Friday, October 11, 2013

Art With Faaz : T-Shirt Painting

If you follow my blog since day one, you noticed that my son Faaz loves painting activities. We've painted on the drawing blocks, we've painted on a sun catcher frames and last month, I bought Faaz a painting kit...for him to paint his own t-shirt! Cool isn't it? ;)

It's all started when I was browsing (or shall I say "window shopping"? :P) on . As I clicked on the children categories, I came across an Indonesian kids label that promotes wearable children's art, Let's Play. Perfect as a bonding kit between me or hubs with Faaz, I told myself. I chose "Minion-paint-it-yourself" kit (other designs includes Dinosaur and Little Farmer) and paid the amount. The parcel arrived at home the following day (one of the reason I love to shop at fashionvalet :)

So on that Saturday, I took out the kit and showed it to Faaz. As expected, he was thrilled! hihi.

This is how the paint-it-yourself kit looks like

As I unpacked the kit, twinnies came over and got excited too when they saw the colorful bottles and the brush. O'oh...I foresee a chaotic painting session involving 3 pair of hands and a brush! haha :P

We then quickly decided that it will be a daddy-son bonding time at the front porch for the boys whilst mommy and the girls will have the mommy-daughters bonding time, inside the house...kasi abam Faaz paint dengan aman damai..hihi

Each kit consist of 5 basic paint colors (with a piece of paper - the instruction for mixing these colors to get new colors) a brush, and a cotton t-shirt. The whole process was easy. First thing first, the t-shirt need to be covered with a thick paper, e.g cardbord to prevent the colors from coming in to the other side of the t-shirt. Next, all you need to do is to color the minions according to the small photo included in the kit..


Hubby had to hold the t-shirt initially when Faaz started painting, before I figured out that it was best to use the shirt clip :P hehe 

Faaz was sooo into it! Tak pandang kiri kanan dah. Hehe. There were smudges here and there but overall I can see improvement in his hand control *clap!* *clap!*

After the painting was done, we had to let it dry for 24 hours and prior to using it, we had to iron the t-shirt once.

The first thing Faaz asked in the morning was, "has the paint dried yet, mommy?" and as soon as I finished ironing the t-shirt, he quickly wore it. He's so proud of his work of art that he tour the whole house parading the t-shirt to his grandparents, auntie, uncle and even bibik and said happily, "Faaz painted this t-shirt!" :P

It also has quickly become one of his favourite t-shirt. Here's a pose of him wearing his own piece of art at the park... 

Stylo habis lah tu..Hihi :)



ishamizu said...

Awesome! Mcm tade smudge langsung pon hehe..nway, good job abam Faaz! ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

handsome boy faaz..stylo habis..