Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Raya Celebration in the Office

E/// Hari Raya Luncheon

This year, the company I am working with organized a big Raya celebration as the month of Syawal fell in between August and September; which is the month we usually have our quarterly All Employee Meeting (AEM) right after the meeting at E/// main auditorium, we had our Raya luncheon at E/// cafetaria.

Posing at the main audi stage after the meeting. 
Sempat kan? :P Hihi.
Wore my only Raya outfit this year..

There were variety of food served but what attracted me the most was the lemang. It's the only traditional delicacies that I didn't get to eat during the entire Eid until that Raya luncheon. Lepas dendam terus! Hihi... 

While me and my girls were queuing for the food, we catched a glimpsed of the nicely packaged gifts lined up for the lucky draws winner. It was then when we begun to talk about how unlucky we were because we never won any lucky draws in any of our company events..

As we were enjoying our scrumptious meal, the emcee of the day announced the lucky winners. To our surprised, our names were called, one by one! Finally we had our first lucky draw, alhamdulillah, Allah is Great, He listen to us! :)

The lucky 4...ehehe

We were also honored when our country President came to our table and took some photo with us...


Me and Todd Ashton, E/// Malaysia - Sri Lanka President
Pardon my "almost asleep" eyes...Time ni la kan, mata! bluergh! :P

Girls are girls, we love to dress up, we love to pose, we love taking photos! (std. la kan? :P) so after filling up our stomach, we gathered and posed at the ground floor of our E/// building ;)

With the Zumba girls..
Grace and Jill were really sporting to wear the Malay's traditional costumes :) 

Me and Laila from Finance

With my sisters in E///

Posing ala-ala majalah gittew..over kan kak ton? :P


 CD RAN Raya Luncheon

The following day, I had a Raya celebration with my division; the Competence Domain Radio Access Network (CD RAN). Prior to the luncheon, we had our quarterly meeting as well...kerja didahulukan :)

On that meeting, they officially announced that my line manager will be leaving our department and move on to a higher position within E/// itself. It was a bit sad personally, because by far he's the best boss I've worked with in E///. My boss is very good in technical (that most of us called him E/// walking library) but he never judge can just shoot a question to him and he will explained it to you well :)

Farewell gift from Ari, our head of CD RAN

The food served were almost the same as the previous raya lunch the day before except for 3 menu, Nasi Hujan Panas, Laksa Johor & Cendol. I opt for the last two menu...nyums!

Although the Raya celebration took place on the last day of Syawal, I had another open house invite to attend the following day. Well, it becomes common scenario here in Malaysia when you celebrates the raya even after the month of Syawal itself :D

Me and Nani, my secretary yang sangat tinggi. 
Kita pakai heels pun memang tak boleh layan dia.
Wore Ayu Dress from Zawara and pair it with an unbranded plain scarf + brooch from werksnwit :)



ishamizu said...

Bestnya jamuan raya, part makan tu yg paling best! Hehe terliur tengok lemang and dengar ada cendol. ;D nway, beraya dan bergaya habis gadis2 ///E! Cun-cun and paling suka tgk dressing Nadia la, gojes! ;)

Ninie Hanis said...

Amvoi2..mouth-watering sungguh! Dan lagi amvoi2..pose taknak kalah yang last kak ton tu.Hahaha! Btw,u girls look so loveleh!

pls kirim salam to my girlfriend, Laila (I call her Cern). Thanks!

p/s dpt hadiah apa tu kak nadine?

Nadine said...


Yesza! Part makan la yg plg best. Time makan, bukan main enjoy. Lepas makan, menyesal. Hahahaha!

Awww thanks babe. Kat sini kalau yg slalu stay office memang tiap2 hari pakai cecantik. Suka tgk diaorg dressing up :)

Nadine said...


Hihihi *blushing*
Thanks dear :)

Dah kirim salam, dia dh jawab ;)

Hadiah cookies je kat dalam tu. Sedap la tapi :)