Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : After The Jamaah Prayer...


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The White + Yellow Birthday Party

Last month, we attended a birthday party from my husband's side. It was Faaz, Faiqa & Falisya's second cousin's birthday. It was specified in the invitation card that the dress code was white & yellow.

We had no issue with the dress code, at all. All of us has white and yellow in our closet, except my husband. Sorry la dia nak ada yellow shirt/t-shirt. If ada pun, it would be his Brasil jersey which is not suitable at all :P Because of this, I dressed up Faaz & Fadzil in white, while twinnies in identical white + yellow dresses (so lucky that they can still fit into these Carter's Summer dresses!). As usual, mommy will be the odd ones... takde geng :P

 Nayra and Naqi
The first two who got dressed early.
So cute to see that Faiqa has slowly starting to pose..hehe



and later came the miss "supermodel"
Naturally she posed as I click the capture button on my cammie

It was supposed to be a mommy-daughter OOTD pose but it failed!
Dengan selipar rumahnya...disaster sungguh :P

The party was held at a multi purpose hall near a swimming pool located on the 5th floor of a condo, where baby Shafeena lives. The surrounding view was beautiful! Since we were among the first to arrived, we took the chance to walk around the area...

 Cheerful Faiqa posed for mommy as we walk towards the hall :)

As we walked inside the multipurpose hall, we can see most of the decorations were in yellow + black. Based on the settings and deco we predicted that it would be a grand birthday party for a one year old kid...we were right!

My darlings posed at the featured wall..

The birthday cake..


Faaz and his daddy, both in whites. 
They even have a red carpet for this party ok!

Me and cousin Sarien yg sweet :)


Faaz latest hobby; to snap photos...some were ok, some were blurred :P

Love this candid of us by Faaz.
All four of us looking at different area. Am still figuring out the reason I smiled to my right side. Hehe :P

The party started right after Maghrib prayer with dinner, and followed by performances from magic shows and clowns. When we first saw the men wearing clown costume, both me and hubs looked at each other. We were worried of Faaz Naqi (he has the Coulrophobia syndrom, fyi). Lucky he was cool at that time because those men didn't put up their make up for the first half of their performances...

However, when one of the "clown" asked the children to sit at one of the corner so that he can give some shaped balloons to each of them, Faaz refused to join. Even after we told him that he might get the "sword" balloon. Surprisingly, while we were busy convincing Faaz, Falisya; the most clingy child that night suddenly got up and walked towards the clown and when he asked her if she wants a balloon, she nodded shy-ly. Oh my gucci! Tak sangka ok!! Haha..

Seeing her twinny sister went in front, Faiqa then followed suit and got herself a heart shaped balloon. Thanks to the "clown" for being considerate, he then went to the back and handed a sword shaped balloon to Faaz...thank you :)

After the half session of performances, came the cake-cutting ceremony. The close family of baby shafeena all dressed up in yellow and black, including the cutie pie :)

Good girl didn't cry at all! ;)

Among my three children, I gotta praise Faiqa that night for being so jovial and happy. You can see that in most of the photos she was smiling, dancing, singing and clapping hands. She totally enjoyed the party that at one point, a cute punjabi boy even went to her, grabbed her hand and brought her to his mom. Awwww...hahaha!

Faiqa with her first fan :P
Too bad it wasn't a clear photo :(

Falisya on the other hand chose to tail everywhere I went like a glue. >.<

During the second half of the performance, the men painted their faces and became full clowns and that made Faaz became stressed. Pity him. We tried to persuade him to let go his fear using logic (since he has seen the guy's face before he painted his face), but it didn't work out. At last I suggested to my hubby that we stayed outside the hall and let the children enjoyed the dessert; ice-cream.

"Dont be afraid abang, Faiqa is here for u.."

The girls enjoyed their ice-cream to bits. Sikit-sikit suap daddy...jeles ok, mommy takde pun :P. But not Faaz, he still in stressed mood... :(


So as soon as they finished up their dessert, we called it a day and made a move before somebody went back home and have a nightmare...*sobs!

Happy Birthday dear baby Shafeena! Such a lucky girl you are being sorrounded by much love from the entire family. May you grow up to be a good Muslimah and success in your life. Thank you for having us! :)


Monday, October 28, 2013

Dinner Date at Zen Japanese Restaurant

The last time I had my Japanese meal was a year ago...haha! :P Either it was hard to convince hubby to dine at a Japanese restaurant (he doesn't fancy Japanese food that much except for Teppanyaki or Takoyaki) or simply because we always went out with the kids (my children laaaagi la cannot tolerate Japanese food, at all!).

During the 4 days Eid Al-Adha off day, we had the chance to went out for a date, twice. A movie night, and a dine out session. Hubby was in a good mood (and I think he had enough eating meat for that weekend :P), so when I suggested for a Japanese dinner that night he quickly agreed...surprisingly! :D

Syukurrrr... hihi :)

At first, we thought of having sushi at Sushi Zanmai but as expected the queue was quite long. Since both of us were impatient to wait (read: super hungreh!), we detour to Zen Japanese Restaurant instead. It was our first dining experience there...

