey mustard sauce complimented it well. Even my fussy eater Faaz Naqi enjoyed 'em all (of course the salad was an exception :P). My only comment will be the bun... I prefer the KFC type of bun instead of the sweet potato bun.


If you are a fan of Chef Wan's celebrity chef son, do drop by the restaurant during lunchtime and dinnertime and you'll find him busy in the kitchen from the glass window there. Sometimes, he do came over to your table when he's free..

Overall, Flavours is a nice restaurant that served good food, as good as the presentation is! We'll definitely come again to try out other signature dish especially the famous buttermilk spaghetti...and of course for more beef wraps! hihi :)



♥ Wina ♥ said...

wow! tengok presentation je dah terliur hehee

what about the price?

hai, salam kenal :)

dyana "his other half" said...

wohhoo, everything looks delicious! nak try juga la. thanks for sharing nadia. i was about to find new places to dine in. sekarang dah tau kat mana.

ishamizu said...

Wah test drive..nampak best je from inside the sportage/K5. ;)

Anyway, all the looks so yummy! dahla izu tgh lapar ni..hehe.

Sukalah nama restaurant dia tuh! Flavours..hmm simple but yet so elegant! ;)

Mama Haraz said...

Sounds like an awesome day well spent! I miss Bangsar!

p/s: You look gorgeous! Tak namapk macam mummy langsung!

Elya Roza said...

mmg ramai org ckp tempat chef riz ni sedap sis..
one fine day nak try jugak ah:)

Ninie Hanis said...

Cantiknya! SUka tgk dia present n serve gitu.How bot the price kak nadine?Setara kot dgn kesedapan dia kan..Harus cuba ni kalau balik msia.. :p