Monday, September 9, 2013

Metallica Live In Malaysia!

Me and my husband loves music. We both practically have the same taste as we both grew up listened to the same genre of music, influenced by our dads. The only difference between us both is that hubby loves to play guitar and he's really good at it ;). Meanwhile, his wife loves to sing...although she is just a normal "bathroom singer", nothing great tho... hihi :)

Among the songs that he loves to play is "Nothing Else Matters" by the Metallica. This band has a big influence on him, music wise. Since the first day I got married to him, my husband loves to strum his guitar on this song. He even asked me to sing along, sampai Faaz pun dah terror dah. Faaz can identify the song whenever he hear the intro within few seconds..(agak2la, dari dalam perut dah dgr kot :P).

So when I heard the news that Metallica is coming to Malaysia few months ago, I was thrilled. Thrilled not because I am their die hard fan although yes, I am a fan since 1995 (since the album-Metallica to be exact)...but I was thrilled because I know my husband loves Metallica and it would be a nice surprise to get him the tix! 

I was lucky that one my officemates happened to be a die hard fan. He managed to secure me 2 tix on the first day of ticket selling day (6th July), 2 months before the show...

My husband was thrilled at first when I showed him the tickets but for someone who never been to a concert before, and for someone who really hates large crowd, the idea kinda overwhelmed him. He was a bit skeptical at first, but it was not that long. As soon as he knew that his friends were going/interested to go as well, he got the excitement all coming back. Hihi :)

The day finally came, and because it was held during a weekday we had to rush back home that evening. We finally reached Stadium Merdeka area at 7pm and it was already packed with people everywhere. It was hard to find a parking spot nearby at that hour that we have to park almost 1 km away.

People were queuing behind me to redeem their tickets (applicable for online purchasing).

Managed to peek at the Metallica Official Merchandise area. It was jam packed with people. Havoc! :P

After sending off hubby's nephew to his gate (his ticket was not the same price as ours), we grabbed some snacks before we proceed to enter the stadium. During that time, we can hear Cromox performed inside the stadium (they were the opening act, fyi).

We were fortunate that our seating place was very near to the entrance of public toilet and the musolla. We went to the musolla to perform our Maghrib prayer before settling down. 

Found our spot! Abaikan muka terkejut en. suami :P
by the way, hubby said the guy behind us ada iras like Ustaz Don. 

The show was scheduled to start at 9pm but by 8.40pm, the show has started. The crowd went crazy as soon as Kirk, James, Rob and Lars made an appearance on the stage and kick-off the show.

Although we sat far from the main stage, we can see clearly from the huge screens located at the middle of the field. But the best thing was the sound system. It was good, and loud. Although you sat far from the stage, you still feel as if the music was being played next to you! ;)

Halfway towards the end of the show came the moment we've been waiting for..The songs Nothing Else Matters followed by Enter Sandman were performed. Memang best!! Naik bulu roma! (I tried to upload the video of these two songs but it was unsuccessful, I don't know what went wrong :( ).

31 years in the industry proved they are the best. In terms of showmanship, sound system and most importantly their PR. First class! They really know how to win our heart :)

My hubby and I had a good time that night. We really enjoyed the show. Metallica rocks! Uncles, do come back to Malaysia, please! hehehe.. :)


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