My date trying so hard to give a "Zen" posed that he ended up looking so serious :P

Hubby asked me to choose the menu that night so these were the dishes that I chose, randomly...

Edamame - green soybeans. 
We were introduced to it 4 years back and it has been our favorite snack since!

Salmon rolls with fish roe on top. Salmon is a must! ;)

Tempura soft shell crab rolls...crunchy and crispy. recommended!

Kaki Gratan (Oyster Gratin)...nyums!!

As for the desserts, as much as I love green tea ice-cream, I really wanted to try out Itachoco Monaca Ice-cream. Couldn't decide, I ended up ordered both and shared with my hubby...hehe! :)

Itachoco Monaca was really good! I give it a 5 star! nyums!

You can never go wrong with green tea ice-cream with red bean paste...nyums! ;)

Alhamdulillah, hubby really enjoyed the food that night. Because of that, I decided to treat him instead. Hihi. The total bill wasn't that bad as well (ranging from RM15 onwards per plate, depends on the type of food/serving). Jokingly I told him, no wonder he never likes Japanese food that much, salah selection. time I yang order for u, k sayang... :)

p.s: I just found out that Zen is actually under the same parent company as Rakuzen. No wonder some of the menu looks similar..hihi.



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Fun Time at Marche'

Husband and I took a leave on the Monday before Eid Al-Adha despite we did not leave the town for Eid (so that we have straight 4 days holiday for that weekend :P).

Since the night before Monday (Sunday midnight) we went out for our bi-monthly date and left the children sleeping at home, we took all of them out that Monday to The Curve + Ikea. 


Our date that weekend;
We dined, we played at the arcade and 
we went for a movie - Escape Plan (Best!)
Budget teens sungguh parents FNs nie ye!! :P

FYI, it was twinnies first time to the area. Since they were born, we never brought them to Ikea or The Curve itself because of the space constraint. To us, these places are not double-stroller friendly, and we don't want to block or limited other people's way. Now that they are bigger and can walk/run on their own, we thought it's the best time to bring them! :)

Hubby decided to bring us to Marche'. If I remember correctly, the last time we went there was 3 years ago to celebrate my siblings' birthday. I don't know why we have forgotten this restaurant for so long, when in fact we loves Marche'! :D

Twinnies were amazed by the numbers of fresh real oranges displayed at the fruit juice stall :)

While waiting for our orders, we let the children played at the playground section first. Being kids...of course they enjoyed it! Hihi..

By the time the food arrived, they were tired of playing and became really hungry. The right timing for them to indulge the food! ;)

 Hubby had the mixed grilled, while I settled for the rosti with bacon + sausage. Pegi Swiss restaurant haruslah makan signature dish, gitu. haha! :P

My fav...nyums!

My picky-eaters also had their own preferences. Faaz chose to settle with grilled sausage + mashed potatoes while twinnies, refused to eat lunch and jumped into dessert straight away! They have a large piece of chocolate pretzel (which I had to request them to cut since it's really large...(utk dua orang makan satu pretzel ni).


Everyone especially the kids really enjoyed their food that day that we didn't mind to wait longer for them to finish their meals. In between the meals, we did what mommy loves to do; taking photos! hihihi :)

us :)

With full stomach, we then brought the children to walk around the curve before we decided to cross the road and visit Ikea...

We did not purchase anything, except some cute children's kitchen utensil for twinnies. The main reason we went there was to survey a bed for Faaz Naqi. Tried to convince him to sleep on his own but still, he preferred the sofa bed and sleeping with the sisters...phhhft! By the way, twinnies loves the personal bed instead (lagi2 penuh soft toys on the bed :P), they loved to lie on the beds that we had a tough time bringing them to other sections! Haha!

Before we went back home, we bought some snacks from the Ikea Cafe. Bought some salmon balls to tried and hey they were delicious! not bad! no photos cause within a minute all have resided in hubby and my stomach...ehehe. The kids had the ice-cream each and even before we reached the parking lot, twinnies have successfully made mess on their blouses and leggings.. :P *cries*

It was a simple outing but surprisingly Faaz and the twins loves it so much! Faaz especially telling us on the way back home that...

"When Faaz got married and have children, mommy...Faaz wants to bring them here. Can go and play, eat nice food then got ice-cream some more. What is the name of this place, again mommy???"

Thinking about marriage?! children?!


Faaz is soooo like daddy!! :D

Why? Because according to my MIL, my husband talked about getting married at such an early age - primary school (std 1 ok) and he even searched for "the date" on the calendar, when he's gonna get married although he had nobody in mind to married to! LOL!!!

and yeah, Faaz got this cheeky and naughty smile oso from him..